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Islam provides a complete way of living. In this world believers of Islam are
increasing day by day. Quran Pak is the holy book of Islam. Anyone who
wants to take guidance can read the Holy Quran. Holy Quran covers all
aspects of a persons life. You can get each and every type of information
from the Holy Quran. Islam not only covers all the aspects of everyday life of
people, but it also has proved many scientific facts. There are many
scientists who have spent their whole lives to prove one or more scientific
facts. The same facts you can find in Holy Quran that was completed many
years ago. It is also a reason that believers of Islam are increasing in large
numbers. This article has ranked the top ten Islamic facts in Quran proven by
the science. You can find many miracles of Quran from your life. Now western
educated people are more interested to read Quran in English. Quran was
revealed to Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H). Hazrat Muhammad
was the last prophet of Allah, who spread the teachings of Islam in all over
the world. It is due to his teachings that even today we can learn and
understand Islamic facts proven by science.
The following are the top ten Islamic facts proven by science,
10. Facts about Honey:

In Holy Quran, Surah Nahal is all about the honey bee and benefits of Honey.
Quran says that honey has the shift for everyone. Today the scientists have

proved that by taking one spoon of honey daily you can get rid of many
diseases. It is the 10th Islamic fact that is proved by the science.
9. Facts about the Solar System Orbits

This fact is described in many Surahs in Holy Quran. Surah Yaseen, Surah
Anbiya has explained the solar system of the universe. These verses further
say that the sun runs in its circular place with the orders of Allah. Moreover,
Surah Anbiya says that Allah has created the days and nights, the sun and
the moon, and these all are circulating in their orbits. This thing was proved
by scientists after many years of Holy Quran. Now everyone in the world
believes that the sun and the moon are travelling in their orbits and universe
is consisted of the moon, stars and sun.
8. Facts about breastfeeding of kids for 2 years

Breastfeeding is the best food for the kids till 2 years. It provides all healthy
and necessary nutrition to the kids. Breastfeeding also increases the kids
ability to fight with the diseases in their whole life. Now doctors also put
stress on a mother to feed their kids at least till 2 years. This fact is also
described in the Surah Luqman, some verses of this Surah state that a
person should behave well with his/her parents, his/her mother has been in a
weakened state that increased steadily and weaned in 2 years. So, this Surah
is explaining the services of a mother for the 2 years kids.
7. Facts about the sex of a baby

It was assumed that the sex of a baby is determined by the women. Due to
this fact many women have faced physical abuse by the men for giving birth
to the girls. Now it is proved by the doctors that men body consists of X & Y
chromosomes in these X contains the feminine characteristics and Y contains
masculine characteristics. So, sex of a baby is only determined by the males.
In Holy Quran, Surah an-Najm has explained He who created the pairs of
men and women, from semen when emitted.
6. Facts about the dark ocean floor

Many divers have gone under the oceans. They have proved the fact that for
going more than 40 meters in the ocean you need latest equipment. When
you will go further deep and deep, you will encounter very less light or no

light. This fact about the oceans has been proved in Surah Al Noor verse 40.
It says that like the darkness in a vast deep ocean, that has waves over, it is describing the darkness of the oceans.
5. Facts about the relativity of Islam

Albert Einstein is very much famous in the world for his discovery of relativity
theory. According to him time is always described as the relation between

mass and velocity. You can find the reference of these scientific facts in the
Surah Al-Hajj, Al Maarij and as-Sajda. These surahs are explaining the
importance and involvement of time.
He directs all the affairs of the heaven to earth and then its up to him in a
day whose levels a thousand years of reckoning Surah al-Sajda:5
4. Facts About the Creation of Man in three Stages

In Surah Az Zumar, it is explained that man is developed in a mothers womb

in three stages this thing is also now admitted by all the scientists.
He created you from a single self, then He made because of that; He
dropped to his wife and eight tails you that pairs of animals. He made you in
your mothers belly three events have in the dark.
3. Facts about Iron

No one can deny the benefits of irons. Iron is the metal that has given the
strength to give benefits to human beings. In Islam, there are almost 9
verses in Holy Quran that have the name of iron. Surah Al-Hadid verse 25
has explained that Allah has blessed the people with iron that has many
benefits for the human beings.
2. The Facts of Creation in Pairs

