As she slept I seriously thought about hunting, with our current activities and being so close to her I need to hunt. Before I left I decided to write a letter so she wouldn·t panic. The outside of the note I wrote To: Mrs. Cullen. I·m hoping you won·t wake and notice my absence, but, if you should, I·ll be back very soon. I·ve just gone to the mainland to hunt. Go back to sleep and I·ll be here when you wake again. I love you. As I finished I changed in to some shorts a loose fitted shirt. I kissed her and murmured my love. I walked to the glass door and slid outside and I dove into the water and swam. I love the feeling of the water on my skin, it reminded me of how Bella touched my body, the way desire had itself know was absolutely wonderful. The way each stroke made her body tremble with more desire. Searching and searching to find a way out, a way to the top of the mountain and at the end finding it was glorious. Wow! What happen to the shy Edward? Where had he gone? I was suddenly so free and could express my desire through my thoughts. It was dark the sun was about to be seen, I had to hurry to the mainland. As I reached the Jungle part of the mainland I was so thirst that bit a Tapir, drain its sweet blood and then buried it.

I want to find bigger game. I found a Jaguar and I ran after it, snapped it·s neck and drained it, thinking of how many more nights Bella and I would have, because my hunger for her was becoming unbearable. I found Oncilla, but since they were nearly extinct, I didn·t drain it. I wished I could drain, so I did, because I wanted someone else·s blood, but she was far too precious, so I took it and broke its neck and drank it slowly, savoring the flavor, the blood, so sweet and potent, but not like my angel·s. How could one night, make me give up on our slow, but passionate lovemaking? When we get home we won·t have the freedom we have her, were going to have to come out from our room and then everyone will know what we·ve done. That would be embarrassing, know Esme and Carlisle could hear us! My father and mother should not have to be bother by Bella and myself, maybe we could move out. No, that would kill Esme and Alice. I guess, I would have to suck it up and just do as Rosalie and Emmett, do, Not care. I was running and found a Jaguarundi it ran from me. Running, I loved the way I felt, Free and open with myself. Iran past the animal and then stopped in front of it. Surprise. I thought. I got it by the neck and, bite into it without breaking it·s neck. I wanted it to try and fight me. His claws made no marks on my skin. It cried and howled as I was getting close to draining it completely. Qual é aquele barulho? Estou indo pedir Pablo e Eric vir comigo. No, someone had heard the Jaguarundi·s cries. And They were coming, I quickly finished it and buried it. I looked around. Nothing but trees and plants, everything was green. I decided to climb a tree and listen to their conversation. They were coming, and talking quietly.

"Digo-lhe! Ouvi uma morte dos animais! Penso que alguém deve tê-lo tomado no mato." Jose said.

"Não esteja estúpido! Ninguém pode transportar um animal na floresta!" Pablo said.

"Sim, Jose, Nenhum animal foi morto ou arrastado. Acalmar." Eric told him. Sei que algo esteve aqui! Não sou estúpido! Se o seu aqui partirem, antes de que o façamos! Jose thought, he·s smart of a native, all of those legends made him more aware of what was happening. I was about to leave when Pablo said something.

"Vai olhar em torno. Somente portanto você não apavora Jose." Pablo said to have a look. "Obrigado Pablo, sinto-me considerado agora." Jose said feeling better. "Okey, se há algo que ficamos em conjunto.µ Eric wanted for them to stay together. "Alright, deixe a barbeação uma olhada." Pablo said.

Se você que o monstro está aqui, eu conselho que você deixa, não nos matar, ou eles saberão quem o fez e eles o matarão! Jose thought, kill me, impossible. I waited until they left and ran to the sea. I dove into the water and thought how much better I had gotten and how less thirsty I was. I was so happy that maybe I could cry. As I approached the house I could smell her sent, and my throat didn·t burn as much as it did so long ago. A smile plastered my face, knowing she was mine and only mine!

I opened the door and closed it, turned around and Bella was missing! Oh god, where is she! I was in panic mode, until I smelled food. I when into the kitchen and there was a mess, so I cleaned it, washed the dishes and put the trash in the trash can. There in the trash can was chicken. I wonder why. Slowly, I made my way, to where I could hear a heartbeat. There on the sofa was my angel. I went to her and I saw the beads of sweat on her face and neck. I lifted her up and I lay down on the sofa and brought her on top of me, her face facing the ceiling. I heard heartbeat change to normal and I saw her eyes open up. ´I·m sorry,µ I was murmuring as I wiped my hand across her clammy forehead. ´So much for thoroughness. I didn·t think about how hot you would be with me gone. I·ll have an air conditioner installed before I leave again.µ ´Excuse me!µ she gasped, struggling to get free of my arms. I dropped my hold automatically. ´Bella?µ She Ran to the Bathroom? Why? ´Bella? What·s wrong?µ I asked. She couldn·t answer, she was too busy talk. ´Damn rancid chicken,µ Bella moaned. ´Are you all right?µ my voice was strained with worry. ´Fine,µ I panted. ´It·s just food poisoning. You don·t need to see this. Go away.µ ´Not likely, Bella.µ ´Go away,µ She moaned again.

