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8th Grade Social Studies Syllabus | 2017 2018 School Year

Welcome to 8th grade Social Studies!

I am looking forward to an exciting new year with all of you.
Course Overview
This course will be based on the Arizona State Social Standards and go into a
multitude of different aspects. Students will be looking at new research techniques,
economics, current events, and geography throughout the entire year. They will
look at both American and World history, as well dip into Civics/Government. The

Ms. Ashley Pakenham
(480)1234567 ext. 32
Email is preferred.

class will start around the American Revolution and work its way to the Vietnam
War; plus, a little farther. History allows us to relate the past to present and make
connections; in this course I hope to make history come alive.

Tutoring Hours
Monday & Wednesday
3:30pm 5:30pm

Required Text
[Publication Name], [Author Name]

Course Materials
Two 1-subject Spiral Notebooks [ one for each semester ]
1 Binder [ 3 prongs with pockets ]
Class Materials [ pencils, pens, highlighters, etc. ]
Flash Cards

Classroom Expectations
ALL students are expected to:

Arrive on time, prepared, and ready to learn.

Respect your peers, your teacher, any guests, and yourself.
Follow all school rules.
Keep an open mind.
Dont be afraid to ask questions!

Students are expected to arrive before the bell rings every day of class. If a student is tardy without a late slip, they will
have to stay the amount of time they were late at the break or lunch period. If a student receives their fourth tardy, they
will be sent to detention.

Students are responsible for knowing what they missed on their day of absence. They can refer to our course calendar
posted in the classroom or ask a fellow classmate. They student can receive any materials they missed from me. If
homework, a paper, or a project was due on the day of their absence, they need to turn it in before or it will be considered
late. They will get a one-day extension on any assignments completed in the classroom that day.
Students will receive four bathroom passes a semester with their names on them. When they would like to use the restroom
pass they will hand it to me at a time when it will not disrupt the classrooms learning. I will mark when they leave and come
back to make sure they are not out in the halls for a prolonged amount of time. If a student has any leftover bathroom passes
at the end of the semester, they can turn it in for 2 extra credit points. Remember: If you have to go to the bathroom, you
have plenty of time in between passing periods as well as on break and lunch.


90% and above

80% - 89%

70% - 79%

60% - 69%

59% and below

Grades will be based on a percentage scale:





Test/Quizzes: 50%


Participation: 15%
Late Work:
Everyday an assignment is turned in late, it will lose 10%. Late work will be allowed until a student is no longer able to
receive credit for the assignment 10 days.
Extra Credit:
I give a few extra credit opportunities in my classroom. 1 project at the end of each semester and the restroom passes.
There will also be an extra credit question on every test to give students the opportunity to make up one point or receive
extra credit if they got every other question correct.
Academic Integrity:
I have a no tolerance policy for plagiarism or academic dishonesty in my classroom. If a student is guilty of either of these
he/she will immediately be sent to the principals office.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------PLEASE READ THE SYLLABUS IN ITS ENTIRITY WITH YOUR STUDENT AND HAVE THEM RETURN THIS
I have read the 8th grade social studies syllabus and understand the requirements and expectations.

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Student Signature
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NOTE TO PARENT: Is there anything you would like me to know about your student? [ medical, learning wise, etc. ]