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5/16/16 10:10 AM

When You Grow Up

C O LOS SIA NS 1 :10


hat do you want to be when you grow up? An astronaut, a
lawyer, a doctor, or a teacher? A mom, a ballerina, or a world-­
famous lion tamer?
That’s a question you’ll hear a lot over the next few years,
and it’s important to give it some serious thought. But no matter what sort of job you decide to do, it’s even
more important to decide who you want to
be. Do you want to be God’s child—­or not?
It’s one or the other; there’s really nothing
in between.
So choose God. It really does matter,
not only for heaven but also for here on earth.
Choose God, and choose to be like His Son.
Love and serve others. Be gentle with people, and treat them
with goodness and kindness. Keep your promises, and keep the
peace. Be patient both with others and yourself. That’s who God
wants you to be . . . both now and when you grow up.


Live the kind of life that honors and
pleases the Lord in every way.

Prayer Pointer
Lord, there are so many things I could be when I grow
up. But more than anything, I want to be like Jesus.


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5/16/16 10:10 AM


You Are
What You Wear
Clothe yourselves with the Lord Jesus Christ.
Forget about satisfying your sinful self.
RO M A NS 1 3:1 4


ut Mom, I’ve just got to have those new boots
before the party,” Jessie pleaded.
“I’m sorry,” her mom said. “They’re just
too expensive. Maybe for your birthday.”
“But that’s two months from now!”
“Why are these boots so important?” her
mom asked.
“Everybody who’s anybody is wearing them,” Jessie explained.
“If I don’t have some, too, I’ll be a nobody!”
It’s easy to feel like Jessie. You want to fit in, and you just know
those boots, those jeans, or that shirt will help you. And the truth
is, clothes won’t help you make friends—­at least not real ones
who’ll stick by you no matter what. But there is something you
can wear that will help you make good and true friends—­the attitude of Jesus. Wearing His kindness, thoughtfulness, patience,
and serving heart will make an unforgettable style statement!

Prayer Pointer
Lord, help me remember to put on a
Christlike attitude every day.


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5/16/16 10:10 AM

On a Role

RO M A NS 1 2 : 5


ow well would a car move if the tires were flat? What if the
steering wheel were missing? Or the lights didn’t work? A car
only runs well if all the parts are there and doing their jobs.
The same goes for your family. God designed families to work
with one another and to roll through the ups and downs of life
together. Husbands and wives are to love and respect each other,
and children are to respect and obey their parents.
And God’s Spirit is supposed to fuel us all.
You have an important role in your family. You can be an encourager by serving
them. Speak the truth, but do it in love. Seek
peace. Follow your parents’ direction. And
pray that God will help you and your family
listen to His Spirit. Through prayer, obedience,
and service, you are a powerful and important force of God’s
goodness, working in your family for God’s glory.


In Christ we are all one body. Each one is a part of that
body. And each part belongs to all the other parts.

Prayer Pointer
Lord, thank You for my family. Help me do my
part in supporting and encouraging others.


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5/16/16 10:10 AM


What Really Matters
To God every person is the same. God accepts
anyone who worships him and does what is right. It
is not important what country a person comes from.
ACT S 10 : 3 4 –3 5


ope dropped her backpack on the bus seat and huffed out a
big sigh.
“What’s wrong?” her friend asked.
“I heard some kids making fun of my little brothers,” Hope
said, “because they still have a little bit of a Ukrainian accent.
Those kids even said some mean stuff about them
being adopted. Can you believe that?”
Hope’s friend shook her head sadly.
It’s easy to look at others and see all the things
that make them different from us. They don’t look
the same, sound the same, or dress the same. And
some people use those differences as a reason not to like people,
to make fun of them, or to bully them.
But all those differences don’t matter one bit to God. It’s what
a person thinks and does and says that matter to Him. And as
long as we try to do what’s right, we are perfectly wonderful in
God’s sight.

Prayer Pointer
God, help me to see each and every
person as someone You love.


