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1st Reflection Report


2nd Reflection Report

3rd Reflection Report


4th Reflection Report

5th Reflection Report


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10th Reflection Report

1st Reflection Report

The video was made by an English Trainer, Niharika. She teaches the viewer that how to
build spoken English confidence. This is my first time to watch a video to learn how to
do something.
First at all, we should fake it till make it. We need to fake that we are really know how
to speak English well but we do not. By this way, we can train our confidence. Let us
take an example, when you are facing a camera, you will smile although you are not
happy on that time. You smile because you want to let the picture comes out well.
Next, realize the mistake that we make, do not matter. We need to be relax when we are
speaking English or other new languages. Do not stress. If we make mistake, it is ok. We
can learn from our mistake. There is nobody to catch our mistake. So, go ahead.
In addition, we need to take it easy. We should make it easy when we are doing
something, same with speaking English. When we are talking with other, the most
important things is listening to him/ her. We should show our respect to them. After
listening to them, we can respond them what we can do like smile, ask a question or so
on. We no need to go deeply.
Last but not least, the most important point is prepare. We can practice speaking English
with talking ourselves in front of mirror. At the same time, we need to listen to what we
say so that we can know what mistakes we make. By this way, we can correct our

2nd Reflection Report

I have learned some idioms and phrases from BBC English Learning. One of the
phrases is the lions share. It is usually been used to show the larger part-or most-of
something. This phrase came from the plot of a number fables written by Aesop. I had not
learn this phrase before this and never know it but now I already know. I can make a
sentence by using the lions share. For example, He is an elite of that company so that
he always does the lions share of the work for his company.

Another phrase is barefaced. This phrase has two meanings. The meanings of
barefaced is describe a person who is being deliberately bold and shameless or without
any disguise, having an uncovered face. Let us make some example, Nobody like to talk
with Alex because he is a barefaced liar. He always brags about his family background
to us but it is fake. Another example sentence is The gossip about the promotion of the
Adidas shoes will have a 90 percent discount is plainly a barefaced lie.

You are toast, it always been used to express you know someone is in trouble. It
usually used to warn someone. Besides that, toast can also been used to show a
physical item. It means that it has been destroyed. Let us give some example, Athurs
father has gone bankrupt. His family loses their economic backbone. He is toast. and
He had a car accident and his car was cracked completely. It was toast.

Beside the phrases and idioms, I also learned how to express clearly to other. For
example, when you want to say thank you to others, you can say cheers or Ta.
However, these words are informal, they are more suitable being using in dialog. When
you want to say thank you in formal, you may say many thanks or youre too kind.
Through BBC English Learning, I have learned some words that same meaning with
thank you.

Beside Thank you, I have also learned how to say hurry up to others. You may say
get a move on or get cracking to ask someone hurry up. In addition, you can also say
Chop-chop! and Shake a leg! to tell someone speed up. For example, Come on.
Chop-chop! You are the last one. or Shake a leg! You are going too late!

I also learn some phrases which related to win. One of phrases is to be on a winning
streak which means a series of successes, a run of good luck. For example, Brazil
national football team was already on a winning streak since last match at England.
Beside this, another phrase that I learned is to win (something) hands down. It means to
win easily. The example sentence is If Lancer plays with his all his strength, his team will
win hands down. Moreover, to win the day is also one of the phrase that I learned from
BBC. It means that to achieve success. Example, we won the day in that competition with
our full strength although it was a tough match.

To put it in a nutshell, I have learned a lot of phrases and idioms in BBC English
Learning. I also learn how to show other clearly what you want to say by using other
words. It is interesting to learn phrases and idioms because I can know about the story
about the phrases and idioms. I think I will continue to follow BBC English Learning to
learn more phrases and idioms.

3rd Reflection Report

In this material, I had learned about the different between thesis statement and topic
sentence. Thesis statement is a sentence which tells reader what the rest of the paper is
about. It is a fact writer want to prove or a fact they want to explain. The rest of the
sentences are used to prove or explain the point of thesis statement.
For topic sentence, a topic sentence is different from the thesis statement. The thesis
statement shows what the whole paper is about while the topic sentence is shows what a
paragraph is wrote about.
Let us take some example,
Many young people see pursuing tertiary level education as a chore and only go because
they absolutely have to, while some will even skip college or university because they see
it as boring and unnecessary. Conversely, pursuing tertiary level education is actually
incredibly important for your career, social and communication skills in the future.
This paragraph is taken from the exercise of thesis statement and topic sentence.
According the paragraph above, we can know that Conversely, pursuing tertiary level
education is actually incredibly important for your career, social and communication
skills in the future is thesis statement because this is the main point for the paper. I think
topic sentence is easier than thesis statement because it is just the point of the paragraph.
We had always wrote essays in our secondary school so we can know it easily.
To put it in a nutshell, a thesis statement is the big main point for a paper while the topic
statement is just a main point in a paragraph. It is hard to differentiate both of them. So
we need to do more exercise and revision.

