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" (sah-LOOT)
How are you?-"Ce mai faci?" (chey my FAHTCH)
Fine, thank you.-"Mulţumesc, bine." (mool-tzu-MESK BEE-neh).
What is your name? (formal)-"Cum vă numiţi? (coom vuh noo-MEETZ)
What's your name? (informal)-"Cum te cheamă? (coom teh KYAHM-uh)
What are you up to? (informal)-"Ce faci?" (cheh FAHTCH)
My name is ______.-"Numele meu e ______." (NOO-meh-leh MEH-oo yeh ______.)
Nice to meet you.-"Încântat" (oohn-koohn-taht) or "Îmi pare bine" (OOHM pah-reh BEE-neh)
Please-"Vă rog" (vuh ROHG; usually follows the request.)
Thank you-"Mulţumesc" (mool-tzoo-MESK). "Mersi" is also popularly used.
Thank you very much-"Mulţumesc mult." (mool-tzoo-MESK moolt)
You're welcome-"Cu plăcere" (koo pluh-CHAIR-eh)
Excuse me. (Getting attention)-"Pardon" (pahr-DOHN) or "Vă rog" (vuh ROHG)
Excuse me. (begging pardon, moving through crowd)-"Pardon" (pahr-DOHN)
I'm sorry-"Îmi pare rău" (oohm pah-reh RUH-OH)
Good-bye-"La revedere" (lah reh-veh-DEH-reh)
Bye-"Pa" (PAH); in informal occasions in Transylvania- "Servus" [sehr-VOOS])
See you soon-"Pe curând" ("peh cur-OOHND")
I can't speak Romanian [well].-"Nu vorbesc [bine] româneşte." (NOO vor-BESC [BEE-nay] Roh-moohnESH-teh)
Do you speak English?-"Vorbiţi engleză?" (vor-BEETZ eng-LEH-zuh)
Is there someone here who speaks English?-"Vorbeşte cineva aici engleză?" (vor-BESH-teh CHEEH-nehvah AY-eetch eng-LEH-zuh)
Help!-"Ajutor!" (ah-zhoo-TOR)
Look out!-"Atenţie" (ah-TEN-tzee-eh)
Good morning-"Bună dimineaţa" (BOO-nuh dee-mee-NYAH-tzuh)
Good day-"Bună ziua" (BOO-nuh zee-wah)
Good evening-"Bună seara" (BOO-nuh syah-ruh)
Good night (to sleep)-"Noapte bună" (NWAHP-teh BOO-nuh)
I'm Hungry-"Mi-e foame" (Me-ae fo-ah-may)
I'm Thirsty"Mi-e sete" (Me-ae set-te)
I'm Tired-"Mi-e somn" (Me-ae sohm)
I'm Scared-"Mi-e frică" (Me-ae free-cah)
I took a shower-"Am făcut duş " (AHM fah-COOT DOOSH )
I don't understand-"Nu înţeleg" (NOO oohn-tzeh-LEG)

dar nu m-am supărat pe tine. -"Lasă-mă în pace" (LAH-suh muh oohn PAH-cheh) I'll call the police. -"M-am accidentat.Where's the bathroom?-"Unde e toaleta?" (OON-deh yeh twah-LEH-tah) The check. female)-"româncă" (ro-MUHN-cuh) I'm sorry about last Wednesday -"Îmi pare rău în legătură cu miercurea trecută" That happens sometimes. -"Am nevoie de ajutorul tău" (AHM neh-VOY-eh deh ah-ZHOO-tor-ool tuh-oo) It's an emergency. male)-"român" (ro-MUHN) Romanian (person. -"Am nevoie de ajutorul dumneavoastra" (AHM neh-VOY-eh deh ahZHOO-tohr-ool doom-nyah-VWAH-strah) I need your help (informal "your"). -"E o urgenţă" (YEH oh oor-JEHN-tzuh) I'm lost. -"Chem poliţia. bine?" I Love you -"Te iubesc" (teh yoo-besk) Problem Leave me alone. vă rog" (NO-tah deh PLAT-tuh. OK? -"Se mai întâmplă uneori. The same