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Viscosity Baths

BIODIESEL is rapidly growing in importance as a fuel supply. Its
TV2000 AKV

increasing produc on is giving light to new challenges associated with its development
and use. The physical and chemical proper es of biodiesel fuel vary with both the refining
process employed and the feedstock from which it is produced. Consequently, many
established ASTM test methods are either unproven for use with biodiesel or suspected
of giving erroneous results. The recently released ASTM D 6751-07 standard seeks to
establish guidelines regarding which ASTM methods are applicable to tes ng biodiesel.

ASTM D445 & D446 Automa c Kinema c Viscosity
The Tamson TV2000/AKV automates ASTM D445, D446 viscosity measurements in the
range of 0.3 to 10,000 cSt, elimina ng operator bias. An infrared optoelectronic detec on
system adjusts both the intensity and the amplifica on factors automa cally to compensate for differences in sample color.
The constant temperature bath has a temperature range of ambient to 130°C and a se ng
accuracy, stability and uniformity of +/-0.01K or be er. Hos ng a microprocessor controlled interface, the TV2000/AKV system has an alpha-numeric LCD display and a RS 232C
bi-direc onal communica on interface.

Petrolab Company

PETROLAB COMPANY an established and well-regarded
source of quality laboratory instrumenta on, is strongly posi oned to assist you in

Viscosity Baths
The Tamson TV-Series viscosity and calibra on baths are specifically designed for tests
that not only require ultra-precise temperature control, but also where processes need to
be followed visually such as viscosity per ASTM D445. Available in models of varying size
and capacity, all of the baths can operate from ambient +5° up to +230°C (0.01°C). Cooling
op ons for performing sub-ambient tes ng are available.

the development of your biodiesel tes ng laboratory. This brochure merely introduces
the laboratory instrumenta on we offer for biodiesel tes ng. More detailed informa on
is available from our web site,, or by contac ng our Tulsa, OK
headquarters directly at 918-459-7170 or

Copper Corrosion

Tamson Instruments offers the TC16 bath which complies with the ASTM D130 method
for detection of corrosiveness to copper of aviation gasoline, aviation turbine fuel, automotive gasoline, natural gasoline or any hydrocarbons having a Reid vapor pressure up
to 18 psi. The bath has six test stations, each with a lid and hook for suspending a copper
corrosion test vessel or test tube. The temperature range is from ambient +5° to 250°C.
The insulation of the bath and electronic design result in a very stable working temperature of ±0.02°. The set point can be set in steps of 0.1° in the range of 0° to 250°C. The
accuracy on the display is 0.1°C and the controller has an internal accuracy of 0.01°C.

Phosphorous Content
ASTM D4951
The Spectro Genesis is the first and only ICP-OES spectrometer available that
includes a complete set of factory calibrated methods for elemental analysis of
environmental and industrial applications. The Genesis was designed for monitoring the analysis of phosphorous, potassium, calcium, copper, lead and sulfur.
Model Available:
• 76004551 - CCD based radially viewed ICP Spectrometer