4th Reflection report

Reading, actually is a wonderful habit for a person. It may make someone become more
knowledgeable and open-minded. Why we say Reading is dreaming with open eyes?
This is because a person who reading can strengthen the imagination of a person. Besides
that, he/she can become more creative and innovative. People can get more ideas through
reading. These ideas can be used on many fields like on the work, the points in article or
essay, the chat topic with friends and others. Based on the word said by Book shouldnt
be daunting, they should be funny, exciting and wonderful; and learning to be a reader
gives a terrific advantage. I agree this point because I also like to read some novels or
news which are interesting. I feel that novels are interesting and funny, reading novels
can reduce stress of my life.

Besides that, Carl Sagan said that Book is proof that humans are capable of working
magic. Books may be record the experience of the writer, it may also record the emotion
of author. It can speak for the author even the author had pass away. It can transmit the
authors opinions without the shackles of time. Is not it like a magic? Humans had done a
wonderful magic.

For me, I will read some novels when I am free. I think that I can totally relax when I
am reading. It seem like I am already dive into the world of the novels. I will imagine the
character in the novels and also the story of the novels. I had tried that I dislike the
ending of the novel and I rewrote it with my best friend. We rewrote the ending of the
novel ourselves and finally we did it. It is really wonderful. We cannot believe that we
already done it. I would forget the feel when we finish the ending of our novel.

Besides novels, I will also read some news. There is a news application in my phone
which named briefing for Samsung. It has a lot of news in many fields like science,
technology, travel, food, entertainment and other. Actually, I will read the news about
technology, travel and also entertainment. Sometime I will also read the news in science
field because I feel that is interesting.

Conclusion, I agree that reading is an interesting and wonderful habit. It can reduce
stress and also goof our time. In the word, reading had bring a lot of advantages to us.
We should train ourselves to read to make us become enriched.

5th Reflection report

This video was made Rani. She teaches about the grammar through this video. The
topic of this video is Basic English Grammar - Have, Has, Had. It is simple and basic for
this grammar.
The difficult of this topic is it needs to change when we use he and she. For
example, he and she should use has because these two pronouns are singular people. For
they and we, they need to use have because they and we means that there are more
than one people.
Next, the negative form for has, we need to use do not. Let us take an example, I
dont have, They dont have, We dont have. For he or she, we need to write as he
doesnt have or she doesnt have. Behind the words do or does, the verb need to use
original form.
In addition, the past tense for the word have or has is had. The negative form of
had in past tense is had not. However people usually no use had not because it is too
Shakespeare. Usually people will use did, example I didnt have, she didnt have and
so on.
To put it in a nutshell, English actually is simple if we do more practices. We can
also watch some source to improve ourselves.

6th Reflection report

Jacob is a person who grass is always greener. He does not have a fix hobby and never
stick on any hobby to get any good. He ask his mother to buy a guitar for him and he just
play for it a few lessons. After that, the 500 dollars guitar sleep under his bed. The reason
that he does not play is the strings hurt his fingers because he does not like to use pick.
Besides that, he also is a person who persist to the end. However, this characteristics is
contradict with the first characteristics. He wanted to buy a Wonder-Sweeper 5000 metal
detector. He does not buy the ice cream or candy like his brother and classmate. He saved
the money to buy the thing what he wanted. Finally, he bought the thing which he
In addition, he is a curious person. For example, he tries a lot of hobbies. This is because
he are interested in a lot of fields. Although he just interested with them in a few time.
The end of story may to continue with He now knew what his true purpose in life was.
He wanted to become an astronaut. He started to beg his parent to help him paid for the
cost of the course to the space camp. However, his parent did not agree it because Jacob
had just begged for a magic kit. Jacob felt sad, but he did not give up. He tried to save
money himself. He had 3 weeks to save money. He tried any ways that could earn money
like help his mother to do work, decrease the time to buy candy or sweet, teach his
neighbors children homework and others.
Finally, he saved enough money successfully in two weeks. He felt excited and asked
his mother to help him to register for the course. His mother was happy because Jacob
had learned how to earn the thing which he wanted himself. She agreed Jacob to go for
the course. Jacob was very happy and finally he had a fix hobby. It is about space.

I had learn some moral value through this activity. We should try to earn the thing which
we wanted and not just begging other people to do for us. Besides, we should also need to
know the hard of our parent. We should help them decrease stress, not become their
source of the stress. At the same time, we should cherish the things which parent give us.

