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Firstly, I am grateful and would like to thank the Almighty God
for giving me the chance and opportunity in completing this
assignment. My thanks are owed also to the honorable lecturer,
Dr Fauziah Hassan and to all my friends for giving up their
comments and opinions to make this assignment a reality. To my
ex-tutor, Allahyarhamah Puan Rokiah Ahmad, all your
kindness will be the greatest sweet memories to me.
Lastly, I also would like to express my gratitude to my most







encouragements and patience throughout the process of my

Noryanti binti Mohd. Radzuan
(J 25689)

ass 3 BI
I conducted an interview with Mr. Mohd Radzuan bin Haji Abdul Aziz, Mohd Radzuan
bin Haji Abdul Aziz, a retired Health Ministry staff and a community leader. Born in Pekan, he

Tell me about a time when. Secretary of JKKK. you. ii. Formerly a member of the National Catholic Black Lay his formal education at Sekolah Rendah Ahmad. Elizabeth and Ophelia i. president of Koperasi Persatuan Anak-Anak Kampung Langgar (PEKAL) Pekan. since 1977 she had been a member of New Covenant United Church of Christ. an me example a of situation a in time which when. How he manages to find so much quality time to spend for the community is absolutely incomprehensible. and Andrew Mills. which was formed to introduce AfricanAmerican culture into the Catholic Church. He was a very active social committee for about 20 years." a play about the life of the Rev.... Pekan.... president of KAFA classes in Surau Kampung Jambu. and three sisters. Mohd Radzuan served as president of the Koperasi Pegawai-Pegawai Kerajaan Negeri Pahang. Wilson Jr. Martin Luther King Jr. that was performed for the community and in the Buffalo schools from 1982 to 1995. He is a busy man that I know. . Pekan and Sekolah Menengah Teknik.. Jonathan Wilson. tresurer of Masjid Al-Huda Kampung Langgar.. Give Describe me for iii. Surviving are three sons. Kuantan. Mr.. Dennis A. Rebecca. secretary of Badan Khairat Kematian (BAKTI) Pekan. She was a member of the civil rights group BUILD and was part of the team that wrote and produced "Tribute to a King.

She is pleasant .headmistress whowas also Tokoh Guru Pahang 2001.m. The prominent person that I am talking about is Dato¶HajjahKhatijahbinti Ahmad. She is very conscientious and strive to doa good job according to teaching profession.I feel the interview . Name: Dato¶ HajjahKhatijahbinti AhmadLast school:Sk Seri Terentang. Pahang. Saturday in New Covenant United Church of Christ. honest and hardworking person who has manyinterests and involved in a lot of social activities.this is my first time to do teacher interview . She is also staying in my village. Services will be at 11 a.PekanTime lasting: about 1 and half hour Date : 2ndof June 2011. Below. I¶ve learned a lot from the teacher and her belief and philosophy of teaching profession. Iautomatically remembered my ex-headmistress who had retired but still active in thecommunity. 459 Clinton St. I was given a task to hold interview witha prominent person who has contributed to the community. So I took the advantage and asked for her favour to help me for my assignment with a hope she will share her story of being ateacher. Questions.Personal particulars. Educational background Experiences of teaching The reason of being a teacher Bittersweet memories Activities after retirement Advices and tips 2 ) CONCLUSION Dato Hajjah Khatijah has several notable strengths. I had a pleasure of meeting with her for her interview at her house in Pekan. there are some basic info of her and the questions that I¶ve prepared for the interview.. My target interviewee was my ex. NTERVIEW REPORT1) INTRODUCTION Actually . Once I got the assignment. From the interview.

was extremely beneficial.Dato HajjahKhatijah’s interview provided information about being a teacher that gainedhighly-respected in the community for our contribution towards moulding future generationfor the country. Conducting this interview proved that everyone can be a great teacher and Inow have more confident and knowledge about teaching profession .My goal is to become asuccessful teacher and because of the interview. . I have a better idea and understanding of how to achieve that goal.

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