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Keep high contrast for pigment coding. and 48 dots with GRAF Print Mode. Magnetic stirrer. a Non-contact magnetic stirrer for pigment model. o lnk system Head-embedded magnifying glass with LED to observe ink drops. with lower maintenance cost. Rel iable for Productivity ONE OF THE MOST RELIABLE INK SYSTEMS Diaphragm pump. with "PRINT MENU" hot key. Quick start-up & print. "INFO" hot key to check historical log. p¡gment . o Upto 32 dots with Standard Print Mode.Simple for Users SIMPLE & EASY DESIGN FOR OPERATION & SERVICE o o o o . Compact designed from Germany. compared with gear pump as no friction of pigment ink. T" TrueColor Screen with WYSIWYG display. Build-in logo ed¡tor to create/edit logos easily at any time you want. a Auto flush and full clean system. O Hardened umbilical for tough working condition. ensures a smooth starting-up process. o Filters-change as demanded individually Print head o Simplest design of ink system with high reliability.

no waste.:t . . a Standard 55 micron meter nozzle reduced 20% ink consumption. i.:rjf-''"ii"l1'ir:. r: l:i.ljil:I ¡i::.j F+#*Én-rr.t'¡i: ¡ :':it..llJ..'i' i_:r]:.*.. lowest running cost.. 1r.: ::.!:Fi!F¡] -l rft l 2lines line o o 1l¡ne f l -:''..': ::: '.i:i i:::j i1 i ..'l Schedule routine service.j.i.:iitt . '.i::.. | .: ::..:. t": t:: I .rli.i t. no hidden cost. :: .!.::.'i. r.r .::.t. i:.l¡] f. r' .i:iÉ.ir* nlqes 62.5K. I I ri... ..::..i:i I 4lines ¡i l ' 'i:.rr.iii.L!4tiLt iI Cod ing . o Only change filters kit. .. r..::t-l. Arabic.j .. ri.r.. Barcode.T tt ¡\ : i:it*f nF"-11üt....''t .I i.1..i¡¡üF .1 r-rFi :: : I 1 t:::rFjr".:1 ..1 I :i .ji * L._||:r:T.lI l tl I :r ¡.:.:li\¡li-'i-... no module design..:: Iij: r:. r'' '':ri:l r 'l 1.. _r I '1.l.:iij :jiii ii::¡ ._.¡ l r. :.:. 2D Matr¡x.l+5ÉTi:r ':. Ll¡.i i-ji'ir:lriiriTji.::'¡ tJ... 55u. ilHritl[iLlt]l¡_ilitl!tll kffi :ü 8. 1..r. :l¡ riI'lf Irl:1l:1I:tl:-r .ril it::'i:. I ....]ñi++r. I :L. Standard Printing Mode l 2lines line o o 3lines 1 j.Econom.:l .::1.":. lr l. Ghinese.1' *: r. !to . a Refill type of ink and solvent.:i¡ l::i lrr¡ 'l:'.ii i ':: í¡ ¡.:ri. -.. -.. ilpe .. i..'..l ¡'_ .rr.j J'. $i_i:l .:tr !r.1l-jt '...ti1::É a Lower consumption.....:.irsief.* . +.1. greatly reduce service cost.& o m EL. sr :l il i. '. l I line o o -t (\¡ :# :.. 2lines v. 1!.rt.t for Buyers i. .ffi...:: j:' ¡.ffi.i. 42 micron meter nozzle as option. tt 4lines . .j"':rl: t.3ji:rLln | ::: 3lines HElr::frE:¡: r:il{.rE:{|:.l! i.¡fiair ri¿nei.uihi#liijijflffi $4ihi#ffiiii::ir#Í.

110"?20V. multj type available Work te m perat!. Negative. automaücally Build-in graphic/logo ed¡ting software as standard. Gauteng . to load logos from USB disk. Counters.:33KG Power supply: Sing¡e phase. l\¡¡dline Business Park.500mm. Cnr Richards Driye and Le Roux. speed adjusiable Slid¡ng table pC logo softwáre L shape head website : www. MFG. 50/60H2 Electrica¡ plug. to save/restore pc to priñters. upto 5 lines with 5x5 font/4lines with 7x5 Multi-fonts available. to upgrade software Ethernet port (10/100lvlB) RS232/485 porl optjonal Variable code. MD&LVD) Physic¿lfeatures a a a a a a a ¡ a Printer house/cabinet: lP54 sta¡nless steel Umbilical hose standard: Length 2. Double Space. Numbering 32 dots vertically. lulian date. Diameter 20mm Printerdimension:H550xW300xD320mm Print head dimensionr H180xw43xD44mm c.. WYslwYG display Storage memory40MB "RUN/STOP" hot keyto start/stop printer automatically "lNFo" hot key to access machine historical logs "PRINT MENU" hot keyto activate printing instáñtly USB/Etherr et softwa re upgrading Pop-up windowto remind ch¿ng¡ngfilters in every 2. Mulü-line High Speed. Vertjcalreverse.lnkjet Specifications lnte rfa ce & Commun¡caüon a a ó a a 7" TFT color s€reen. Electronic & Software Features a ó a a a ¡ a a a a a a a a ¿ a a a P 32 digits embedded LINTJX operation svstem Userfriendly interface.aphic Textformat: Horizontal-reverse. easyto a a check shape of drops Positive air inletto print head for dusty environment L shape head available as option lnk a Ce a a Ra D imens ¡o n of Main Cabinet nge Full range of inks available rtifi catio n/Standard aPProved TÜv/rso9001 cE (EMC.H. Logo. Auto/real time/date.000 hours Realtime and date with calendar Printing mode: South Afr ¡ca 12. Shift. G. Batch No.e: 5^45C(35-100F) work humidity: max. easyto use and seavice Detector in. 3 Conveyor. with int'l standard QWERT keypad text & config.roltweilglobal. l\¡idrand'1685. Bold..acterwith keypad Hydraulic Syst€m a a ¡ compact design. can be customized upon request font Printing speed(single line): 300m/min {5xs font} Direct in put Arabic/chin ese/Farsi/Ru ssia n cha.90% R. full screen oP5{En€oder D¡rection Recogn¡tion & Printing Compensation Function) DMs(Distance Measuring system) Passwords give accesses to different level of users Multi operation language available 3 counterc r¡nti ng Features a | a ó a EXP. non-condensing optional Accessor¡es a a a a sensor ó encoder a colors a Photo Shaft Alarm system. variable barcode communicatjon and database.solvent bottle to give alarm wh€n no sufficient solvenl Head embedded m¿gnifying glass with LED. Character Width Defined grid value to move the editjng cursorc at á certain dot &4 shifts.