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Motivation Questionnaire - Maslow

This questionnaire relates to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. It helps you to see

where you currently are in the hierarch and will provide an insight into the sort of
work that you will feel comfortable doing at this moment in your life and career.
In answering this questionnaire you will be asked to rank groups of five
statements. There are no right or wrong rankings. The best possible
responses are those which reflect your real feelings. The more open you are, the
more possible it will be for you to gain insight into your real preferences.
In ranking, it is often easier to pick your top choice first, then your last choice,
then your choice next to the top, then the one next to the lowest. The remaining
choice becomes your middle choice. By each statement below place a number
that indicates its importance to you within the group of five statements. Use 5 to
indicate your highest ranking and 1 for the lowest. (For now disregard the
letters by each question)

1 Rank these factors as to their importance to you in a job

being given recognition and attention for achievement

working for a strong, stable organisation

opportunity to belong to a group

developing your abilities to their full potential

opportunity for independent thought and action

2 Rank these factors as to how concerned you would be with them on a


able to accomplish the job on your own

development of close friendships on the job

good benefits and job security

a source of pride when you accomplish something

real achievement and personal growth required

3 Rank the most important factors to you in going to a new job

the learning and growth you would get from the experience

prestige and respect from others because of the job

freedom to operate on your own

friendliness of co-workers

assurance that you would maintain job security

4 Rank these factors in the order you would most like them in a job

congenial working relations

able to set own directions and make own decisions

interesting and meaningful work

few changes so that you know where you stand

the job being seen by others as important

5 Rank these factors as to the need for them to be present for you to
work you hardest

stable and orderly job to be done

meaningful work and growth opportunities

full credit for accomplishment

freedom and independence to get job done

a real feeling of belonging to a team

Statements in column one relate to the top of the Maslow pyramid and those
who score high in this area are probably motivated by doing things which
develop and grow them to reach their full potential. Conversely the statements
in column five are more connected to fulfilling basic needs and refer to situations
which offer safety and security.
This questionnaire is designed to map the theory of Maslow to our work
environment and to provide an indicator of where a person might be on Maslows
pyramid. Its not an exact science but it can prove quite illuminating and might
be worth sharing with your team to find out where they are and what would best
motivate them remember though that there really are not wrong or right