applies to the formal one) half -jumătate (joo-muh-TAH-teh." (SOONT bohl-NAHV) I'm injured. please-"Nota de plată. -"Sunt bolnav. -"M-am rătăcit" (mahm ruh-tuh-CHEET) I lost my bag. -"Mi-am pierdut portmoneul/portofelul. -"Am nevoie de un doctor" (AHM neh-VOY-eh deh dohk-TOHR) Can I use your phone? (formal "your")-"Pot să utilizez telefonul dumneavoastra?" (poht suh ohh-tee-LEEzehz teh-leh-FOHN-ool doom-nyah-VWAH-strah)/ Alternative: "Pot utiliza telefonul dumnevoastră" Can I use your phone? (informal "your")-"Pot să utilizez telefonul tău?" (poht suh ohh-tee-LEE-zehz teh-lehFOHN-ool TUH-oo) Alternative: "Pot utiliza telefonul tău" (in both formal and informal phrases are correct and do not create misunderstandings. -"Mi-am pierdut valiza" (mee-AHM pee-ehr-DOOT vah-LEE-zah) I lost my wallet." (Mahm ahk-chee-dehn-TAHT) I need a doctor. vuh ROHG) Romanian (person. often shortened to joo-MAH-teh) less -mai puţin (MY poo-TZEEN) more -mai mult (my moolt) ." (mee-AHM pee-ehr-DOOT POHRT-mohn-ehool/POHRT-o-FEH-Loo) I'm sick." (kem poh-LEE-tzee-ah) Police! -"Poliţia!" (po-LEE-tzee-ah!) Stop!Thief! -"Stai! Opriţi hoţul!" (STAAY! Oh-preetz hoh-tzul!) I need your help (formal "your"). albeit the first one is more common. but I wasn't upset with you.

. o ziuă. TRAY-shpeh) two o'clock PM patrusprezece/paişpe ore (. instead of o oră. o săptămână. literary way to express duration is by saying una oră. even if the context is very formal. but this is never really used in speech.still.) . una ziuă. one o'clock AM =ora unu (OHR-ah OO-noo) two o'clock AM =ora două (OHR-ah DOH-wuh) noon =prânz (proohnz) one o'clock PM =treisprezece/treişpe ore (TRAY-spreh-zeh-cheh OHR-eh.. thus: at noon =la prânz (lah PROOHNZ) one o'clock PM -la treisprezece/treişpe ore (..Time now -acum (ah-COOM) later -mai târziu (my toohr-ZEE-oo) before -înainte de (oohn-I-een-teh deh) morning -dimineaţă (dee-mee-NYAH-tzuh) afternoon -după amiază (DOO-puh ah-MYA-zuh) evening -seară (SYAH-ruh) night -noapte (NWAHP-teh) Clock time Although 12-hour clocks are common in Romania... it is much easier to learn that o is used to express one or a in the case of . una săptămână. time is almost always stated according to the 24-hour clock. one precedes the same form given above with "la".. to say "at" a time.) midnight =miezul nopţii (mee-EHZ-ool NOHP-tzee) Normally. Therefore. the correct. you'll find used more often "la unu după amiază" (lah OO-noo DOO-puh ah-mee-AH-zuh) at midnight -la miezul nopţii (lah mee-EZ-ool NOHP-tzee) Duration one minute -un minut (oon meen-OOT) one hour -o oră (OH OHR-uh) one day -o zi (OH ZEE) one week -o săptămână (OH suhp-tuh-MOOHN-uh) one month -o lună (OH LOO-nuh) one year -un an (oon AHN) Note: For all of the above..

