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THE UNIVERSITY 1205 N, Marin Avenue 1. OF ARIZONA. Tucson, AZ 83721-0203, Teh (20) 6266154, Fe (520) 6264082 “College of Nursing 21 October, 2016 To Whom It May Concern, Tam pleased to recommend Ms. Karen Hateh to you for employment in your facility. I was Ms. Hatch’s clinical instructor for the course titled “Acute and Chronic Illness Management 11” in the baccalaureate-nursing program at the University of Arizona, College of Nursing. Karen provided care for patients in the Cardio Thoracic & Trauma Intensive Care Units. In addition, Karen cared for patient in the Cardiac Intermediate Care and Bone Marrow Transplant units at Banner University Medical Center in Tucson, Arizona. I have known Karen since January 2016 and have found her to be an outstanding student. believe Ms. Hatch is an excellent student who is a self directed, independent learner and seeks clinical experiences that challenge her to grow in the delivery of integrated nursing care. Her character is in tune with what it takes to work in a progressive high acuity care unit, Ms. Hatch approaches her nursing care with a genuine compassion for her patients and their family. In addition, she quickly acquires new skills and is a strong team player. I want to personally recommend Karen for employment, as I believe she will make significant contributions to your facility. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions. Sincerely, C / ~ u asl (Lone « a Douglas Cunningham RN, MSN/Ed, CCRN Clinical Instructor’ Course Co-Chair University of AZ, College of Nursing (520) 626-6200