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Unit Theme

6-day Unit
Here Comes the Iron Horse

Social Studies: Wyoming History

With reading and writing elements

Unit Objectives:

1. Students should know
§ Rock Springs History
§ Where Wyoming is Located
§ That Wyoming was not a state during the construction of the
2. Students will understand
§ How the railroad shaped Wyoming becoming a territory
§ How it started population of the territory
§ The hardships of the railroad to various groups (ex/ Native
Americans, immigrants, and workers)
3. Students will be able to
§ Understand where the railroad was located in Wyoming
§ Who worked on the railroad
§ Specific dates important to the railroad in Wyoming
§ How they built the railroad in the Wyoming area and other
neighboring territories
4. Students will know the following vocabulary words

§ Transcontinental
§ Laborer
§ Railcar
5. Students will know the following concepts
§ Transcontinental Railroad
§ Union Pacific
§ Central Pacific
§ Golden Spike
§ Iron Horse
Utah common core standards:
• Standard 2
Students will understand how Utah's (Wyoming) history has been shaped
by many diverse people, events, and ideas.
o Objective 1
Describe the historical and current impact of various cultural groups
on Utah (Wyoming).

Wyoming common core standards:
• WY.4. Content Standard: Time, Continuity and Change
o Students demonstrate an understanding of the people, events,
problems, ideas, and cultures that were significant in the history of
our community, state, nation and world.
§ 4.3. Benchmark:
• Students describe the chronology of exploration,
immigration and settlement of Wyoming.

Essential Questions:

How did the Transcontinental Railroad shape the Wyoming Territory?

What was it like to be an immigrant working on the railroad in the 1800’s?

The transcontinental railroad was an occasion for the country to become united.

• Day 1
o Pre assessment for the unit
§ test
• Day 2
o Sort the patterns: an intro into the transcontinental railroad in
§ Group work
• Exit ticket
• Day 3
o Video and highlight of unit in Prezi
§ Using information from the textbook
• Exit ticket
• Day 4
o Read to gain more information

§ Coolies by Yin read aloud
• Exit ticket
• Day 5
o Project day (writing prompt)
• Day 6
o Post assessment of the unit
§ test