She tried to stand up, but was too weak, so I helped her. She washed her teeth and mouth. ´Food poisoning?µ ´Yeah,µ She croaked. ´I made some chicken last night. It tasted off, so I threw it out. But I ate a few bites first.µ I put my hand on her forehead. ´How do you feel now?µ ´Pretty normal. A little hungry, actually.µ That·s strange, if it were food, poisoning she shouldn·t be hugry. I made me wait an hour and keep down a big glass of water before she could eat. I was still, thinking what could have done that to her. I put on CNN, We hadn·t seen the news in so long and she was sitting on my lap. She twisted around, maybe got bored and tried to kiss me Just like this morning, Bella lurched away from me, her hand tight over her mouth. And she ran to the Bathroom. No she ran to the sink. I held her hair again, I was beginning to get really worried. ´Maybe we should go back to Rio, see a doctor,µ I suggested anxiously. She shook my head and edged toward the hallway. I knew she hated hosipals, and Doctors too. ´I·ll be fine right after I brush my teeth.µ What was wrong to my angel? Why was she throwing up all of a sudden? Did she obtain a rare disease? I went to check on her and she wasn·t making any noise. So I knocked on the door. ´Are you well?µ I asked through the door. ´Did you get sick again?µ ´Yes and no,µ She said. ´Bella? Can I please come in?µ I asked worriedly now.

´O« kay?µ She answered not really sure. I saw how she was sitting and I copied her. ´What·s wrong?µ ´How many days has it been since the wedding?µShe whispered. Why would she ask that? ´Seventeen,µ I answered automatically. ´Bella, what is it?µ She was counting I held up a finger, cautioning me to wait, and mouthed the numbers to herself. ´Bella!µ I whispered urgently. ´I·m losing my mind over here.µ She reached into the suitcase and fumbled around until I found whatever she was looking for. She a little box of tampons up silently. I stared at her in confusion. ´What? Are you trying to pass this illness off as PMS?µ ´No,µ She to choke out. ´No, Edward. I·m trying to tell you that my period is five days late.µ What! What·s that suppose to mean, she doesn·t think she·s« Does she? ´I don·t think I have food poisoning,µ I heard her in the back of my head. It·s impossible! No! ´The dreams,µ She said. ´Sleeping so much. The crying.All that food. Oh. Oh. Oh.µ How? Is it poss« It·s a rare disease! Impossible. ´Oh!µ I squeaked again. ´Impossible,µ She whispered. Yes! It was, is Impossible!

I·ve heard legends of Incubus! But it was a legend something in possible! I had no experience with pregnant women, but Bella had a bump in between her hips! It·s going to fast! It·s a rare disease! Impossible! Why can Bella, live a normal life! Why have I damned her! NO! This is impossible! Never in all the years I·ve roamed this world, had I ever heard of such thing! It is impossible! How could God let such a repulsive thing grow in a beautiful women·s body? A monster like myself, had planted a virus into her body! How could I have done that! We only wanted to love each other! To finally make love! This is impossible! I don·t, I can·t comprehend! Why! You·ve already made her fall in love with me! Why! I never wanted this for her! It could kill her!

Ring! Ring! Ring! Why! No! I can·t be! I don·t believe IT! ´Hi, Alice,µ Bella answered. Alice! Did she see this and not tell me! I·m going to rip her to shreds! Why! Life isn·t fair for me! Why can·t it be fair for her! I won·t accept this, I·m going to make her safe!

