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The Gospel of Mark

NT352 Fall 2016
The Power of Prayer
Mark 9:14-29

Jesus Returns to the Valley 

Mark 9:14-16

Jesus Confronts the Scribes 14-16
●What is the first trial they encounter coming off the mountain?
● The crowd is likely just observing the debate and the event – rubber necking!
●The “amazement” of crowd seems linked to “seeing him” (v.15) – what was it?
●Jesus questioned them in defense of His men and not for His ignorance

An orthodox
Jewish scribe in
transcribing the
Torah on
parchment (The
Collection, The
Introduction to
the Bible, Rev.
and expanded.
(Chicago: Moody
Press, 1986), 348.

Ezra and his
scribes studied
the scrolls of
the Law. In
modern times,
Yigael Yadin, a
scrolls scholar,
studies some of
our oldest
scrolls, the
Dead Sea

Jesus is Faithful to a Faithless
Generation 17-22

The father answers in desperation 17-22
●He had brought his son to Jesus but turned to the disciples in his absence
● Like the father, people today look to God’s servants in his physical absence
●Jesus picks up where the disciples had failed and meets the desperate need
●The man has long battled to keep his son alive and well through childhood

Jesus on the Power of Prayer 

Mark 9:23-29

Jesus Encourages the Father 23-24
●Belief alone is not the key, but in Jesus belief brings heaven to earth
●To trust God more = must know him more and walk the valley with Him

Jesus Delivers the Boy

Mark 9:25-29

Jesus Delivers the Boy 25-29

The demon makes one last hit before coming out – typical of Satan’s ways!

Nothing but prayer and fasting (NKJV) – what is the implication?

Everything can happen when we ask in faith = all things are possible

The Gospel of Mark
NT352 Fall 2016
The Power of Prayer
Mark 9:14-29