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Madison Square Garden

Year in review 2016 edition

Table of Contents:
Twenty One Pilots Dream Comes True


I went to a Massive E-Sports Tournament
and was blown away


Knicks Start Fresh for a 70th Season



Twenty One Pilot’s Dream Comes True
As they performed a show of a lifetime

Fueled By Ramen recording
group Twenty One Pilots returned
to the U.S. this summer for their
massive tour The “EMØTIØNAL
RØADSHØW”. We saw them at
The Garden on the 10th and 11th of

In terms of tone and theatricality, there were plenty of allusions — intentional or not — to
crowd-movers like Coldplay, My
Chemical Romance and Calvin
Harris, but the show’s momentum
was built on Mr. Joseph and Mr.
Dun’s vision, charm and athleticism. Twenty One Pilots is not
known for subtlety, so the signals
to the crowd Wednesday night at
Madison Square
Garden, where
the duo played
the first of two
sold-out shows
to close the
United States leg of its Emotional
Roadshow tour, were bold. They
were there when the singer and
pianist Tyler Joseph announced
that performing at the arena was a
dream realized, adding, “We did it,”
and then took more than a minute
to define “We.” (In amateur video
of the speech posted to YouTube,
a fan’s gentle sobs are audible as he
speaks.) And when the drummer
Josh Dun played a small kit on
a platform held aloft by the fans
crammed into the pit. And when
Mr. Joseph ended the show, as he
usually does, telling the crowd, “We
are Twenty One Pilots … and so are

Dedicated young fans have

quietly made
Twenty One
Pilots the biggest
band of 2016. The
show had several
special moments:
the ten thousand-plus people
in the audience
seemed to know
every word to
every song and Tyler Joseph of Twenty One Pilots does handstand over keyboard.
been working on that a lot. This
served as a giant
show you’re going to see has been
backing vocal section. Whether
in the works for seven months now.
it was a sonically dense song (the
duo fill out their sound with lots of The concept and the name and the
setlist and the transitions and the
prerecorded tracks), or just Joseph
singing and playing his ukulele, the tracks.” The excitement level never
seemed to wane throughout the
fans ate it up.. they disnearly two-hour show, and that’s as
cussed their intense bond
much thanks to the thrilling visuwith audience. Dun said,
al elements as the strength of the
“I think what resonates a
lot with us is the idea of a
Much has been made of the
community of people using
genre agnosticism (and the
music in a deeper way than just
background music, or something to fact that its members were raised in
restrictive religious homes). There
party to. And what’s happened is,
[the band] has kind of built up with was so much everything on display at the Garden — a barrage of
a bunch of people who use music
moods and sounds, a clever video
in a powerful way, and when we
can all get into a room together and production, a powerful light show
— that the real excitement was
use it, it becomes this really cool,
spotting what was missing: guitars,
special moment. And I think that
profanity and irony.
that’s what tonight and tomorrow

Every Twenty One Pilots
night are going to be about.” Nearsong has an explosion, musical or
ly every song had a different look,
spiritual. In four years, Mr. Joseph
between the lighting design, the
and Mr. Dun have figured out how
band’s costumes and the location
of the arena where they performed to build an arena spectacle that
convinces audiences the detonator
from. It’s something they said
they’ve been working on for a long lies in their hands.
time. Joseph explained, “The live
show is very important to us, we’ve Compolied by: Beka Carr

“We are Twenty
One Pilots …
and so are you.”