In Hoy Quran you can clearly find the fact that Allah has created everything
in the world in pairs, you can see this in Surah Yaseen verse 36. This verse is
enough to get the understanding that everything in this world consists of
pairs. It not only human beings that live in pairs for their survival and growth
but other matters also have pairs. This Islamic fact was first proved by a
scientist Paul Dirac, who later got the Nobel Prize for his this invention. He
was awarded Nobel Prize for proving that matter is found in form of pairs.
1. Facts about Human Fingerprints

You all are familiar with the uniqueness of fingerprints of human beings.
Everyone has its structure of fingerprints that cannot be matched with other
even not with his/her parents. Use of fingerprints is common since ancient
times, but the uniqueness was discovered in 1900 century. In 1900 century,
scientists described that everyone has different types of fingerprints. In
Islam, there are verses about fingerprints in Surah Al Qiyamah. These verses
say that Allah has a power to reunite a dead persons remains and can also
reconstitute the fingertips again.
List of Islamic Facts Proven By Science:



Facts about human fingerprints

Surah Al Qiyamah

The Facts of Creation in Pairs

Surah Yaseen

Facts about Iron

Surah Al-Hadid

Facts about the creation of man

in three stages

Surah Az Zumar

Facts about the relativity of


Surah Al-Hajj/Al

Facts about the dark ocean floor

Surah Al Noor

Facts about the sex of a baby

Surah an-Najm

Facts about breast feeding of

kids for 2 years

Surah Luqman

Facts about the Solar System


Surah Yaseen/Anbiya


Facts about Honey

Surah Nahl


This article has very valuable information about Quran and science not only
for believers of Islam but others also. This article has the list of ten Islamic
facts that are later proved by the scientists by using latest technologies. Holy
Quran itself says that Quran has indications and clues but only for those who
have wisdom. So, by taking guidance from the Holy Quran, you can make
your life more easy and peaceful. Along with this, you can also make more
innovations in the world by reading Holy Quran

Interesting Scientific Facts from Quran

The general notion pertaining to religion is that it is a set of religious
dogmas, which tell the follower of the particular religion about how to
conduct business and spend life. Thus, for most of the people religion is just
one part of life and its representation is not in all parts of life. This might be
true for other religions, but Islam is different from all in this regard and is
a complete code of life.
The reflection of Islam can be found in every aspect of the life of a Muslim,
whether it is the social, political, economic, and anthropological or any other
aspect of life. Among the various factors, the thing that makes Islam the best
religion for the contemporary life of todays world is the fact that it is in
complete resonance with science which is a primitive tool for the people of
today for judging something.
The statements that are found in Quran which were revealed 1400 years
ago are being proven by science at present. Many of the verses of Quran that
were revealed at that time were proven by science almost a thousand years
later. The lines below discuss some facts that have their mention in Quran
and were later proved by science.
The Creation of Life:
In Quran, Allah Almighty says:
We made every living thing from water. Will they not believe? (21:30)
In this ayah of Quran, Allah Almighty holds water as the basic element of the
creation of every living thing. The same thing is proved by science where it
tells that every living thing comprises of cells and these cells consist of 80%
cytoplasm, which in simple terms is explained as water. Therefore, science
proves the very same fact which Quran mentioned 1400 years ago which
might have seemed odd for the people of that time as there was no science
to prove it then, but today everyone accepts this fact.
The Presence of Iron:

