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Classroom Management Policy
Welcome to Band! We at (insert school name here) do our very best to maintain a safe,
orderly musical environment in which all of our students can learn to enjoy making
music. The following is a list of guidelines and rules that we expect every member of the
school band to follow in order to help create the kind of environment and atmosphere that
everyone involved can enjoy. Remember – as a member of the school band, you not only
represent yourself, but your school and your community as well!

Rehearsal Guidelines and Policies
1. When arriving for band class, rehearsal, or sectional, please enter the band hall
silently and be in your seat with your music, necessary music supplies, and
instrument by the time the bell rings.
2. Be respectful of those around you during rehearsal. Sit quietly and finger/slide
your part if the director is working with another section. Talking or interrupting a
rehearsal hurts the whole band!
3. If the director is on the podium, talking stops, and all eyes and ears are on them!
4. Instrument cases will be left in lockers during rehearsal, and backpacks will be
left to the side of the room until rehearsal is over. Once class is over, all
instruments will be put back in their cases, and kept in their lockers.
5. All lockers must be locked before you leave the band hall. Do not leave any
valuables or items of importance in an unlocked locker!
6. If you wish to be called on in rehearsal, raise your hand!
7. If you wish to speak to a director after class, feel free to approach them AFTER
rehearsal is over, unless it is an emergency and MUST be addressed during class.
8. No food, drink, or gum is allowed in the band hall unless provided by a band
director. You may bring a packed lunch to the band hall, provided that it stays
packed and is kept in your backpack or locker until the end of rehearsal.
9. All students will adhere to the district Student Code of Conduct.
10. Any disruptive, disrespectful, or disorderly behavior will not be tolerated, and will
be met with consequences.

1. Always arrive prepared with your instrument, music, and necessary supplies
(pencil, valve oil, cork grease, etc.).
2. Band students are welcome in the band hall before and after school. However, be
respectful of any ongoing rehearsals or practices, and be sure not to disrupt or
distract them.
3. Make sure to raise your hand if you wish to be recognized in class.

4. Make sure that your name and appropriate contact information is written on your
instrument case and music folder.
5. Always walk when in the band hall. Running can damage your instrument, the
instruments of others, and most importantly, yourselves!
6. Only put your hands on the instrument that belongs to you. Show respect for the
property of others, and for the property of the school.
7. Leave chairs, stands, and other equipment in the band hall where you find them,
unless otherwise asked by a teacher.
8. The band hall is a safe zone for ALL band students. Show respect for your fellow
band members, teachers, and school staff at all times. Bullying, taunting, or any
form of disrespect towards others will not be tolerated.

All disciplinary problems will be dealt with on an individual basis, and consequences will
depend on the severity of the infraction. However, consequences can include:

Verbal warnings
Putting your instrument away for the remainder of class
After school detention
Teacher/Student conference
Contact with a parent or guardian
Parent/Teacher conference
Office Referral

Furthermore, all disciplinary infractions will be documented and kept for future
reference. Persistent discipline problems will not be tolerated.

Behaviors That May Result In Immediate Dismissal From The Band
1. Usage or possession of alcohol, illegal drugs, or weapons during band activities.
2. Intentional damage or vandalizing of band property, or the property of another
student, director, or staff member.
3. Fighting or violent behavior during band activities.
4. Disrespectful behavior towards directors, chaperones, and school staff.
5. Failure or refusal to carry out a request by a director, chaperone, or member of the
school staff.

Special Rewards
At various points in the year, students may have the opportunity to receive special
commendation for various activities, behaviors, or achievements. Some examples of
such circumstances may be the act of being a good listener in class, being prepared,

practicing your instrument, showing improvement, and other demonstrations of being an
excellent band student! Some of these rewards may include:
1. Edible treats (to be eaten after school ONLY!)
2. In-class acknowledgement of successful performance, behavior, or actions.
3. Recognition on the band hall “Wall of Fame.”

Remember: Band is Supposed to be FUN!
This list of rules and guidelines exists to in order to give every student within our band
program the best possible experience we can provide. Our goal is to ensure that every
member of the school band continues to improve on their instrument, makes new friends,
and learns to love making music together!

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I, _______________ acknowledge, understand, and agree to the guidelines
and rules of the (insert band name here) described and detailed in this