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Adrian C.


Grading Policy: 6th Grade Band

Grades in 6th grade band will be earned based on the students completion of the
following criteria:

Daily Participation: 30%

Its hard to have a good band experience if you dont participate in band class! Daily
participation grades include being prepared with necessary materials (binder, music,
instrument, pencil, supplies, etc.), talking and playing only at the appropriate times, and
trying your best every day. Students will start each week with 100 points, and will lose
points throughout the week for the following infractions:
No instrument (without a written, signed excuse): - 20 points per day
No music: - 10 points per day
Missing other supplies (pencil, valve oil, slide grease, etc.): - 5 points per item
Talking or playing out of turn: - 5 points per occurrence
Being asked to put up their instrument: - 20 points per occurrence

Weekly Practice Logs: 25%

Practice is essential for musical improvement! In the 6th grade, students are required to
practice for 120 minutes per week (or 6 days a week for 20 minutes a day). On their
practice logs, students must record the time they practiced each day, how long they
practiced during each session, what they practiced for that time, and have their log signed
by a parent. Additionally, at least one practice session per week must be recorded
and submitted with the practice log. This is done so that your teachers can hear what
youre working on and can help you become better at practicing your instrument! For
more information, see the section titled Learning to Practice in this handout. Grades
will be given in the following way:
Each increment of 20 minutes of practice time is worth 15 points. Recorded practice
sessions are worth 10 points.
For example:
120 minutes, completed and signed practice log, and recorded practice session: 100%
100 minutes, completed and signed practice log, and recorded practice session: 85%
No practice logs that are not filled out and signed will be accepted.

Question: What if I miss some practice time during a week? Can I make it up?
Answer: Yes! Students may turn in makeup practice time at any time during the grading
period to complete an incomplete practice log for full credit. However, all makeup
practice time must be recorded!
Question: I dont have any way to record myself at home. What should I do?
Answer: The school has the means to allow you to record your practice sessions in the
band all, either during your advisory/activity period, before school, or after school. See
Mr. Teti if you would like more information.

In-Class Playing Grades: 25%

Each week, students will take two in-class performance grades. The first will be a ten
second grade on tone every Wednesday, and the second will be a thirty second
performance grade on an assigned piece of music each Friday. Each of these grades is
worth half of your weekly in-class performance grade.

Concerts and Performances: 20%

Each year, students will be required to participate in several concerts and performances
with the school band program. These concert dates are clearly marked on the school
calendar, and attendance is REQUIRED. Exceptions will not be made other than in the
instance of a severe illness, death in the family, or similar such emergency. If a student is
forced to miss a performance, a recording of the student performing all of their concert
music must be submitted before the end of the grading period, or the student will receive
a grade of a 0. Please note: Student conduct as audience members is a part of their
performance grade.

Chair Tests, and Seating Placements: DO NOT AFFECT GRADE

Starting after the first holiday break, students will be given chair placements based on
their in-class playing tests. These will be re-evaluated each week, but chair placement
WILL NOT have an impact on a students grade.
(Note to Dr. Cavitt and Dr. Simmons: This is how most of the schools I have taught at
have handled chair tests. Chairs are re-assigned each week to avoid having the result of
any one weeks test carry too much weight, but I can see the pros and cons to having a
system like this, and not having one. Id be curious to hear your thoughts on whether
this is a good idea).

Extra Credit: Extra-Curricular Concert Attendance

Attending concerts is fun! Students may attend extra-curricular instrumental music
performances (such as high school concerts, jazz concerts, professional orchestra or band
performances, or similar events) for one extra percentage point added to their final grade,
up to a total of 5 points. To receive this credit, submit a dated and parent-signed program
from the performance you saw, along with a typed paragraph that details what your
favorite piece was, and why.