one year) UNA does not exist in Romanian speech. and "un" for masculine."UNA SUTA LEI" (instead of "O SUTA DE LEI"). UNA can be used in accountancy. alt. As written on the banknotes . month. With year.minute. etc. the "o" is used for the feminine. which is masculine. not una. Days today -astăzi(ah-STUHZ) yesterday -ieri (yehr) tomorrow -mâine (MUY-neh) this week -săptămâna asta (suhp-tuh-MOOHN-ah AH-stah) last week -săptămâna trecută (suhp-tueh-MOOHN-ah treh-COOT-uh) next week -săptămâna viitoare (suhp-tuh-MOOHN-ah vee-TWAH-reh) Sunday -duminică (doo-MEEN-ee-kuh) Monday -luni (loohn) Tuesday -marţi (mahrtz) Wednesday -miercuri (mee-EHR-coor) Thursday -joi (zhoy) Friday -vineri (vee-NEHR) Saturday -sâmbătă (SUHM-bah-tah) Months January -ianuarie (ya-NWAH-ree-eh) February -februarie (FEB-RWAH-ree-eh) March -martie (MAR-tee-eh) April -aprilie (ah-PREEL-ee-eh) May -mai (my) June -iunie (YOO-nee-eh) July -iulie (YOO-lee-eh) August -august (ow-GOOST) September -septembrie (sehp-TEHM-bree-eh) October -octombrie (ohk-TOHM-bree-eh) November -noiembrie (noy-EHM-bree-eh). This is because all of these nouns are feminine.but never in speech. un an . novembrie (no-VEHM-bryeh) December -decembrie (deh-CHEHM-bree-eh) . un is used (as in. is formal and technical. science and mathematics when counting or describing . hour. but it is not incorrect.

Writing time and date 16 Jan 2004 3:30 or 16 (şaisprezece/şaişpe) ianuarie 2004 3:30).staţia de autobuz? (STAH-tzee-ah deh OW-toe-booz) . gară? (GAH-ruh) . date may also be written 16/01/04 or 16-01-04. For example the first of August is întâi August (lit.the bus station? -. Note: The first day of the month is called întâi (oon-tooee) not one nor first.... date may also be written 01/08/04 or 01-08-04.. please. 1 Aug 2004 20:00 (or 1 august 2004 20:00). vuh ROHG) Where does this train/bus go? -Unde merge trenul/autobuzul ăsta? (OON-deh MEHR-jeh TREHN-ool/OWtoh-BOOZ-ool UH-stah?) Where is the train/bus to _____? -Unde este trenul/autobuzul pentru _____? (OON-deh YES-teh TREHNool/OW-toh-BOOZ-ool PEHN-troo _____?) Does this train/bus stop in _____? -Trenul/autobuzul ăsta opreşte la _____? (TREHN-ool/OW-toh-BOOZool UH-stah OH-presh-teh lah _____?) When does the train/bus for _____ leave? -Când pleacă trenul/autobuzul spre _____ ? (COOHND PLYAHkuh TREHN-ool/OW-toh-BOOZ-ool SPREH _____) When will this train/bus arrive in _____? -Când ajunge trenul/autobuzul ăsta la _____? (COOHND ahZHOON-jeh TREHN-ool/OW-toh-BOOZ-ool UH-stah lah _____?) At the Airport International airport -Aeroportul Internaţional Arrivals -Sosiri Departures -Plecări Delayed -Întârziat Cancelled -Anulat Directions How do I get to _____ ? -Cum ajung la _____ ? (COOM ah-ZHOONG lah _____ ?) . Transportation How much is a ticket to _____? -Cât costa un bilet până la _____? (COOHT KOHS-tah OOHN bee-LEHT POOHN-uh LAH _____?) One ticket to _____. vă rog...the train station? -. -Un bilet până la _____. (OON bee-LEHT POOHN-uh LAH _____... "the beginning of August").

