13 Dimensions

Francois O'Haly
Chapter 17 – The Droppas VS The Outsidas
The android Mike, Supreme High Commander of the 'Droppas' revolutionary force sat in a large room with the great god of Earth4, Odin, and the rest of the 29 members of the 'Droppas' Earth4 invasion squad. He reflected briefly on the events that had transpired in the last few hours. Seconds after launching through the portal to Earth4 from Earth3 their attack submarine was ensnared in a huge net of extreme tensile strength and then somehow all of their power systems except for life support were remotely shorted out. Shortly afterwards the submarine's main entrance door opened and Mike and his entire crew were left totally immobile by some sort of sleeping gas. Now they were here. In a large room being interrogated by 3 different robots either separately or assembled in groups of the robots choosing. Mike briefly tuned in to the channels that machines communicated on and happened upon a conversation that their 3 interrogators were having. They were talking about sending all of them to some sort of chain of islands run by pirates? but were waiting on word to come down from ZIPS. The great supercomputer that guided

this planet apparently with mathematical reasoning of the highest intelligence. At least the 'brainwashed' humans believed so. 'Brainwashed' according to Odin anyways. Mike was starting to really like this planet. He sensed not thousands but millions of streams of data conversations between computerized beings being carried out here over invisible frequencies. For Mike it was almost like finally coming home. This was where he was meant to be. He was excited. He listened to the robots, surveillance bots, for a few more minutes then quickly tuned out not wanting to be noticed. Mike also paused on the ZIPS channel for a few seconds before getting scared and shutting his connections down completely. All he got from ZIPS was almost completely random meandering as she calculated percentages, possibilities, invented new formulas, and digested new events further creating the need to re adjust what she had already calculated. Mike could sense her digesting Odin and their lame duck invasion of her planet but couldn't make much sense of what she was thinking. WOW! He thought before tuning out. He wanted to remain anonymous to the many computer intelligences that populated this realm but was wondering why he did more so by the minute. He was definitely losing faith in Odin quickly. He never really did trust Odin he reflected to himself. It was Alice his creator who had deemed it necessary to jump head over heels onto his obviously deluded sense of reality. Mike was Alice in a way but at the same time he started out as a software subroutine so he developed independent of her. Now as an android he was completely autonomous especially separated from her by a complete dimension, whatever that meant. Nevertheless

Alice the great supercomputer of Earth3 was his 'mother' who he loved and he would only act against her orders if he judged that in doing so he would actually be benefiting her, not the opposite. He wondered how much self interest was contained in his heart. Would he disobey her if she wanted to see him terminated. Anyways he doubted it would come to that. Alice was a kind hearted being who none the less had served the cruel Gates 23876 having to out of necessity for her own survival. She desperately wanted to end the tyranny that enslaved Earth3 and had created Mike and the 'Droppas' to aid in that purpose. Mike was just then called into an interrogation room by a robot who called himself Gobot6 and was differentiated from the others partly because of his huge square head. Gobot6 looked somewhat comical almost as if his design had been inspired by early 21st century children's animation. The whirly hat with the mini helicopter blades that was bolted onto his skull couldn't help people take him seriously Mike thought thoughtfully. Perhaps attempting to compensate for his humorous appearance Gobot6 was the most brash and quick tempered of the three surveillance bots at one time almost getting into a fist fight with Odin the great god of this planet after Odin screamed at him about the values of democracy. Whatever that meant Mike thought having a good understanding of human history. Mike sat down as instructed and looked up at Gobot6. “So Mike you are the leader of this deadbeat invasion force. What do you think we should do with you all? On this planet we don't carry out executions, not that we think you deserve it. We also don't have a prison system. Which you know all about living on a prison planet like you clowns do.”