´Bella, what·s going on? I just saw³µ What did Alice see! The monster ripping Bella apart and then drinking form his own mother! NO that will not happen! I have to do something! «and crying and throwing up and« and« I swear something moved inside me just now.µ Impossible! My head snapped up form what I had just heard. Bella sighted. I held my hand out for the phone. ´Um, I think Edward wants to talk to you.µ Bella said. ´Put him on,µ Carlisle said in a strained voice. I pressed it to my ear. ´Is it possible?µ I whispered. Please deny it! ´I·m sorry Edward, but that what Bella told me, has only one possibility. I never knew such thing could happen, it·s a good thing I·m a doctor.µ ´And Bella?µ I asked. My arm wrapped around Bella as I spoke, pulling her close into my side. ´I think you should, bring her home, so I can check her out. We might even have to get rid of it. It depends on how it·s going so far. You are coming as soon as possible, right?µ He asked. ´Yes. Yes, I will.µ I ended the call and dialed the airport right away. ´What did Carlisle say?µ She asked impatiently. I answered in a lifeless voice. ´He thinks you·re pregnant.µ

´Who are you calling now?µ She asked. ´The airport. We·re going home.µ "Boa manhã isto é o Aeroporto Internacional de Brasil. Como posso ajudá-lo?" "Boa manhã, eu gostaria de comprar duas entradas ao Seattle, o Washington, os EUA, Por Favor?" "Para que dia?" "Hoje." "Sou o senhor arrependido-" "Reservas de Sr. e sra. Cullen" "bem, sr. Cullen, todas as nossas entradas são vendidas fora. Talvez você gostaria de viajar em 3 ou 4 dias, isto é o único tempo disponível." While I argued, I packed. I threw a set of her clothes on the bed without looking at them. "Ele é uma emergência! Tenho de seguir o vôo hoje!" "Novamente, sinto tanto, mas todos os assentos são ocupados!" "Minha esposa e eu temos de estar lá como logo um possível s!" "Senhor, é impossível hoje!" I continued arguing, I had to get the flight today! "Deixe-me falar, com o seu gerente! AGORA!" "Sim, okey, um momento, por favor!" "Olá?" Olá, Senhor, estive discutindo todo o dia, tentando adquirir-me um passo do vôo de hoje a Seattl, o Washington, os EUA! Tenho uma emergência médica! " "Okey Senhor, temos extra assentos, na Primeira classe, você pode permitir-lhes?"

"Sim sou o filho de Carlisle Cullen, estive aqui para a minha lua de mel." "OH! Não, temos as suas entradas." "Obrigado muito." "Sim naturalmente sr. Cullen." I ended the the call and went to find Bella. ´Bella?µ She turned and I saw she was crying. Was she in pain? ´Bella!µ I crossed the room in a flash and put my hands on her face. ´Are you in pain?µ ´No, no³µ I pulled her to my chest. ´Don·t be afraid. We·ll be home in sixteen hours. You·ll be fine. Carlisle will be ready when we get there. We·ll take care of this, and you·ll be fine, you·ll be fine.µ ´Take care of this? What do you mean?µ I leaned away and looked her in the eye. ´We·re going to get that thing out before it can hurt any part of you. Don·t be scared. I won·t let it hurt you.µ ´That thing?µ She gasped. Why? It was going to kill her. Espero que sr. Cullen seja de casa hoje? " Hope Bella está ainda vivo, ainda SER HUMANO! I looked sharply away from her, toward the front door. ´Dammit! I forgot Gustavo was due today. I·ll get rid of him and be right back.µ I darted out of the room. "Olá, sr. Cullen Como vai?" "Olá?"

"Gustavo, Kaure, sinto tanto, mas você deve ir para casa, minha esposa e eu estamos indo para casa." Ele MATOU-A! "Nenhum problema, mas tenho a comida, Ela deve estar com fome? Sim?" "Nenhum Kaure, obrigado." "Ela deve comer!" "Ela não está com fome. Estamos partindo em um par de horas!" "Por favor ele é somente a comida!" Ele não quer dever vê-la ou não vê-la! MATADOR! I came into the kitchen ahead of her and went straight to Bella. I wiped the tears from her cheeks and murmured in her ear. ´She·s insisting on leaving the food she brought³she made us dinner.µ I said. ´It·s an excuse³she wants to make sure I haven·t killed you yet.µ My voice went ice cold at the end. Kaure edged nervously around the corner with a covered dish in her hands. Her eyes flickered between the two of us. I saw her measuring the color in my face, the moisture in my eyes. Mumbling something I didn·t understand, she put the dish on the counter. Ela olha assim o Balde. "Você deu a comida agora partem!" I sanpped at her. "Sim"

Kaure turned to go, and the whirling motion of her long skirt wafted the smell of the food into our faces. It was strong³onions and fish. She gagged and whirled for the sink. My hand went to her forehead.

