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Jessie Tolbert

5663 W Mcnab Rd
North Lauderdale, FL 33068
Dear Recruiter,
I am writing this letter to express my interest in an opening you have. I feel
as though the strengths and attributes of my resume most align with the
duties and responsibilities of these positions which make me a quality
candidate for these positions. Through my recent uptake of an internship
with the USF Water Institute I have had the opportunity to gain real world
experience working on GIS projects and Environmental Habitat Assessments
(Lake Vegetation Index, Linear Vegetation Survey, Rapid Pariphyton Survey,
Stream Assessment, Stream Condition Index, and Water Sampling in
accordance with the DEP) in conjunction with the government of Orange and
Hillsborough County, Florida. During time of my internship I have gained
skills such as project and data management as well as GIS application as it
applies to the water sustainability. I also have familiarity working with
Materials Safety Data Sheet type information from my previous employment
with United Parcel Services as an Environmental Hazmat Responder. I would
love to start my career here applying knowledge I have already learned, and
also learning new skills within this industry.
I understand the competitive nature of these postions, I can offer my
remarkable work ethic, professionalism, leadership, role playing abilities and
my drive for continuous self-improvement and learning demonstrated
through various leadership roles among my peers and recent internships and
jobs I have throughout my college career. I have the proficiency to work
independently, also someone who does not mind playing their role on a team
no matter the significance. I have held positions as high as 1st Vice
President of my fraternity, which has strengthened my understanding of the
dynamics of how to lead and also how to be a team player. Also with my
completion of a recent internship has developed my skills as a professional
and I have also learned the value of continuous learning and selfimprovement. I am self-motivated, coachable and do not take offense to
constructive criticism.
Through my involvement in this organization I look forward to exploring
many aspects of the industry. I have attached my most up to date resume
and I am open to discuss this opportunity with you further via phone
conversation or face to face interview you can reach me at any time through
my cell: 352-208-6115 or by email: I look
forward to hearing from you soon.

Jessie Tolbert III