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Sample interview questions for the Principal and/or
science coordinator/teacher re: science provision in
the setting.

Responses from the Principal and/or science
coordinator/teacher re: science provision in
the setting.

Is there a science coordinator and/or how many
specified science teachers are there in the

Yes there is a science coordinator. In
Elementary section, every home room teacher
teacher Math, Science & English.
In High School , we have subject specialists
for Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
In middle school, the qualified lab technician
and subject specialists teacher middle school.
The science coordinator overlooks curriculum
design and implementation from K- 12.
Monitors assessment and instructions within
Create and implement action plan
Identify areas for improvement and set
curricular targets
The science coordinator teaches Biology ( 9 –

• What are the duties/responsibilities of the science
• Does she teach any, all students or just specific year
• Obtain a teaching schedule and any schemes of work,
lesson plans, software used etc. from the science


Who is responsible for science policy and
provision within the setting?

Head of Science Department

(Can we obtain a copy of the policy?)


Online/Blended Learning:


What science equipment/manipulatives/resources Our Science labs are a work in progress.
can be found the setting? (Is there a list? Differentiate
Every year the school sets apart a budget

Blended learning has been effectively
implemented from grade 5 – 7 . Grade 1 –
• Does the setting have its own website? If so, what is the
4 students access the pearson website
URL, who created it and who is responsible for
within classrooms.
managing and updating it?
Grade 6& 7 use E learning as a part of
• Is there any online/blended learning taking place related their science lessons.
to science? If so, how is this delivered?
Tabs have been purchased by students
which are used in class. High speed
• What ICT resources are used specifically for teaching
internet access has been provided by
school to facilitate blended learning.

between the classroom; the science lab and other areas in the setting e.g.

and we acquire equipments on a priority
• Is there a budget for materials?
The suppliers train the teachers and staff
on how to use the equipment
• Who trains teachers and staff in the use the equipment?
The lab technician is primarily responsible
to maintain the equipment.
• Who manages the equipment and materials?


Is/Are there dedicated science labs in this

• If yes, how is it used and by whom? How is it
organised? What equipment can be found here?
• If no, why not? e.g. lack of funds? No need? Enough
science equipment and expertise in each classroom?
• Does the setting feel it has enough specialist science
teachers, technicians and dedicated science rooms?


Which science resources does the setting feel it
needs or would like to have to achieve its vision
or better science teaching and learning?

Yes, We have 2 labs. The physics lab is
open to elementary students. Teachers
organize lab periods with the help of the
lab tech and ensure that students have
access to the labs under controlled
The chemistry and biology lab has been
designed to accommodate middle and
high school students only. We have
microscopes, chromatograph, titration
equipments, dissection sets and related
instruments etc.
Lab equipments

• e.g. Science Kits, books, wifi, manipulatives/models,
digital cameras/camcorders, lab equipment OR soft
materials (consumables- colored paper, glue, popsicle
sticks etc.).

What are the safety rules?
• Are the safety rules posted in the science setting?
• Who developed these and are they


What safety equipment is available and when is it
used commonly?
• Is safety equipment available for all students in the

Yes safety rules are posted in the lab and
cop y of the safety contract has been
given to all students and it has been made
sure that they have read and signed
them . The parents signature is also
ensured on the document.
The eye wash, fire extinguisher, fire
blanket, first aid kit
Managed by lab technician

• Is equipment cleaned, if so by whom? Who manages
this duty?

Planning for learning- how are the science
lessons planned for in the setting?
• Does the MOE/Zone/KHDA provide unit plans/lesson
plans? (can we obtain a copy of this?)
• Are there weekly planning meetings? What is usually
done in the planning meetings?
• Who attends the planning meetings?
• Does the school have specific goals related to science
(TIMMS scores etc.)?

HOD approved lesson plans
Weekly planning meetings are conducted
by elementary teachers on a grade level
to discuss labs, assessment and lesson


How is learning assessed in the science
• Is there an assessment plan for the semester? What
does it include?
• Do teachers collect student data? What data, when,
and what is it used for?
• How do students get feedback so that they can make


What science professional development / training
do teachers currently receive or have recently

Formative and summative assessments
are conducted regularly.
Teachers collect data and analyze the
data regularly and modify instruction to
suit the needs of the students.
Students get regular feedback based on
their performance.
Parent teacher conferences are
conducted every term to give feedback to

The publishers of the text books that are
used by the students conduct PD at the
beginning of the year and midyear.
• How frequently and from whom did they /are they
Intel has provided E-learning training.
receiving this?
Internal PD by Principal, Head of Teaching
and Learning, Head of Department.
• Do they have a document that outlines this PD?
Internal PD.
• What PD do they think teachers in the setting still need? STEAM