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From an interview posted on Chris Avellone’s blog

Some funny/curious/entertaining facts about your life (e.g. you would kill for an ice
cream/you’ve got 16 kids at once/you actually hate video games etc.):
I have a kona blend coffee addiction, only with hazelnut creamer, though. I make notes in
all the books I read and put post-it notes in every comic book I read so I can remember
certain passages and images that would make cool spells, creatures, character names, or
locations. This also prevents me from borrowing books from my friends, as I have a
tendency to mark them up with pens and write game ideas in them. I feel like I've worked
on every science fiction genre I never imagined I would ever touch. Like Star Wars. And
Aliens. And Star Trek. If I could go back in time to "past Chris" and explain to him that
not only would he eventually date girls and not stress about dying alone, I would also
explain to him that he needs to appreciate all the hours he spent absorbing Star Wars,
Aliens, and Star Trek and that it would eventually develop into a lucrative, fulfilling
career that would make his soul happy. End advice for everyone: do what you love to do,
there's a career doing it or something close to it somewhere out there. : )
Well, let’s get to the interview:
What does your workday at Obsidian Entertainment look like?
My day at Obsidian begins the night before - I go into Rasputin mode and predict the
future by checking my schedule for the next day, checking my daily email folder for the
day to see what I dumped in there ("'s Thursday tomorrow, I need to have that
interview done for Friday."), then watch TV or movie related to a current project (for
example, throughout Alpha Protocol, I was watching 24 almost non-stop, and for Fallout
New Vegas, I've been traveling back through my library of post-holocaust movies). I then
go to sleep, dream I'm Mad Max, wake up, exercise, go into work at 9:30, tear through
inbox, check the daily folders and task lists to see what the schedule is for the day, then
focus on three major tasks and try to knock them out before the end of the day (can be
character design, writing scripts, doing a designer applicant interview, design document
review, playing an area of the New Vegas build and typing up feedback, or even doing
this interview). By 7PM, I'm usually staring blearily at the screen, so I either go workout
again or play Fallout 3 until I feel like doing more work and going home, then rinse and
repeat. I usually find it difficult to write characters during the day, so I usually wait until
afterhours to do pitches, proposals, and get into the "voice" of the character for an area