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Hello, Im trying to do a substation model with Etap computer program, here I have got a

2,4/6,9/13,8 Kv , 16 000 Kva , Z= 7% autotransformer, Etap requires the impedance(+)

between PS,PT,ST. this is the help info grom ETAP: "Positive and Zero Sequence Impedances
For 3-winding transformers, specify three impedance values in percent on the primary
winding MVA base: Zps = Leakage Z between the Primary and Secondary windings with the
Tertiary winding open circuited. = Rps + j Xps = Rp + Rs + j ( Xp + Xs ) % (base MVA =
MVAp) Zpt = Leakage Z between the Primary and Tertiary windings with the Secondary
winding open circuited. = Rpt + j Xpt = Rp + Rt + j ( Xp + Xt ) % (base MVA = MVAp) Zst
= Leakage Z between the Secondary and Tertiary windings with the Primary winding open
circuited. = Rst + j Xst = Rs + Rt + j ( Xs + Xt ) % (base MVA = MVAp) These are the
nameplate impedances of the transformer; no further calculations are needed to extract the
impedances of the 3-winding representation, as ETAP already does this internally "
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The problem is that my
autotransformer Namplate only show this parameter Z=7%, does that mean that
Zps=Zpt=Zst= 7% ? Anybody knows how could I get Zps,Zpt,Zst. I really Appreciate your
Help. Thanks. Adrin.