7th Reflection report

During the Victorian era, ghosts, fairies, witches, werewolf, vampire and Frankenstein
were popular. These characters usually appeared in the folk stories. The authors prefer to
put these character into their books in the era. Ghost stories of the Victorian era were
appreciated largely by the people.
This is because people live in that era were trust their religions. They believed that
people who usually do something good will live in heaven after they die. In the opposite,
the devil souls were go to hell. Most of these characters are evil and often harm people to
have fun or take some benefits.
The people live in the Victorian era seemed to be haunted by the ghost stories. Most of
them were afraid of the ghosts. This is because the image of these characters are bad.
Some parents also will tell their children ghost stories to let them sleep early, this is one
of the reasons.
However, nowadays scientist had proved that the ghost is a magnetic field. When
peoples brains receive this magnetic field, they will feel that there is a ghost. For the
vampire, scientists consider that the vampire actually is a person who contract mutative
Rabies. These people will afraid of light and their gum often bleed. Their skin will live
with herpes when they contact with ultraviolet ray. The herpes looked like scald. They
need to eat flesh meet or blood to maintain their skin. These characteristics are accord
with the characteristics of vampire. For the others, scientist also het the proof that they
are not exist in this world.
In my opinion, I actually hope that these monsters are exist in this world because I am
interested in science fiction. Actually, I had an idea which is to make friends with them
when I am young. I think that is awesome that my friend is a vampire. If they are really
existing in this world, I hope that I can see them with my eyes.

8th Reflection report

This material is used to learn how to pronoun well for English. Sometime, some English
speakers will also make some common mistakes. They will confuse because the pronoun
of some words are similar but they are actually have different meanings.

Let us take some example, two, to and too. The pronoun of these words are same
but they have different meanings. Besides that, lose and loose. Lose means that to
not win or misplace something while loose means that unbound or not tight. In addition,
people are also usually confused about fewer and less. Fewer usually been used as
the meaning a smaller number. Less means that a smaller amount. Both of them are
adjective but the ways to used are different. Here come an example sentence, There are
fewer bottles on the table than in the refrigerator. and The books on the shelf are less
than the books on the table. Of course there are other words that usually be confused for
people. We should be more alert to avoid the mistakes.

Besides the pronoun, there are some grammar mistakes usually be made by people.
There are five frequently-made mistakes that people could be making with spoken
grammar include not speaking in full sentences, inconsistent use of number in subject and
verb. For a sentence, it must has a subject and a verb. Besides that, if the subject is
singular, the verb must be singular also. Moreover, the way to use further and farther is
also will be confuse by people. The word further is used to show an estimated distance
and the word farther shows the measurement. At the same time, who and that offer be
used in a wrong way. Who is referring to a person and that is referring to an object. Lay
and lie, the pronoun of these words are similar and this had cause many of us confuse to
them. Lay used to show the action of something down and lie is used to show the action
of someone down.

Conclusion, there are many mistakes that usually be made by people. We should be
more alert and careful to prevent the mistakes.

9th Reflection report

My second presentation is about the uses of Internet in our daily life. I choose this topic
because I think that all of us just know to use Internet but not use it wisely. Most of the
people are using Internet without any limit. Some of them use Internet to do something
bad. These situation need to be changed. So I choose this topic to show that what is the
advantages and disadvantages that had be brought by Internet.

Actually I had had attended a course which teaches students how to do their assignment
and also their presentation. I use the tips that I had learned and prepare this presentation
slide. I think I had learned some basis of IT because I got searching some information
about IT when I was searching the information for my presentation.

I felt nervous while I was presenting my presentation. I will forget the points when I felt
nervous. Miss Anisha said that I was just reading my slides and stuck on the floor. I also
continued repeating some words like emm and ok. I think it is trust and I will try to
change this disadvantages. I have learned about how to be brave when I am presenting. I
also learn about how to pronoun the words clearly and well. I will improve my
presentation skill to face another presentation.

10th Reflection Report

Today is 2 November 2016. My group members and I were started our preparation of
drama two weeks ago. Actually it is difficult for me to do something like drama because I
really do not have the capacity for drama. However, I still tried my best to work together
with my teammates. Most of my teammates actually are same course with me. So that,
we can discuss about drama easily. Since our group did not have any senior, our process
for drama was processing slowly. It was difficult to do drama for us because all of us are
still first semester. We do not have any experience about this.
However, we still finished our preparation and started to practice our drama. Our drama
is adapted from the real story Jack the Ripper. It is about a killer who try to help his dead
friend to revenge. If you want to know the story, please watch our drama. Group leader
distributed the works to all of us and we finished it on time. So that we can practice more
and more.
It was funny when we were practicing. The process always could not work smoothly
because we were making joke during practicing. Many funny situations were caused due
to this. All of us were enjoy the process of practicing. Now, we will show our drama in
front of other classmates next two weeks. It is easy to feel nervous when having a show
in front of others. I hope that our drama can be hold smoothly and all of us can score high
mark for drama.