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Mini Lesson Plan #1 Small Group or Whole Class

Intern Name: Allison Schuster

School: CHMS

Due: Monday

The target objectives for you are:
• To become comfortable in the role of teacher.
• To effectively communicate with cooperating teacher.
• To understand the process of constructing a lesson plan and concepts to be taught.
• To implement existing instructional strategies and materials to facilitate student
• To maintain student attention while teaching a lesson plan.
Date of Lesson:10/7/16

Subject: Language Arts

Grade: 7th

General Unit of Study

Name of unit: “The Outsiders”

Day’s Lesson Concept

Name of lesson concept: Themes

Learner Characteristics

Number of students:29
Age(s): 12-13
Boys: 19
Girls: 8
Special Needs: One student uses computer instead of writing
Behavior Problems: Speaking out of turn, easily distracted

Content Objectives

What are two or three main things you want them to learn
Today the students will be able to:
1-Identify at least 1 theme in “The Outsiders”
2-Be able to determine the main idea or theme from
an example I give them

Umbrella Question to be answered with this lesson:

How will you link the new materials to prior learning?
I will link it to chapters previously read.
Process of Learning

What will students do?
They will sit through a powerpoint and then will spirt the
themes/main ideas out loud. And then as a class for a
second powerpoint.
How long will be spent on each part (timing)?
20 min; 5 min
Will all students be doing the same thing?

Post assessment

How will you know if students understand the content
It will be obvious through the game, but I will frequently ask
them if they are getting it.
When will assessment occur?

Instructional Strategies
• Introduction/transitions
• Teacher talking
• Questioning
• Student interactions
• Individual seat work
• Small group work
• Activity
• Lesson closure

How will you get the student’s attention (hook)?
The first slide will have an interesting picture.
Which strategies are you going to use (list)?
-Small group work
-Lesson closure
How are you going to teach this lesson?
Through the powerpoint and game up in front of the class.
How will you summarize and check for understanding?
I will re-cap frequently. I will walk around during the activity
to see if any student is struggling.

Instructional Materials
• Textbook
• Writing on board
• Projecting
• Visuals
• Worksheets (name)
• Homework

What materials will you use to teach the lesson?
-Exit slip

ITT/ mini lesson plan 1 8/16/do