´It will be over soon. I promise.µ I murmured. I turned around and place the dish in the refrigerator and my hand was on her forehead again. She rinsed her mouth in the tap while I caressed the side of her face. I turned her around, pulling her into my arms. I rested her head on my shoulder. Her hands folded over my stomach. We heard a little gasp and I looked up. The Kaure was still there, hesitating in the doorway with her hands half out stretched as if she had been looking for some way to help. Oh O MEU SENHOR! Ela é grávida com um monstro! Ela está indo à abominação produzida! O senhor livra-se da criação do diabo! Then I gasped, too, and turned to face the Kaure, pushing Bella slightly behind my body. My arm wrapped across my torso, like he was holding me back. Suddenly, Kaure was shouting at me "OLHADA o que você fez!" "Kaure, NÃO ENTENDO! AMO-A! MAS ESTA CRIAÇÃO ESTÁ INDO MATÁ-LA." "Você está! Você fez-lhe isto! Uma abominação a toda a espécie de homem!" Kaure, por favor diga-me que, as suas lendas falam disto? " Como ele sabe? "Por favor Kaure!" "Não sei!" She raised her tiny fist in the air and took two steps forward, shaking it at me. Despite her ferocity, it was easy to see the terror in her eyes.

I stepped toward her, too, andBella clutched at my arm, frightened for the woman. "Por favor ajude-me. Farei algo, amo Bella e quero que ela viva! Não quero que ela morra! Prometi-lhe eu não a prejudicaria. Por favor diga-me!" For a moment, the Kaure stared at me in wonder, and then her eyes narrowed as she barked out a long question in the same alien tongue. "Se você a ama você não se casaria com ela e a condenaria, sendo com você. Você deve tê-la abandonado há muito!" I watched as his face grew sad and serious, and I nodded once. She took a quick step back and crossed herself. I reached out to her, gesturing toward Bella and then resting my hand against Bella·s cheek. She replied angrily again, "Então por que você não a abandonou? Você não a ama!" When she finished, I pleaded again with the same low, urgent voice, "Realmente abandonei-a, mas, ela ia matar-se e amei-a demasiado e ela fez para agradar. Ajudam-me, ajudam-na!µ Her expression changed she spoke, her eyes repeatedly flashing to my confused face, "Não o acredito! Você é um monstro e não posso confiar você!" She stopped speaking, and she seemed to be deliberating something. She looked back and forth between the two of us, and then, unconsciously it seemed, took a step forward. She made a motion with her hands, miming a shape like a balloon jutting out from her stomach. She walked a few steps forward deliberately this time and asked a few brief questions, "Você dois tem o intercurso?" "Sim" Quando ela mostrou sinais? "

"Hoje" "Você é feliz?" "Claro que não! Ela poderia morrer!" I responded to tensely. Then I became the questioner, "Você tem lendas disto?" "Sim, alguns, mas somente lendas." "Você pensa que isto a condenará?" "Não, ela não sabia, esta criação só enche com ela." "Tenha-lhe-lhe cada visto o seu antes?"she shook her head. When I spoke again, I felt so much pain. "Você pensa que há possibilidade, ela poderia sobreviver, ela poderia viver?" In answer, she walked slowly forward until she was close enough to lay her small hand on top of Bella·s, over her stomach. She spoke one word in Portuguese. ´Morte,µ she sighed quietly. Then she turned, and left the room. Why? I she can·t die! She·s all I have to live for! A few moments later, I heard a boat·s engine putter to life and then fade into the distance. I did not move until Bella started to walk towards the bathroom. Then my hand caught her shoulder. ´Where are you going?µ My voice was a whisper of pain. ´To brush my teeth again.µ ´Don·t worry about what she said. It·s nothing but legends, old lies for the sake of entertainment.µ ´I didn·t understand anything,µ She told me, though, I wasn·t sure, but I let it go. ´I packed your toothbrush. I·ll get it for you.µ

I walked ahead of her to the bedroom. Legends are legends, but we vampires are legends and so a werewolf·s and we exist. ´Are we leaving soon?µ She called after me. ´As soon as you·re done.µ I waited for her toothbrush to repack it, pacing silently around the bedroom. She handed it to me when I was finished. ´I·ll get the bags into the boat.µ ´Edward³µ I turned back. ´Yes?µ She hesitated. ´Could you« pack some of the food? You know, in case I get hungry again.µ ´Of course,µ I said, ´Don·t worry about anything. We·ll get to Carlisle in just a few hours, really. This will all be over soon.µ She nodded. I turned and left the room, one big suitcase in each hand. How are we going to do this? I kept thinking while I packed her food, so she could eat later. I want back in and told her to wait outside, I had to make sure we had everything. On the counter laid my Cell phone. When did I leave this here? I put it in my pocket and went outside. This was going to be a long trip.

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