For the people of today iron is a metal that is found on earth. However, it is
the scientists who have come to find the original source of iron as per which
iron is not a metal of this earth rather it came from space. Quran says about
iron in the following way:
We sent down Iron, in which is (material for) mighty war, as well as
many benefits for mankind. (57:25)
From this ayah it is clear that the metal iron was sent down by Allah
Almighty, hence it is not something of this world that grew or formed in it.
According to scientists, billions of years ago meteoroids hit earth and these
meteoroids came with the metal iron which then dispersed and immersed in
different parts of the earth. Hence, in this regard as well, the saying of Quran
predates scientific factual discovery.
The Protection of Sky:
In Quran, Allah Almighty says:
We made the sky a protective ceiling. And yet they are turning away from
Our signs!(21:32)
In this ayah, Allah Almighty mentions sky as a protective ceiling for people
and calls it as a sign. It might not have been clear to the people of those
days however, people of today who have access to science can agree with
the fact that the sky actually does serve as a protective shield for life on
Science tells that it is the presence of sky that protects the earth from the
harmful radiation of the rays of earth and it is again the sky that serves as a
protective blanket to keep the temperature of the earth moderate during
nights. If it were not there then radiation would have caused havoc and the
freezing temperatures at night would have extinguished life on earth.
Therefore, the followers of science cannot refute the mention of this fact in
Function of Mountains:
In Quran, Allah Almighty says:

Did We not make the earth a resting place? And the mountains as
stakes? (78:6-7)
From this ayah it can be inferred that mountains are like stakes, which go
deep down in the earth. This claim of Quran has been also proven right by
science according to which the mountains are not merely above the surface;
rather they have roots deep down below as well. The best example of this
can be the highest peak in the world Mount Everest. According to scientists,
Mount Everest that is 9km above the surface has its roots almost 125km
below the surface thus the metaphor of stake in Quran actually gets a
scientific backing.
Expansion of Universe:
In Quran, Allah Almighty says:
And it is We who have built the Universe with (Our creative) power and keep
expanding it. (51:47)
In this ayah, Allah Almighty refers to the expansion of the universe.
According to this ayah, the universe has not been the same since its
existence; it continues and will continue on changing. This fact was proven
by science a hundred years ago when the astronomers found out that the
universe is not stagnant, rather it is expanding with the passage of time,
thus concurring with the claim of Quran.
In a nutshell, there are many more verses of Quran that are put to test by
science. By far science has concurred with Quran and has found every claim
of it true. The testing goes on and the time is not far when all the claims of
Quran regarding universe and life will be considered scientific facts.

[And whomsoever Allah wills to guide, He opens his breast to Islam; and
whomsoever He wills to send astray, He makes his breast closed and
constricted, as if he is climbing up to the sky. Allah, the Almighty, says:
[And whomsoever Allah wills to guide, He opens his breast to Islam; and
whomsoever He wills to send astray, He makes his breast closed and
constricted, as if he is climbing up to the sky.] (Al-An`am: 125)
The formation of the atmosphere was unknown until Pascal proved its
existence in 1648. He proved that air pressure decreases as we go higher
Later on it was discovered that air in the lower layers of the atmosphere is
denser. About 50 % of the air mass is located between the surface of the
earth and 20,000 feet above sea level, and 90% is located between the
surface of the earth and 50,000 feet above sea level.
Therefore, density decreases vertically until air reaches its utmost rarefaction
(minimum pressure) in the higher layers of the atmosphere before it
completely vanishes in outer space.
When a human being goes higher than ten thousand (10,000) feet above sea
level, it does not cause him any serious problem, as the respiratory system
can handle the height of 10,000 to 25,000 feet above sea level; however, if a
person goes into outer space, the amount of pressure and oxygen decrease
causing the closing of the chest and dyspnea (shortness of breath). Then, the
breathing process becomes difficult because of the lack of oxygen (oxygen

starvation) and the respiratory system completely fails, causing death.

Facets of Scientific Inimitability:
It is well-known that the different layers of the atmosphere were unknown at
the time the Ever-Glorious Qur'an was revealed. Consequently, the low
pressure and the decrease of oxygen, which is necessary for man's life, in
the higher layers, were also unknown. People at that time did not know these
facts; on the contrary they believed that whenever man goes higher, he will
feel more serenity and happiness and enjoy the breeze.
This honorable verse clearly indicates two facts that have been only
discovered lately by modern science: the first one is that dyspnea occurs
when a person goes higher in the layers of the atmosphere because of the
lack of oxygen and the decrease in air pressure. The second is the state that
precedes choking leading to death that occurs when a person goes more
than 30,000 feet above sea level. This is caused by the drastic decrease in
air pressure and an extreme lack of oxygen.
It is important to note the miraculous nature of the word (climb) that
indicates the difficulty of this state and describes the pain and suffering
attached to it.
This is a sure indication that these words are truly from the All-Knowing and
the All-Aware.