the youth hostel? -caminul de tineret? (kah-mee-nool deh TEE-nehr-eht) .. (loo-ah-tzee-oh lah stoohn-gah).the American/Canadian/Australian/British consulate? -...." (ahsh-TYAHP-tuh) intersection -intersecţie (EEN-tehr-sehk-tzee-eh) north -nord (NOHRD) south -sud (SOOD) east -est (EHST) west -vest (VEHST) uphill -sus (SOOS) downhill -jos (ZHOHS) ...aeroport? (AH-yeh-roh-pohrt) .. -(formal/polite) Aşteptaţi _____....bars? -. (ahsh-tehp-TAHTZ _____. "Aşteaptă _____..downtown? -centrul oraş -.... (loo-ah-tzee-oh lah DRYAP-tah) left -stânga (STOOHN-gah) right -dreapta (DRYAP-tah) straight-ahead drept-înainte (DREHPT oohn-ay-EEN-teh) towards the _____ -spre _____ (spreh _____) past the _____ -după _____ (doo-puh) before the _____ -înainte de_____ (oohn-ay-EEN-teh deh) Watch for the _____..the _____ hotel? -....sites to see? -locuri turistice? (loh-koor too-REE-stee-cheh) Can you show me on the map? (formal/polite) -Puteţi să-mi arătaţi/arătare-me pe hartă? (poo-TEHTZ suhm ah-RUH-tahtz/ah-ruh-TAH-rah me peh HAHR-tuh?) street -stradă (STRAH-duh) Turn left...restaurants? -restaurante? (reh-stow-RAHN-teh) . (formal/polite) -luaţi-o la stânga...) informally...? (CHEHN-trool oh-RAHSH-oo-loo-wee) .consulatul american/canadian/australian/britanic? (COHN-soo-LAH-tool ah-meh-ree-KAHN/kah-nah-dee-AHN/OW-strah-lee-AHN/bree-TAH-nik) Where are there a lot of _____ -Unde sunt multe _____ (OON-deh SOONT MOOLT-eh) .. Turn right... -(formal/polite) : luaţi-o la dreapta.the airport? -.hoteluri? (ho-TEHL-oor) .baruri? (BAHR-oor) ....hotelul _____ ? (hoh-TEHL-ool _____) .

. vuh ROHG) Lodging Do you have any rooms available? -Aveţi camere libere? (ah-VEHTZ KAH-meh-reh LEE-beh-reh) How much is a room for one person/two people? -Cât costa o cameră pentru o persoană / pentru doua persoane? (COOHT KOH-stah oh KAH-meh-ruh pehn-troo OH pehr-SWAH-nuh.... -Conduceţi-mă acolo.. Vreau camera. vă rog. -Conduceţi-mă la _____. (YEH-oo ruh-MOOHN _____ NOHPTZ Can you suggest another hotel? -Puteţi recomanda alt hotel? (poo-TEHTZ reh-coh-MAHN-dah AHLT hohTEHL) Do you have a safe? -Aveţi seif? (ah-VETZ SEYF) . vă rog..another blanket? -..bedsheets? -. -Bine.mai curat? (MAY koo-RAHT) ..cheaper? -...... -Eu rămân ______ nopţi..mai mare? (MAY MAH-reh) .) . vuh ROHG) .bigger? -.a bathroom? -..lockers? -..cleaner? -...... (BEEN-eh.mai ieftin? (MAY yef-TEEN) OK.... vă rog.a TV? -.... (CON-doo-cheh-tzee-muh lah _____.telefon? (teh-leh-FOHN) ...Taxi Taxi! -Taxi! (TAH-ksee) Take me to _____. -Exista in camere..aşternuturi? (ahsh-tehr-NOO-toor) .încă o patură (OOHN-cuh oh PAH-too-ruh) . (CON-doo-cheh-tzee-muh ah-KOH-loh..televizor? (teh-leh-vee-ZOHR) May I see the room first? -Pot să văd camera întâi? (poht suh VUHD CAH-meh-rah oohn-TOOH-ee) Do you have anything quieter? -Aveţi ceva mai liniştit? (ah-VEHTZ CHEH-vah MAY LEE-nee-SHTEET) . -Curăţaţi camera mea. -Eu rămân pentru o noapte... (koo-ruh-TZAHTZ CAH-meh-rah MYAH. I'll take the room. please.cuiere? (KOO-yeh-reh) Is breakfast/supper included? -Preţul include micul dejun / cină? (PREH-tzool een-KLOO-deh MEE-kool deh-ZHOON / CHEE-nuh) What time is breakfast/supper? -La ce oră este micul dejun / cina? (lah CHEH OH-ruh ye-steh MEE-kool deh-ZHOON / CHEE-nah') Please clean my room..... vuh ROHG) How much does it cost to get to _____? -Cât costă pentru a ajunge la _____? (COOHT COH-stah PEHNtroo ah ah-ZHOON-jeh lah _____?) Take me there.baie? (BAY-yeh) . VRYOW KAH-meh-rah) I will stay for one night. (Yeh-oo ruh-MOOHN PEHN-troo oh NWAHP-teh) I will stay for _____ nights..a telephone? -........ please. (ex-EES-tuh oon come-ereh. / pehn-troo DOH-wuh pehr-SWAH-neh) Does the room come with.

