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Classroom Procedures



a. Rules and procedures are very important and must be followed in order to have a
smooth, running classroom.
Beginning of Class
a. Entering the classroom
i. You will enter the classroom quietly take your assigned seat. Once the
final bell rings you will begin your bell work posted in the front of the
classroom. If you complete your bell work you can work quietly until I
give further instruction.
b. If you are late
i. If you are not in the classroom when the bell rings you are late and you
may enter the classroom quietly and hand me your pass if you have one.
Then take your assigned seat and begin working on the current task. If you
are unsure what to do ask your peers and if you are still confused raise
your hand and I will come help you.
c. If you are absent
i. If you were absent and have returned to class begin working on the current
ii. It is your personal responsibility to make up late work. Classroom
assignments and homework will be posted in the back of the classroom.
You have the amount of days you missed class to make up your work (if
you missed one class then you have one day to make up that work). If you
miss a test or quiz it can only be made up by appointment (lunch, before or


after school).
Classroom Work
a. Materials needed
i. Come to class with a writing utensil, paper, notebook, any other
assignment, and homework.
ii. Other materials may arise and will be voiced during class


Participate in classwork at all times.

Raise your hand if you have a question/comment.
If we are using technology, the tech should be used for classwork only.
If you finish all your assignments for the class you may work on assignments for

another class or read quietly.

f. Independent Work
i. If you are completing independent work, work quietly and at your
assigned desk.
g. Group work
i. Group work should be completed as a group. Everyone in the group must
actively participate and sit in the designated area. I will appoint a group

monitor that will ensure the group works together seamlessly.

Turning in assignments
a. Assignments will be turned in at the back of the classroom in your designated
period tray.
b. Assignments should always have your full name printed at the top of the page
along with your period number and date.
c. Late assignments will be given to me directly and points will be deducted



d. Assignments will be graded and returned with feedback in a timely manner.
Ending Class
a. Class is only dismissed by the bell. Please do not pack up before the bell unless
instructed to.
Out of Classroom Policies
a. Bathroom
i. You will get 4 bathroom breaks per semester and you must sign in and out
when leaving and returning to the classroom.
b. Nurse
i. You must get a pass from me before going to the nurse and have one upon


coming back to class.

a. Fire drill

i. The school fire drill policy will be followed calmly and collectively. We
will head to the designated area outside the classroom in a single-file line.
Attendance will be called once we get to the designated area.
b. Lock Down
i. Lock down school policies will be followed calmly. The students will
quietly sit on the floor in the back of the classroom and await further
instruction. If you are in the hallway during a lock down check the closest
classroom and if it is locked head to the bathroom and get in the stall and
lock it. Put your feet up while sitting/standing on the toilet.
c. Guests/Interruptions/Substitutes
i. Treat all classroom guests/substitutes as you would myself.
ii. If a guest enters the classroom, continue working as if they were not there
(unless the guest is there for you or the whole classroom).
d. Parents
i. Your parents will be informed about what is going on in class and
assignments through email and or Edmodo.
ii. If there are any other concerns I will contact them by phone or email.