Quranic verse
"And We made the sky a protected ceiling, but they, from its signs, are
turning away." (Quran 21:32)

Scientific news
University of Colorado Boulder (November 26, 2014): Star Trek-like invisible
shield found thousands of miles above Earth
November 26, 2014

A team led by the University

of Colorado Boulder has discovered an invisible shield some 7,200 miles
above Earth that blocks so-called killer electrons, which whip around the
planet at near-light speed and have been known to threaten astronauts, fry
satellites and degrade space systems during intense solar storms.
The barrier to the particle motion was discovered in the Van Allen radiation
belts, two doughnut-shaped rings above Earth that are filled with highenergy electrons and protons, said Distinguished Professor Daniel Baker,
director of CU-Boulders Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics
(LASP). Held in place by Earths magnetic field, the Van Allen radiation belts
periodically swell and shrink in response to incoming energy disturbances
from the sun.
As the first significant discovery of the space age, the Van Allen radiation
belts were detected in 1958 by Professor James Van Allen and his team at the
University of Iowa and were found to be comprised of an inner and outer belt
extending up to 25,000 miles above Earths surface. In 2013, Baker -- who
received his doctorate under Van Allen -- led a team that used the twin Van
Allen Probes launched by NASA in 2012 to discover a third, transient storage
ring between the inner and outer Van Allen radiation belts that seems to
come and go with the intensity of space weather.

The latest mystery revolves around an extremely sharp boundary at the

inner edge of the outer belt at roughly 7,200 miles in altitude that appears to
block the ultrafast electrons from breeching the shield and moving deeper
towards Earths atmosphere.
Its almost like theses electrons are running into a glass wall in space, said
Baker, the studys lead author. Somewhat like the shields created by force
fields on Star Trek that were used to repel alien weapons, we are seeing an
invisible shield blocking these electrons. Its an extremely puzzling
A paper on the subject was published in the Nov. 27 issue of Nature.
The team originally thought the highly charged electrons, which are looping
around Earth at more than 100,000 miles per second, would slowly drift
downward into the upper atmosphere and gradually be wiped out by
interactions with air molecules. But the impenetrable barrier seen by the
twin Van Allen belt spacecraft stops the electrons before they get that far,
said Baker.
The group looked at a number of scenarios that could create and maintain
such a barrier. The team wondered if it might have to do with Earths
magnetic field lines, which trap and control protons and electrons, bouncing
them between Earths poles like beads on a string. The also looked at
whether radio signals from human transmitters on Earth could be scattering
the charged electrons at the barrier, preventing their downward motion.
Neither explanation held scientific water, Baker said.
Nature abhors strong gradients and generally finds ways to smooth them
out, so we would expect some of the relativistic electrons to move inward
and some outward, said Baker. Its not obvious how the slow, gradual
processes that should be involved in motion of these particles can conspire
to create such a sharp, persistent boundary at this location in space.
Another scenario is that the giant cloud of cold, electrically charged gas
called the plasmasphere, which begins about 600 miles above Earth and
stretches thousands of miles into the outer Van Allen belt, is scattering the
electrons at the boundary with low frequency, electromagnetic waves that
create a plasmapheric hiss, said Baker. The hiss sounds like white noise
when played over a speaker, he said.

