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Rivera I


Redmond Rivera










ENGL l30l-15
27 September 2016

Time to Cause Chaos!




person video game with an astormding story and a set of *nusual, but

hilarious characters. This game is strongly recommended to the Botderlands-loving audience that
wants to play an excellent story and secretly loves causing chaos.






,to olari(y rny 'l+v5,is

game is about a villain who is trying to destroy the universe. Every

player will be given seven characters to interfere this troublemaker's plans along with his
accomplices, There are about a total of two dozen characters. As the story progrssses, each
player will be given the opportunity to aid other allies that are part of the two dozen characters

who may have gotten themselves in a sticky situation. Succeeding in the missions as an aide for
these characters unlocks them as playable heroes. Within the set of characters, there


also be

villains that are playable once they are defeated. The updates include ever more unique
characters to








hieher chance, playrne the characterthat has *-rg* that can

benefit the team can increase the timing in which the objective is completed. Each player can
have a "Tank", a character that catches the enemy's attention and can take massive amounts

A Tank could only take


so much damage; this is when the support role gets put into

play. The support character can either heal or give shields to other players so they can stay in the


Rivera 2

fight longer. Now here come the damage dealers. They do damage that exceeds the Tank and
support characters to take the enemies down in a timely manner.


connection even when the audi.nce wants to play solo during

the story. The reason is due tq the fact that playing and gaining experience while in the story
goes over to the online player level. Player level is the player's ranking ttrat can give access to

the items that can be used during the player versus player (PVP) matches and story. Having
internet connection will allow the person to play with or against their friends or other people

online. This video game's PVP iE amaziag due to the fact that there are three different types of
matches: Incursioru Capture, and Meltdown. Battleborn's PVP gameplay can also be categorized
as a

multiplayer online battle arona (MOBA) where stategizing and cooperating with the team is

essential to take down the other players. Incwsion is a match where the objective is to desffoy


the other two sentry robots before they get to the player's. Capture is where the objective is to


contol key poinrs of the map to gain points, and Meltdown is where the team's minion robots



spawn to get to the other side to get sacrificed for scrap metal. The tearn to have the most scrap

metal wins the game.


the xbox one, Playstation Four, and the computer. The contols vary for

each console, but axe very accessible. The controls can be more comfortable by seuing the

player's preferable choice of button layout in the menu. Leveling up by elimirating the villainls
minions, will cause the gamer to gain experience to level up. When leveling up, a".Pe of skills


become accessible. The problem with this is that the game doesn't pause when trying to

decide which ability would be beneficial

forthe mission. Instead of pausing the game, it

temporarily slows the game dovrn while ptaying the story. On the Polygon website, JeffRamos


Rivera 3
points out a great flaw within the gameo "la Battleborn, pullirtg up a full screen menu to pick
new talents isn't grea! considering how marry different angles you can get shot from".

of Bqnleborn, created another fan favorite,


Borderlands. These two can be compared because Bottleborn has a pleasant player versus player
system, whereas Borderlands has a


and long story. Battleborn has an amazing story,

but most people agree with Dave Rudden on the IGN website when he says,

*With all of that

(,,'lh a ivo*i.



the player loves a first person, PVP, and MOBA.


reading ttris review, most people won't have much houble deciding which game to buy. People

would love to pay forty dollars and in-game purchases to have a great time. For readers, this is a
warning; ifthere are gamers that do not want to have sleepless dghts playrng this awesome
game, do not buy it.



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