vuh ROHG) Can I look in the kitchen? -Pot să mă uit în bucătărie? (POHT suh muh OOYT oohn BOO-kah-teh-ree-eh) Is there a house specialty? -Aveţi o specialitate a casei? (ah-VETZ oh speh-chee-ah-lee-TAH-teh ah KAHsey) Is there a local specialty? -Aveţi o specialitate locală? (ah-VETZ oh speh-chee-ah-lee-TAH-teh loh-KAHluh) I'm a vegetarian. vă rog. (NOO muh-NUHNK CAR-neh deh VEE-tah) I only eat kosher food.) Do you accept British pounds? -Acceptaţi lire sterline? (ock-chep-TAHTS LEE-reh stehr-LEE-neh?) Do you accept credit cards? -Acceptaţi cărţi de credit? (ock-chep-TAHTS KUHRTZ deh CREH-deet?) Can you change money for me? -Puteţi să schimbaţi bani pentru mine? (poo-TEHTS suh skim-BAHTZ BAHN PEHN-troo MEE-nay?) or Puteţi să schimbaţi valută pentru mine? (poo-TEHTS suh skim-BAHTZ vah-LOO-tah PEHN-troo MEE-nay?) Where can I get money changed? -Unde pot să schimb bani? (OON-deh POHT suh SKIMB BAHN?) or Unde pot să schimb valuta? (OON-deh POHT suh SKIMB vah-LOO-tah?) Can you change a traveler's check for me? -Puteţi să schimbaţi un cec de calatorie pentru mine? (pooTEHTS suh skim-BAHTZ oon CHECK deh cah-lah-TOH-ree-eh PEHN-troo MEE-nay?) Where can I get a traveler's check changed? -Unde pot să schimb cecul de calatorie? (OON-deh POHT suh SKIMB CHE-cool deh cah-lah-TOH-ree-eh ) What is the exchange rate? -Cât este rata de schimb? (COOHT YES-teh RAH-tah deh SKIMB?) Where is an automatic teller machine (ATM)? -Unde este un bancomat? (OON-deh YES-teh OON BAHNco-MAHT) Eating A table for one person/two people.) Money Do you accept American/Canadian/Australian dollars? -Acceptaţi dolari americani/canadieni/australieni? (ock-chep-TAHTS DOH-lah-ree ah-meh-ree-KAHN/kah-nah-dee-EHN/ah-oo-strah-lee-EHN? (. (ahsh VRYAH suh ah-KEET NOH-tuh shee suh PLEHK deh lah ho-TEHL. (SOONT veh-jeh-tah-ree-AHN) I don't eat pork.. -Sunt vegetarian. please? -Pot să văd meniul. please. -Nu mănânc carne de vită. (muh-NUHNK NOO-MY H'RAHUN-uh KOOH-sher) . (OH MAHSS-uh pehn-troo OH pehrss-WAH-nuh. vă rog? (POHT suh voohd MEH-nyool.. -Nu mănânc carne de porc. -Aş vrea să achit nota şi să plec de la hotel. (NOO muh-NUHNK CAR-neh deh POHRK) I don't eat beef. vuh ROHG) Can I look at the menu. -O masă pentru o persoană / pentru doua persoane.Can you wake me at _____? -Puteţi să mă treziţi la _____? (poo-TEHTZ suh muh treh-ZEETZ lah _____?) I want to check out.. the vowel sound in “vrea” is like the “a” in the English “cat”. -Mănânc numai hrană cuşer. / pehn-troo DOH-ah pehrss-WAH-neh..

