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6th Grade Successful Student Classroom Guidance Unit GRIP

For all 6th Grade Students to increase their
knowledge and awareness of learning styles
and strategies to help them become or stay a
successful student.

Three 45 minute classroom guidance lessons were delivered to all
of the 3rd grade students by Shannon Patterson, VCU Counselor
Intern. They were given a seven question Likert Style Pre/Post
Test. The lessons were conducted in the student’s classrooms on
selected classroom guidance days. Activities included a learning
styles foldable, team work and community building activities, and
 Students will acquire the attitudes, knowledge problem solving/decision making.
and skills contributing to effective learning in
school and across the lifespan.
 Students will identify their learning style and A random sampling of students was selected and analyzed for data
collection. The results indicate that although some students had
ways his/her academic achievement can
previous knowledge related to the activities completed they were
improve using learning style strategies.
able to gain more specific knowledge and strategies throughout
 Students will identify skills in the categories
the guidance unit.
of study skills, test-taking skills, and selfmanagement skills.

Pre/Post Test Questions:
1. I understand my responsibilities as a student.
2. I am a responsible member of my
3. I know what all of the learning styles are.
4. I know ways in which using learning styles
can improve my academics.
5. I use my learning style to inform my study
6. I use my agenda to keep track of
assignments and due dates.
7. When I use my agenda I am specific and

Impact Statements:
The results were especially positive for the increased
understanding of learning styles. Those who were still unsure or
disagreed about their understanding of learning styles were
students who were absent or out for testing the day of the lesson.
In the future successful student lessons will be continued however
they may be adjusted to include something other than
agenda/planner use as many students were required to use those
by their teachers and therefore already had a lot of knowledge
related to them.