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FAME (Biodiesel) is produced out of vegetable oils like rape seed and soy bean. two typical absorption peaks in the IR-spectrum are used. disposable metal cups. the ergonomically designed analyzer offers unmatched versa lity. Cetane Number and Cetane Index: calculating the second derivative of the additional peaks of Cetane Improver and PAH resulted in measurement data with an increased accuracy compared to the official methods and better repeatability. avoids offensive fumes in the tes ng area and reduces sample waste.70°C) ApplicaƟon Note: DeterminaƟon of FAME (Biodiesel) in Diesel Fuel The MINISCAN IRXPERT-Diesel has been upgraded to determine the content of mono-alkyl esters of long chain fatty acids (or FAME/Biodiesel) in a mixture with normal diesel fuel. The MINIDIS ADXpert provides complete D86-like dis lla on results. The sample chamber is con nuously closed so no open flame is used and hazardous smoke and vapors are prac cally eliminated. D96. when used per ASTM D7094 provide results that correlate to ASTM D93 using only 1mL of sample volume.200°C) w/ sample changer • FLAH (10° . moderate and high temperature versions of the Miniflash testers are available to cover test ranges from -25° to 400°C. MINIFLASH TOUCH Vapor Pressure . Group D. Grabner’s MINIDIS ADXpert performs true atmospheric dis lla on of high Ethanol blends and B100 all within a small and portable analyzer.60°C) • MINIVAP VPSH (0° . The centrifuges were designed with the following ASTM methods in mind: D91. These centrifuges are commonly used to measure: water and sediment in crude oil. including residual measurement via a built-in balance. Water & Sediment by Centrifuge Petrolab Company offers two models of laboratory centrifuges from LK Industries for constituent separation work.120°C) • MINIVAP VPX-CRUDE-PACKAGE (Includes Floa ng Piston Cylinder) • MINIVAP VPXPERT-L (0° . Low. Models Available: • Miniflash FLP-Touch Screen (0° . Expensive and fragile glassware is eliminated having been replaced by inexpensive. opera on is easer than ever. The Miniflash is available either as a single place model or with an 8 posi on sample changer.MINISCAN IRXPERT DisƟllaƟon • • • • • Vapor Pressure Cetane PredicƟon Low concentrations of FAME (Biodiesel) in diesel fuel (≤9%m) show a strong absorbance peak at 1745 cm-1 in the IR-spectrum while higher concentrations (9 to 40%m) produce a weaker signal response at 1195 cm-1.400°C) • FLPL (-25° . Diesel and Biofuel Blends.120°C) Extrapolated (-99° . gasoline pumps and tank systems. FAME Content . The flushing and cleaning processes are also automated.Ethanol blends develop non-linear vapor pressure behavior once a cri cal amount of Ethanol is blended into gasoline. total aroma cs. Recalibration with known standards is easy and the calibration constants are calculated automatically. This minimal volume offers improved safety over larger sample sizes. mixed with methanol and acts as a catalyst to accelerate the reaction to form fatty acid alkyl esters. The instrument incorporates features for V/L ra o determina on for most applica ons and vola lity studies over an unprecedented temperature range (0°-120°C). This allows accurate measurement of the content of FAME (Biodiesel) by calculating the second derivative of these parts of the IR-spectrum. Only 15ml of sample is needed for both flushing and dis lla on. Miniflash is also recognized by the US DOT. Based on Grabner Instruments profound knowledge in fuel analysis.100°C) • MINIVOL LVR (20° .200°C) • Miniflash FLPH-Touch Screen (0 to 400°C with external cooling) • FLP (0° .300°C) • MINIVAP VPS (20° . MINISCAN IRXPERT-PRO Models Available: • IRXPERT-Gas (measures gasoline) • IRXPERT-Diesel (measures diesel) • IRXPERT-Pro (measures gasoline & diesel) Made by experts for expert tes ng. D893. detailed fuel analysis in less than 3 minutes. With a diesel-specific spectrometer cell.100°C) • FLA (0° . carburetors. fuel oil and middle distillate fuel. EPA approved for over 20 years! Vapor Pressure and V/L ra o of Ethanol Blends and Gasohol . which have to deal with high ethanol blends. the MINISCAN IRXpert is designed as an intelligent.400°C) w/ sample changer The MINISCAN IRXpert-Pro is the first completely portable mul -fuel analyzer for Gasoline.VPXpert MINIVAP VPXpert is a 3rd genera on tester for the automa c determina on of vapor pressure for all standards. ASTM D6450 and D7094 . D1796. D2709 and D4007.200°C) • FLPH (10° . Benchmark 2000 Lab Model Centrifuge Melton Lab Model Centrifuge • • • • • • • • • • 4-Posi on Petroleum Laboratory Centrifuge Speed Control and Run Timer with Display Temperature Control with Display Auto Braking Lid with Safety Interlock 4-Posi on Centrifuge for Tes ng Oils and Fats Individually Heated Cups Built-in Tachometer Hand Brake Designed for Class 1. Polynuclear Aromatics (PAH). self-learning analyzer. Division 2 . density and a predic on of cetane number. MINIVAP VPXPERT Models Available: • MINIVAP VPXPERT (0° . cetane improver and cetane index. It provides component determina on including: fa y acid methyl esters (FAME) content. MINIDIS ADXPERT IRXPERT-Diesel is factory calibrated for the determination of FAME (Biodiesel) in Diesel Fuel: depending on the concentration range. The revised method and software modifications also resulted in a significantly improved precision for the determination of the Cetane Improver.80°C) • MINIVAP LPG (5° .Flashpoint Recognized by the US DOT The IRXPERT-Diesel from Grabner Instruments is a fully automa c mid-FTIR analyzer perfect for performing rapid. Dedicated models can easily be upgraded to a professional model. reliability and performance. Vapor pressure testers can be used to accurately measure effects of blending and can be used for the design of modern fuel injec on systems. which combines the advantages of mid-FTIR and near-FTIR spectroscopy for utmost measurement accuracy. This unit is the US EPA reference method for tes ng vapor pressure and is designed for significantly improved precision. the precipitation number of lubricating oils and insolubles in used lubricating oils. The professional model includes both. its own on-board so ware and vast calibra on library. Grabner Instrument’s MINIFLASH flashpoint testers. ASTM D7344 Small Scale Distillation Testing – This analyzer completely automates the dis lla on process from sample introduc on through disposal.US DOT Recognized Mini-Flashpoint The Grabner Miniflash measures flashpoint for most any sample and its unique design reduces waste and performs flashpoint determina ons automa cally. Performs according to ASTM D7344 (small scale dis lla on tes ng) Atmospheric dis lla on of high ethanol blends and B100 Excellent correla on to ASTM D86. More than 70 fuel parameters are accurately determined by scanning the complete spectrum with superior resolu on. ASTM D850 and ISO 3405 New method for biodiesel detec on Test temperature up to 400°C Dedicated models for Gasoline or Diesel analysis are available. The innova ve Sampling Pro™ technology minimizes the risk of cross contamina on between different sample types. Gasoline and Diesel analysis.