.Can you make it "lite".. ( AHsh dohr oohn puhHAR deh) May I have a cup of _____? -(literally: I would like. -Vreau _____. vuh ROHG?) fixed-price meal meniu fix (MEN-ee-oo FIX) à la carte -a la carte (a la KART) breakfast -micul dejun (MEE-kool deh-ZHOON) lunch -dejun (deh-ZHOON) supper -cină (CHEE-nuh) I want _____. -Vreau o mâncare care conţine _____.e. to-MA-teh) mushrooms -ciuperci (choo-PEHRCH) (fresh) fruit -fructe (proaspete) (FROOK-teh (proh-ah-SPEH-teh)) bread -pâine (pooh-EEN-eh) toast -pâine prăjită (pooh-EEN-eh pruh-JEE-tuh) noodles -tăiţei (tuh-EE-tsay) rice -orez (ohr-EZZ) beans -fasole (fah-SOH-leh) May I have a glass of _____? -(literally: I would like. SHOON-kuh) sausage -cârnaţi (kuhr-NATZ) cheese -brânză (BROOHN-zah) eggs -ouă (O-uh) salad -salată (sa-LAH-tah) (fresh) vegetables -legume (proaspete) (leh-GOO-meh (proh-ah-SPEH-teh)) tomatoes -roşii or tomate (ROH-shee.VROW oh muhn-KAH-reh KAH-reh con-TZEEN-eh _____) chicken -pui (POOY) duck -raţă (RAH-tzuh) beef -carne de vită (CAR-neh deh VEE-tah) fish -peşte (PESHT-teh) ham -jambon or şuncă (zhahm-BOHN.. less oil/butter/lard) -Puteţi să o faceţi mai puţin grasă. (AHsh dohr o CHEE-ahshkuh deh) . comparable to "I would like" -Aş vrea (AHSH VRAA.)Aş dori o ceaşcă de _____. this last vowel sound is like the "a" in the English word "cat") I want a dish containing _____. vă rog? (pooTETS suh oh FAH-chetz my poo-TZIN GRAH-suh.. please? (i. (.): Aş dori un pahar de _____. (VROW) More politely.

88 pint (literally. vă rog.. vuh ROHG) A glass of red/white wine.. vă rog. -O bere / două beri. -A fost delicios.) Aş dori nişte _____? (AHsh doh-REE nish-TEH ____?) salt -sare (SAH-reh) black pepper -piper (PEE-pehr) butter -unt (OONT) Eat well -Poftă bună ("PAUF-tuh BOO-nuh") Excuse me. vă rog" (NO-tah day PLAT-tuh. 'half a liter') if you order: Jumătate de litru. vă rog. please. -Romania doesn't use pints. (AHsh dohr o STIK-lah deh) coffee -cafea (kaf-AA) tea (drink) -ceai (CHY) juice -suc (SOOK) (bubbly) water -apă minerală (AH-puh mee-neh-RAH-lah) (still) water -apă plată (AH-puh PLAH-tah) water -apă (AH-puh ) beer -bere (BEH-reh) red/white wine -vin roşu/alb (VEEN ROH-shoo / AHLB) May I have some _____? -(literally: I would like. (SOONT gah-tah) It was delicious. vuh ROHG) Bars Do you serve alcohol? -Serviţi alcool? (ser-VEETZ al-KOHL) Is there table service? -Este serviciu la masă? (YEHS-teh seer-VEE-choo lah MAH-suh?) A beer/two beers. (ah fohst deh-lee-CHOHSS) Please clear the plates. (POOH-tehtz suh STRUHN-getz far-FOOH-ree-leh) The check. vuh ROHG) A bottle. (oh BEH-reh / DOH-uh BEHR.. vă rog. please-"Nota (de plată).)Aş dori o sticlă de _____. please. -Sunt gata. vă rog (oohn pah-HAHR deh VEEN ROH-shoo / AHLB. _____ şi _____.. -Puteţi să strângeţi farfuriile. but you'll get 0. (vuh ROHG') whiskey -whisky (WHEESS-kee) vodka -vodka (VOHD-kah) rum -rom (ROHM) . waiter? (getting attention of waiter)-Ospătar! (os-puh-TAHR) I'm finished. -O sticlă. (JOO-muh-TAH-teh de LEE-troo. please.May I have a bottle of _____? -(literally: I would like. please. -Un pahar de vin roşu/alb. vuh ROHG) _____ (hard liquor) and _____ (mixer). please. vuh ROHG) A pint. (oh STIK-luh.