I Went to a Massive E-Sports Tournament and Was
Blown Away

Tens of thousands of League of Legends fans descended on Madison Square Garden this weekend. The experience was exhilarating.
in a row of throne-like chairs in
first introduced, the crowd went
Madison Square Garden, in the
center of New York City, bills itself
front of souped-up computers. A
nuts, with a volume on par with a
as “the world’s most famous arena.” massive jumbotron hung above for playoff hockey matchup. No surthe crowd to watch. Their prize: A
prise. It got quiet during slower
And for good reason: It’s where
chance to continue on to the finals
moments, more like a weekend
Frazier beat Ali, Marilyn Monroe
in Los Angeles, with a top prize of
afternoon game at the beginning of
sang happy birthday to John Ken$1 million, split amongst the team.
the season. Also no surprise. But
nedy, and Wayne Gretzky laced
(TIME tagged along with Europeevery big turn—kills, mostly—sent
up his skates for the last time. As a
an team H2K before and during
the place into a craze repeatedly.
New York sports fan, I’ve been gothe tournament, see those photos
Even for a novice, it was impossiing there my entire life, mostly for
ble not to get carried away by the
hockey and basketball games. But
I went mostly out of curiosity. I’ve
energy. I found myself cheering the
this past weekend I experienced
been a gamer my entire life and
players on as if I’d been following
something there unlike anything
once, briefly dabbled in competitive them their entire careers. (That’s
I’ve seen before.
play. But I’ve never been to one of
normally a big no-no in the press
I was at the Garden for the second
these arena-scale tournaments in
box at pro sports games. Thankfulnight of the semifinal round of the
ly, nobody seemed to
League of Legends
notice or care.)
2016 World ChamMany video games
pionships, among
are like romance
the premier events
languages: Once you
in the competitive
master one, your
gaming, or e-sports,
knowledge can make
world. Sixteen teams
it easier to underfrom around the
stand another. But
world competed in
League of Legends
the tournament, with
is one of those rare
four making it to the
titles that’s a universe
semis in New York.
all to itself. Called a
More than 15,000
“multiplayer onfans each night, both
line battle arena,”
sellout crowds, spent
or MOBA, League
anywhere between
is free to download
$57 and $75 to watch A sold-out crowd at Madison Square Garden watches the first semifinal
and ties together
in person as their
elements from a
favorite teams and Tigers and SK Telecom T1 on Oct. 22, 2016.
wide range of genres,
players duked it
out in best-of-five matchups that
person. I could not have anticipated mostly role-playing and strategy.
what I found—or felt.
could last hours on end. The playWhen the teams and players were
Compiled by Daniel Hart
ers sat alongside their teammates


New York Knicks Start Fresh for the 70th Season
From new stafff to new to new player, the Knicks have their work cut out for themselves.

Following a busy summer of
change, the Knicks head into their
70th Anniversary Season with a
new coach, new players and new
energy. On June 2, they announced
the hiring of Jeff Hornacek as the
28th Head Coach in the team’s
history. Voted runner-up for 2014
NBA Coach of the Year, Hornacek
brings to the table three seasons
of experience as the Phoenix Sun’s
Head Coach. Knicks President, Phil
Jackson said, “During his career
as both a player and coach, he has
demonstrated the ability to elevate
the game.”
Throughout the summer, the
Knicks front office began to reshape their roster to add to the duo
of All-Star Carmelo Anthony and
NBA All-Rookie first team member
Kristaps Porzingis. To improve the
team in the short and long term,
they wanted a superior “lead guard”
and found him in former MVP
Derrick Rose in a five-player trade
with the Chicago Bulls. “He gives
us an opportunity to push the ball
with him, being able to penetrate
and maybe kick it out for some
early offense, threes possibly,” Hornacek explained.
The Knicks filled out their roster
in the opening days of free agency
by signing center Joakim Noah
and guards Brandon Jennings and
Courtney Lee. Hornacek said, “We
believe that the players we have will

give us a good mix of versatility and
flexibility on both side of the ball.
This will help us get to the level we
want to achieve.”
With the new players onboard, the

The New York Knicks spent a total of $125 million on Joakim Noah, Courtney
Lee and Brandon Jennings in the first week of free agency.
Knicks have a seasoned group of
talented players that should bring
new excitement and fierce competition to the court. As the team
celebrates 70 memorable years as a
franchise, they’re definitely gearing
up to write their own chapter.
Compiled by:
Brooke Weir

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