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Grade Level: 3rd grade

Subject: Math
Strand: addition and subtraction
Learning Outcome (ADEC code and words):
3nsa7: Simulate making purchases involving whole dirhams, paying with notes and giving the correct change
Resources (what materials/equipment will you and
the students use? Be specific)
Plastic bag

Preparation (what do you need to make or check before
Prepar the projector
Prepar the levels worksheet
Key vocabulary
Casher, customer, cost, change, dirhams, piece, item, price,
expensive, cheapest, dearest.

Time: 15 min

Opening (warmer activity + teacher introduction/demonstration of small group activities)
First of all, I will do the attendance, then I will start the every day routine which are day, date, month, and
year. Then I will play a song that tel a story of the money matters. After its finish I will ask them is the money
important in life? After that, I will play activity with the whole class to practice for the worksheet. Which is
“the fruits grocery”. I will ask one student to volunteer to be either a customer or casher. So I will write two
sentences on the board:
I want to buy ___ ( How many piece?) ________________(which fruit?)
How much does it cost?
It cost ___( piece) _____ Dirhams.
Then I will explain the worksheet.
Guided and Independent Experience (group working with the teacher)

Time: 25 min

I will give each group fruits toy. Banana, apple, strawberry, orang and peer ing a plastic bag. I will write the
price of each fruit. Students have to find out the cost of the item.

Low level: students will have a work sheet with written number of items and they have to find the


Med level:
students will have a work sheet with some written number of items and they have to find the price,
and they also have to choose a fruit and choose how many piece they want, and writ the price.


High level: students will have on item that is written how many pieces. And they have to do 4 more by
their choice.

Time: 5 min

I will use any item that is available in class, like earser, pencil case..etc. and I will til them the price of the item.
I will write on the board three amount of money, like 100 DHS, 50 DHS,… which money I have to use to buy
the item?

What is the currency of UAE?
Which item did you buy ?
How much does it cost in total?