While Baker said plasmaspheric hiss may play a role in the puzzling space
barrier, he believes there is more to the story. I think the key here is to keep
observing the region in exquisite detail, which we can do because of the
powerful instruments on the Van Allen probes. If the sun really blasts the
Earths magnetosphere with a coronal mass ejection (CME), I suspect it will
breach the shield for a period of time, said Baker, also a faculty member in
the astrophysical and planetary sciences department.
Its like looking at the phenomenon with new eyes, with a new set of
instrumentation, which give us the detail to say, Yes, there is this hard, fast
boundary, said John Foster, associate director of MITs Haystack
Observatory and a study co-author.
Other CU-Boulder study co-authors included Allison Jaynes, Vaughn Hoxie,
Xinlin Li, Quintin Schiller, Lauren Blum and David Malaspina. Other coauthors were from UCLA, Aerospace Corp. Space Sciences Lab in Los
Angeles, the University of Minnesota, NASAs Goddard Space Flight Center in
Greenbelt, Maryland, the University of Iowa and the New Jersey Institute of
CU-Boulder is playing a prominent role in NASAs Van Allen Probes mission,
which consists of two spinning, octagonal spacecraft weighing 1,500 pounds
each. LASP developed the Relativistic Electron Proton Telescope, (REPT) to
measure high-energy electrons. LASP also developed the brains of the
Electronic Field and Waves package to compress huge amounts of mission
data to send back to Earth. CU-Boulder will receive roughly $18 million from
NASA over the lifetime of the mission.
About a dozen graduate students are participating in the mission, as well as
more than a dozen other LASP personnel.
The Van Allen probes mission is part of NASAs Living with a Star Program
managed by the Goddard Space Flight Center. The Johns Hopkins University
Applied Physics Laboratory built the twin satellites and is managing the
mission for NASA.

Quranic verse
Allah (SWT) says: Or (the unbelievers state) is like the layers of darkness in
a deep sea covered by waves topped by waves, topped by clouds: Layers of
darkness, one above another. If a man stretches his hand, he can hardly see
it. For any to whom Allah gives no light, there is no light.(Quran 24: 40)
The Quran mentions that the deep sea is covered by waves: Or like the
layers of darkness in a lujji sea topped by waves. The Verse mentions that
there are other waves atop the first waves. Allah (SWT) says:covered by
waves topped by waves... This is a characteristic of the sea in that it has
two types of waves atop one another. They are not successive waves in one
place but simultaneous waves, the second type atop the first. The verse
states that over these waves, which cover the deep sea, there are other
waves. Allah (SWT) says: topped by clouds.These other waves are none but
the waves at the surface of the sea that must cover the first waves.

Scientific news
ScienceDaily (March 7, 2010): Tides, Earth's Rotation Among Sources of
Giant Underwater Waves

Scientists at the University of Rhode

Island are gaining new insight into the mechanisms that generate huge,
steep underwater waves that occur between layers of warm and cold water
in coastal regions of the world's oceans.
David Farmer, a physical oceanographer and dean of the URI Graduate
School of Oceanography, together with student Qiang Li, said that large
amplitude, nonlinear internal waves can reach heights of 150 meters or more
in the South China Sea, and the effects they have on surface wave fields
ensure that they are readily observable from space.
Farmer and Li are reporting results of their research at the Ocean Sciences
Meeting of the American Geophysical Union in Portland, Ore.

"The large waves in the South China Sea have attracted a fair bit of attention
in recent years," Farmer said, "but much of this has been directed at the
interaction of the waves with the sloping continental shelf of mainland China
where they break, overturn and produce intense mixing. Our focus is on the
way in which they are generated in Luzon Strait, between Taiwan and the
Philippines, and the way they evolve as they propagate westwards across the
deep ocean basin of the South China Sea."
Farmer and Li studied the evolution of large internal waves occurring at tidal
periods generated by currents traversing submarine ridges in Luzon Strait.
As these waves travel west through the South China Sea, they steepen and
evolve into packets of steep, energetic waves occurring at periods of 20-30
minutes. It is these energetic short period waves that modulate the ocean
surface roughness, making their presence observable from satellites in
The URI scientists' observations showed that the Earth's rotation modifies
internal waves as they travel cross the deep basin. This effect mainly
influences the internal waves that form on the 24-hour period of diurnal
tides, dispersing the energy and inhibiting the steepening process. Internal
waves that form on the semi-diurnal tides are not affected in this way, are
more readily steepened and then break into the energetic, short period
Farmer and Li studied internal waves in the South China Sea using pressure
equipped inverted echo-sounders, instruments developed by scientists at the
University of Rhode Island. From the seafloor, the device transmits an
acoustic pulse and then listens for the echo from the sea surface. Sound
travels faster through warm water than it does through cold water, so
changes in the echo delay allow measurement of the thickness of the warm
surface layer, enabling the shape and size of passing internal waves to be
According to Farmer, nonlinear internal waves impact the ocean in many
ways: stirring up sediment on the sea floor, creating hazards to offshore
engineering structures, interfering with submarine navigation, and greatly
affecting propagation of underwater sound. Internal waves also appear to
have significant, if not fully understood, biological impacts, and in shallow
water environments they can mix water masses and modify coastal