.. -Încă unu.water -apă (AH-puh) club soda -sifon (see-FOHN) tonic water -apă tonică (AH-puh TOH-nee-kuh) orange juice -suc de portocale (SOOK deh POHR-to-KAHL-eh) Coke (soda) -cola (KOH-lah) Do you have any bar snacks? -Aveţi ceva gustări? (ah-VEHTS CHEH-vah goo-STUHR?) One more. -Nu-mi permit.. -Bine. please. uhl YA-oo. also "Încă una. "When does this bar close?")-Când se închide barul ăsta? (COOHND seh uhn-KEE-deh BAH-rool AHS-ta) Shopping Do you have this in my size? -Aveţi asta în măsura mea? (ah-VEHTS AHS-tah oohn MUH-soo-ruh MEHuh?) How much is this? -Cât costă asta? (COOHT KOHS-tah AHS-tah?) That's too expensive.. -Încă o serie. this would be feminine) Can I have a bag? -Îmi puteţi da o pungă ? (UHM poo-TEH-tzee duh oh POON-guh ?) Do you ship (overseas)? -Trimiteţi (în străinătate)? (tree-ME-teh-tz(oohn strah-ee-nuh-TAH-teh)?) I need. vă rog" (depends on the gender... vuh ROHG) When is closing time? (literally. (noo soont een-teh-reh-SAHT) OK.shampoo.săpun. (bee-neh. also "Bine... (peh-ree-OO-tsuh deh DEENTS) .toothpaste. -Am nevoie de . vă rog. -Nu vreau aceasta. (NOOM pehr-MEET) I don't want it..periuţă de dinţi . (OOHN-kah oh SEH-ree-eh. (AHM neh-VOY-eh deh. (PAH-stuh deh DEENTS) . I'll take it. îl iau.. -Este prea scump. o iau" (depends on the gender. (noo VREH-ow ah-CHA-stuh) You're cheating me..).....tampoane.tampons. (YES-teh PRAA SCOOMP) Would you take _____? -Aţi accepta _____? (ahtz ahk-chehp-TAH _____?) expensive -scump (SCOOMP) cheap -ieftin (yef-TEEN) I can't afford it. (tam-POAH-neh) . (muh uhn-sheh-LAHTS) I'm not interested.şampon. (shahm-POHN) .) ... this would be feminine) (OOHN-kah OOHN-ah vuh ROHG) Another round. -Mă înşelaţi. -Nu sunt interesat..soap. -. -..pastă de dinţi.. (suh-POON) .. -. please...a toothbrush.. -. vă rog (OOHN-kah OOHN-oo vuh ROHG)....

-.sunblock lotion.batteries...English-language books..English-language magazines....o umbrelă....medicamente de stomac.writing paper...un dicţionar român-englez.pain reliever. (e.a Romanian-English dictionary.. -.. -. (OOHN deek-tsee-oh-NAHR ro-MOOHN ehn-GLEHZ) . (meh-dee-cah-MEN-teh deh stoe-MACK) . -.cremă solară/cremă pentru protecţie solară (CREH-muh soh-LAH-ruh/ CREH-muh PEHN... -..a pen. -un stilou / un pix (OOHN stee-LOW / OOHN PEEKS) ...medicamente de răceală...baterii (baah-TEH-ree) .g.postage stamps.o carte poştală/vedere (oh Car-TEH poe-SHTA-luh/ veh-DEH-reh) . -. -o lamă de English-language newspaper. -.a postcard.. (uhn zee-AHR oohn LEEM-bah eenGLEHZ-ah) ...un ziar în limba engleză.stomach medicine. (hoohr-TEE-eh deh SCREESS) ...... -.hârtie de scris.. -....cold medicine. (reh-VEES-teh oohn LEEM-bah een-GLEHZah) .trooh proh-tehc-tzee-eh soh-LAH-ruh) ..cărţi în limba engleză..... (KAHR-tzee oohn LEEM-bah een-GLEHZ-ah) ....reviste în limba engleză...a razor.timbre (TEAM-breh) .. -.... -.... (oh lah-MUH deh RAHS) .. aspirin or ibuprofen) -anti-inflamator/calmant/analgezic (ahnt-eehn-FLAH-mahtohr/kahl-MAHNT/ahn-ahl-JEH-zzeek) .... (meh-dee-cah-MEN-teh deh ruh-CHA-luh) . (oh oom-BREH-luh) ..