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Landfills behavior relationship with genesis diarrhea

Rural in orchard sumber makmur Arum
Resources district sheaves district
Tuban 2013
Diarrhea morbidity in indonesia in the year 2011 is 411 per 1000 ion, wite
the amounth of 10.970 cases of patients with the sum of deaths of 280 people,
from the health center targets 5,1% of diarrhea disease is a apoarently the result
of new scope is 1,4% the purpose of the study was to determine the relationship
of the behavior of landfills with the incidence of diarrhea in sumber makmur
hamlet and sumber arum village district kerek.
Analytic study design in analytic correlational with time approacing cross
sectional, population 65 familys sampling was done by simple random sampling,
using the confficient phi the test with significance level (a) = 0,05 from the 65
respondents, its ware collected through interviews and questionnaires.
After analyzed the test use statistic coefficient phi useing program SPPS
version 11,5 for windows with a significance level of p = 0,05 is obtained
because the p value 0,002 value less than <0,005 HI is accepted, it is show that
there is arelationship between the behavior of the garbage disposal with the
incidence of diarrhea .
The research result and the discussion above, its can be concluded that there is
a behavioral relationship with diarrhea garbage waste in sumber makmur hamlet
and sumber arum village, its can be concluded that the behavior did not
appropriate waste disposalmay affect the incidence of diarrhea, diarrhea can be
prevented by good hygiene practices and healthy one of behavior of individual
landfills the better is smeller amoutsick.

Keywords behavior, garbage disposal, diarrhea