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Governance and Society

Roschelle Lewis

1. Wading on the Rio Grande
ICC should not proceed because of:

Ethical considerations- - the company should remain ethical by not dumping waste
materials in the water because doing so can be beneficial. For one the company will

attract investors and customers who share the value of social responsibility.
Having a good cooperate image in the market allows customers to trust your company.
The Rio Grande is considered a popular river in Jamaica that is seen as an attraction for
tourists and us Jamaicans. One of the recreational activities done is Rafting with the aid
of bamboo. Rafting on the Rio Grande allows visitors and us Jamaicans to capture the
beauty of the small island, Jamaica. If the company should start dumping waste materials
into the Rio Grande it will cause the water to change colour, increase the amount of
minerals, also known as Eutrophication, change the temperature of water and pose
serious hazard to water organisms. Customers will view the company different as the
company is destroying nature, therefore it would be best for the company to not dispose

of their waste materials in the Rio Grande.
Having a good identity helps in crisis management. If the company has always had a
good reputation then if there should be any problems in the future customers will forgive