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5/16/16 10:10 AM

Caught by Beauty

It is the evil that a person wants that
tempts him. . . . This desire causes sin.
Then the sin grows and brings death.
JA M E S 1 :1 4 –1 5


f you hate spiders, you might want to move to Antarctica—­it’s
the only place without them. Around the world, there are more
than forty thousand species of spiders. That may sound creepy,
but spiders actually help pollinate plants, keep the insect population down, and are a great source of food for birds, lizards, and
other creatures. Some spiders, like the wolf spider and the giant
huntsman (with a leg span of one foot!), chase their prey.
But most spiders use spinnerets on their abdomens to
create silk, which they weave into a sticky web to catch
their meals.
Those webs can look beautiful, but watching a spider
wrap and eat its prey can be horrifying. How can something
so beautiful be so deadly? Sin operates the same way for us.
It often looks beautiful and inviting, but sin is a trap just like a
spider’s web. The good news is that Jesus frees us from sin through
His forgiveness and love. Stay away from sticky sin, and stick with
Jesus instead!

Prayer Pointer
Jesus, help me stay away from the trap of
sin, and keep me close to You.


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5/16/16 10:10 AM


Morning Glory
[God’s] mercies never stop. They are new
every morning. Lord, your loyalty is great.
L A M EN TATI O NS 3:2 2–2 3


f you look all around this world God has made, you’ll see that
His creativity is amazing. Flowers are just one way He paints
our world, showing us His character. One particularly interesting flower is the morning glory. Morning glories unfurl when
the morning sun warms their petals. As long
as the sun shines on them, the flowers stay
open. But as evening approaches, the petals
slowly close up until the next day.
Our spiritual hearts are a little like the
morning glory. On our own in a cold, dark
world, we stay closed up and afraid to be
ourselves or reach out to others. But when we
realize that God’s love is shining down on us, we open up to Him,
showing Him and the world the beautiful person He has made us
to be. We bloom as long as we stay in God’s light. And every day is
a new day to soak up the warmth of His love.

Prayer Pointer
Lord, thank You for Your love that helps me open
up to be the person You made me to be.


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5/16/16 10:10 AM

Stick to What’s Good

1 T H E S SA LO NIA NS 5: 2 1–2 2


ait . . . what? Hannah couldn’t believe her eyes. She and her
new friend Serena were shopping at the mall. But she’d just
seen Serena slip a candy bar inside her purse without paying!
“What are you doing?” Hannah hissed at her. “You didn’t pay
for that!”
“Oh, come on,” Serena said, rolling her eyes. “It’s no big deal.
It’s not like the store’s going to go bankrupt over one candy bar.”
“It’s still stealing,” Hannah said. “You have to
put it back.”
“Okay, already,” Serena said, slipping the
candy back onto the shelf.
Hannah’s right. Stealing is wrong—­and
a sin—­whether it’s stealing a million dollars
or a candy bar. The world often tries to tell us
that wrong things are right, that “it’s no big deal,”
or “everyone does it.” But God’s Word tells us what is right and
what is wrong. We should stick to the right and stay far away from
the wrong.


Test everything. Keep what is good. And
stay away from everything that is evil.

Prayer Pointer
Lord, show me what is good and what is evil. And please
give me the strength to stay far away from evil.


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5/16/16 10:10 AM


Runway the Right Way
Help each other with your troubles. When you
do this, you truly obey the law of Christ.
G A L ATIA NS 6: 2


ave you ever watched a fashion show? Typically, models walk
down a raised platform wearing designer clothes. Just like any
show, a lot of prep work happens beforehand. The stage must be
set, lighting fixed, wardrobes chosen, and makeup applied. Lots
of different people do lots of different jobs.
In the same way, everyone in your house has a job
too—­whether it’s your parents going to work, your
siblings cleaning the dishes, or you taking care of
the family pets. God says one of the reasons He
puts families together is so we can help carry one
another’s load. We can make life better for one another, which
brings glory to God and joy to our hearts. What can you do to
help your family be better prepared for the day ahead? Try these
ideas or make up your own!

Pray together about the day.
Help make breakfast and clean the kitchen.
Tell them something encouraging about themselves.
Give them a hug and tell them you love them.

Prayer Pointer
Lord, help me lighten the load of others around me.


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5/16/16 10:10 AM