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Stanley J. Caterbone, Pro Se

Advanced Media Group
1250 Fremont Street
Lancaster, PA 17603

June 10, 2008

Office of the Lancaster County District Attorney
Mr. Craig W. Stedman, District Attorney
Lancaster County Courthouse
50 North Duke Street
Lancaster, PA 17603
Re: Letter Dated June 3, 2008
Dear Mr. Stedman:
I take issue with the allegations, the tone, and your professional conduct in the letter dated June
3, 2008 that I had just received today via the US mails. First, I am suspect why it was mailed six
days after you have written the letter. It is dated June 3, 2008 and postmarked June 9, 2008.
Was June 3, 2008 the day you were staring at me in front of the Lancaster County Courthouse?
Second, I question why you did not address me personally with correspondence since I addressed
my request for a meeting with you, personally, not a representative of your office. Why did you
have Ms. Hoffer respond to my request for a meeting instead of yourself?
I also dispute your interpretation of my emotions that you have interpreted from my email. The
anger, language and tone that you have interpreted is wrong. Before you accuse me of
harassing one of your assistants, you better be sure you have the facts, not just interpretations.
I was not angry; I was disappointed in the condescending manner and misinterpretation my
request for a meeting from your assistant district attorney. She did not reply to my email with
any professional or legal response that lends credibility to the Office of the Lancaster County
District Attorney. It is far worse when a public official conducts themselves in this manner. And
being that I am litigating a Federal False Claims Act complaint, I am familiar with the whistle
blowing laws. It is perfectly legal to question and report the conduct of public officials.
My request for a meeting in no way conveys a Federal or State Court matter. Her email states the
following: In regards to your request (handwritten, personally delivered, for a meeting with
Lancaster District Attorney Craig Stedman), this is a federal court matter not a state court matter.
We practice in state court not federal court. You will need to contact the 3 rd Circuit Clerk of Courts
office directly as well as notify the opposing attorney and the Judge assigned to the case.
She is dead wrong. I have communicated to your office evidence of a crime, at least mail fraud,
and possibly corruption, computer hacking, and the like. You have a copy of my request. You
should have granted me a meeting; or if you could not interpret my request, you should have
asked for a further explanation of my request.
The Office of the Lancaster County District Attorney has a past record of hearing my complaints.
Chief Detective Michael Landis, and other detectives, have over the past 3 years taken statements

Mr. Craig Stedman, District Attorney

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and requests from me on different occasions. At no time have they provided me with a
jurisdictional statement or description of what your office handles and what it does not handle. I
assume that if I report a crime that occurs in Lancaster County, you have the responsibility to
handle the complaint, or refer me to the proper authorities, neither of which is the 3 rd Circuit Clerk
of Courts Office, opposing attorney, or judges, as Ms. Hoffer has communicated in her email.
I would like to be able to communicate and report incidents to the Lancaster City Bureau of Police,
however, I have just filed a civil complaint in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of
Pennsylvania against the Lancaster City Bureau of Police that is primarily about abuse of process,
which is a claim against them for not taking my complaints when they should have. Of course,
you should know that.
I am alleging that you are deliberately and maliciously creating a problem that I must address,
namely your letter, to only deter me from more important matters which demand my attention,
thus loss of time.
You should have saved yourself some trouble and met with me. I reported a crime that has
caused irreparable harm, which occurred in the County of Lancaster, and in no way harassed Ms.
Hoffer in my email, given the facts.


Stan J. Caterbone
Advanced Media Group
Notice and Disclaimer: Stan J. Caterbone and the Advanced Media Group have been slandered, defamed, and publicly discredited
since 1987 due to going public (Whistle Blower) with allegations of misconduct and fraud within International Signal & Control, Plc.
of Lancaster, Pa. (ISC pleaded guilty to selling arms to Iraq via South Africa and a $1 Billion Fraud in 1992). Unfortunately we are
forced to defend our reputation and the truth without the aid of law enforcement and the media, which would normally prosecute
and expose public corruption. We utilize our communications to thwart further libelous and malicious attacks on our person, our
property, and our business. We continue our fight for justice through the Courts, and some communications are a means of
protecting our rights to continue our pursuit of justice. Advanced Media Group is also a member of the media.