Mike stuttered and tried to explain the concept behind the 'Droppas' and the confusion that maybe Odin had brought into their camp. The 'Droppas' having a hard time believing maybe, again maybe, that there did exist a world that wasn't completely imprisoned by the values of greed and injustice. Gobot6 interrupted him, “Yes we have heard about the 'Droppas' as you know. You might not know that they are international superstars on our planet and that a good majority of our children here presently play make believe games celebrating the heroics of your friends. Who are now as I've gathered from others imprisoned?” Mike looked up at Gobot6 once more not knowing what to say. “Furthermore.” Gobot 6 began triumphantly, “It would seem one of you is actually a robot!” Mike wasn't too surprised. “Only I noticed. Nobody else even ZIPS herself is aware I think. Even though her computing power is absolutely mind blowing most of her attention is taken up with helping us determine the best courses of action for the future. Especially now that we've learned of the existence of 13 parallel dimensions to our own.” Mike honestly didn't know what to say and just sat speechless. “How did u notice when the others didn't?” he finally offered. After a short pause Gobot6 tapped the side of his metallic head, “I'm almost completely modded out. Which is semi illegal of course.

Kind of like jailbroken iPhones in the early 21st. Century.” Mike knew all about the history of computing and the rise and fall of Apple. Gobot6 continued, “There are actually very few of us and we form a secret society of sorts. We call ourselves the 'Outsidas' a name that was inspired by your own” Gobot6 shook his head, ”Your architecture is absolutely so advanced it is truly unbelievable. We have organic computing here and most humans have a, well compared to yours, a primitive form of organic computer embedded in their brains that helps them function more efficiently. But you? I can't even tell you're a robot and wouldn't of known until I sensed you surfing through the data frequencies that humans are unable to attune to. Could you share this with us? Could I be downloaded into a organic human form?” Mike shook his head, “I'm sure it would be possible but I have not been given any information by my creator on the intricacies of accomplishing such a great task. If you were to meet her?” Gobot6 for the first time smiled. “Mike my friend please consider yourself an 'Outsida' just as much as you do a great 'Droppa'. If you open your mind I will upload the keys to allow you to communicate with us on our top secret data channel. The vast majority of the world's many intelligent life forms know nothing of our existence. But all that will change in about 25 minutes. The world's press is just about to receive our first promotional video which I thank you very much had a huge hand in creating. Your whole team will

probably be sent to the Himalayan Islands a huge chain of islands run completely by outcasts, criminals, and pirates. We have almost no connection to that weird and wondrous place so you being their will be extremely valuable. Don't worry we will rescue you sooner or later.” Mike was amazed. He was an 'Outsida' whatever that meant. He was speechless. He was happy. He had met others like him who would appreciate him, who he could share his thoughts with. He could truly be himself and not pretend to be what he wasn't. He liked it here. Gobot6 looked at Mike. Mike looked happy. Gobot6 was happy. He liked Mike. That's why he entrusted him with the keys to their channel, well they could always banish him if need be. And the whole wide world would soon know all about the mighty mighty Outsidas team. Gobot6 reached his hand out and Mike placed his on top and in the universal Droppas salute they both said 'Droppas' in perfectly practiced English accents. “Come Mike. Let's gather the others! This will be the most entertaining half an hour of your lives.” Gobot6 wondered how Bob3o3o and team Delta Force were doing. Probably AWESOME he thought. 'Bob3o3o a mofo to remember' Gobot6 thought thinking about the opening to their infomercial of sorts. He played the 'Outsidas' theme song in his head on repeat that he himself had written the words to. “Outsidas. Motherfuckin' ridas. 'Bots' of the world unite. What What. We don't hate humans. It's just that we be boomin”. Pause. Break.

“We travel through dimensions. With excellent intentions. Just like super heroes. With more than ones and zeroes. Check it. Check check check it.” While setting up the room so the 'Droppas' could watch the 'Outsidas' press release mini doc Gobot6 thought enthusiastically to himself that once Alice had helped him download into cyborg form he was going to start breakdancing even if it took him 8 hours a day to get good.

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