Quranic verse

"And verily We have beautified the world's heaven with lamps, and We have
made them missiles for the devils, and for them We have prepared the doom
of flame" (Quran 67:5)

Scientific News
Astronomy magazine (January 20, 2014): Black hole powers cosmic
flashlight illuminating the cosmic web
Astronomers have obtained the first direct images of a portion of the cosmic
web by exploiting the fact that a luminous object known as a quasar can act
like a natural cosmic flashlight.

The observed portion of the cosmic web (colored cyan) with a size of about 2
million light-years, which was discovered in the vicinity of the quasar UM 287
(at the center of the image). The gas is glowing thanks to the same effect
that powers fluorescent lamps. This is the first extended image of part of the
large-scale cosmic web of gas, which is thought to play a key role in
supplying galaxies with the raw material to form new stars.
Supercomputer simulations predict that matter in the universe is distributed
in a network of filaments known as the cosmic web, where the vast
majority of atoms reside as diffuse hydrogen gas. In this picture, galaxies like
our Milky Way formed at the nodes of this network, where cool dense gas,
the fuel for star formation, funnels in along the intersecting filaments. But
direct tests of this model were previously lacking because even at the

densest nodes, cosmic web gas is so rarefied that it emits very little light,
making it impossible to image even with the worlds largest telescopes.
Now astronomers have obtained the first direct images of a portion of the
cosmic web by exploiting the fact that a luminous object known as a quasar
can act like a natural cosmic flashlight. Quasars constitute a brief phase in
the galactic life cycle. Powered by the infall of matter onto a galaxys central
supermassive black hole, they shine as the most luminous objects in the
universe. Because the galaxies hosting quasars should also reside at dense
nodes of the web, the quasar can illuminate nearby cosmic web gas,
revealing its structure. Under the quasar-flashlights intense glare, the gas
emits light via the same mechanism at work in an ordinary fluorescent lamp,
namely because it is being constantly bombarded with energy. In the case of
ordinary lamps, this energy is provided by an electrical current, whereas the
cosmic web fluorescence is powered by energy from the quasar radiation.
The light from the quasar is like a flashlight beam, and in this case, we were
lucky that the flashlight is pointing right at the cosmic web, making some of
its gas glow, said Sebastiano Cantalupo from the University of California,
Santa Cruz. Using the 10-meter Keck I Telescope at the W. M. Keck
Observatory in Hawaii, the researchers were able to capture an image of the
fluorescently glowing cosmic web with the help of a custom-made filter.
Fluorescent light reaching us from the targeted portion of the cosmic web
has a specific characteristic color and only this color is transmitted by the
The hydrogen gas in intergalactic space has been indirectly studied for
decades using a different and much more restricted technique that probes
the cosmic web along a single line only the line joining a distant
background quasar with an observer here on Earth. But this method could
never reveal the spatial structure of the cosmic web.
This is the first time anyone has been able to capture an image of the
cosmic web, demonstrating its filamentary structure, said Fabrizio Arrigoni
Battaia from the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy in Heidelberg, Germany.
The region of the cosmic web visible on the image measures roughly 2
million light-years across.
Such observations can be used to test supercomputer models that simulate
the formation of cosmic structures from the Big Bang to the present. Indeed,
the new discovery provides evidence that key elements might be missing
from current simulations: The amount of cool gas inferred from the image of

the cosmic web appears to be substantially larger than predicted.

If you want to know how galaxies form, you first need to understand their
fuel supply, which comes from the cosmic web, said Joseph Hennawi from
the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy. These new observations are
challenging our understanding, as they suggest a large amount of gas is
contained in small dense clumps, which is not currently present in our
models. Resolving this tension will clearly teach us something very