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The piece of evidence which best demonstrates my ability to achieve the fourth learning

objective of the communication discipline at Bryant University, to create messages appropriate to

the audience, purpose, and context, is the Implementation Plan paper for my Writing for Social
Media course. In this course, we were given a group project where we selected an organization
that could benefit from, and desired help with developing a social media plan. The organization
that we chose was Simpson Spring. In order to develop their social media plan, much research
was conducted in order to assess their social media needs. Before making recommendations for
the implementation of developments to their social media, a strategy report was written to
present our research. This report included a situation analysis of their social media efforts at the
time, the background of the organization, including its competition and target customers,
secondary research from interviewing the owner of company and customers, the objectives and
desired outcomes of their marketing efforts, the evaluation of different options for social media
that could be used to achieve these objectives and desired outcomes, and the social media that
the organization should further develop. Once this information was established, we could move
forward with the recommendations for implementation of developments to their social media.
The implementation plan included recommendations for their content strategy, changes to their
existing social media, possibilities for new platforms of social media and the staff that would
carry out these recommendations. This paper was written along with a PowerPoint presentation
that included this information, as well as images and videos of examples for the designs of the
different social media platforms, including their website.
The Implementation Plan paper for this course was chosen to demonstrate my ability to
achieve the fourth learning objective because of its implications on audience, purpose, and
context. The content strategy for Simpson Springs marketing communications and social media

efforts was developed to reflect the goals and desired outcomes of these efforts. Along with
attempting to achieve their current goals, we also identified other goals that could potentially
have a positive impact on the growth of their business in the future. The content strategy was
then reflected in our recommendations for their social media platforms and which platforms
could be used in certain ways to positively impact their business. The content strategy and
recommendations for social media platforms achieve the first four goals of the fourth learning
objective. The specific choices for the content strategy demonstrate the location and use of
information relevant to the goals and purpose of the organization to send relevant messages to
their audience. While satisfying the current customer demographics of the organization, the
recommendations also seek to develop a younger customer demographic as well, demonstrating
the ability to adapt messages to the diverse needs of different individuals and groups. By
recommending the use of a wide variety of different social media platforms based on their
specific characteristics that would benefit the organization, it reflects the creative selection of
appropriate modalities and technologies to accomplish communicative goals, as well as
presenting messages in multiple communication modalities. Additionally, the implementation
plan involves recommendations for follow-up communications with their customers and social
media followers. In doing so, it allows the organization to critically reflect on their own
messages after a communication event. In the recommendation for the Social Media Calendar to
schedule their efforts, we proposed engagement with their followers to discuss their products,
organization, spring water, or any other related topics. In engaging with their followers, they
would be adjusting their messages while in the process of communicating. The Implementation
Plan paper for my Writing for Social Media course displays all of the key goals of the fourth
learning objective.