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Government of Pakistan

Planning Commission
Ministry of Planning, Development & Reform
National Endowment Scholarships For Talent (NEST)
(A Company incorporated with SECP under section 42 of Companies Ordinance 1984)

National Endowment Scholarships For Talent (NEST) is a public sector non-profit organization under
vision 2025. NEST is pleased to announce financial assistance in the shape of interest free loan for
deserving students who have obtained admission in top ranking universities in the world.
Under the scheme the students are eligible to apply for loans provided:

S/he has obtained admission on merit through normal course/procedure in a university among
top 200 Universities in the world.
S/he must be under age of 30 at the time of admission in the University.
S/he has secured 3.5 GPA in the latest examination.
S/he has undertaken the study of the subjects given below.
His/Her parents/guardian income is below Rs. 500,000/- per anum from all sources.

The loan facility will be available for entire duration (02 YEARS) of the study for:
University Fee
Boarding expenses
Procurement of textbooks
Loan facility will be available for actual study expenditures subject to maximum limit of Rs. 1.0 million
for each year (Rs. 2.0 million for entire study programme).
The maximum period of repayment of loan is 10-Years from the date of disbursement of first
installment. The borrower shall repay the loan in 20 equal bi-annually installments after six months from
the date of first employment or one year from the date of completion of studies, whichever is earlier.

10. Art intelligence Management 1. Epidemiology 3. Community health 2. Health care management and planning Health Care 1. Operation Management 5. 6. 2. Management 3. International Business and Finance 2. 2. Economics Cluster Development Big Data Statistics Peace and Conflict Studies 6. 5. Tourism Marketing and Management 4. 5. Urban & town planning and Management 6. 3. 2. 4. 4. Biostatistics QUOTA For the study session 2016-17 the loan facility will be provided as per the following quota Punjab Sindh Baluchistan Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 04 students 04 students 04 students 04 students Islamabad Azad Jammu & Kashmir FATA Gilgit Baltistan Preference will be given to Orphans and needy students. Clinical research 5. 3. 01 student 01 student 01 student 01 student . Physics Chemistry Math Computing Molecular biology/genetic engineering Liberal Arts & Sciences 1. 7. 4. Nanotechnology Electronics Textile Food Medicinal and Cosmetic Herbs Water Engineering & Management Highway Engineering Railroad engineering Port and Harbor Engineering Sustainable energy engineering & Technology Environmental engineering Basic Sciences 1. 8. 9.APPROVED DISCIPLINES Engineering/Technology 1. Natural Resource Management (emphasis on water) 7. 5. Vaccine Production and Research 4. 3. 11. Last date to submit the applications is 25th August 2016. Applicants are required to send their applications on the prescribed form. duly completed in all respect. The students desirous of availing loan under the Scheme may apply on prescribed form for financial assistance subject to him/her having got admission in the Universities aforementioned.OTHER INFORMATION      Application forms are available at www. Incomplete applications shall not be entertained. .pc. to the NEST office.