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‫أغيب وذو اللطائف ل يغيب‬

‫وأرجوه رجاء ل يخيب‬

I leave and go but God the one with
all the kindness is always there
and I ask Him for hope that is never
rejected .
‫وأسأله السلةمة ةمن زةمان بليت به نوائبه تشيب‬
‫وأنزل حاجتي في كل حال إلى ةمن تطمئن به القلوب‬

I ask Him all the time and in all cases
because He is the one who makes our
hearts feel safe .
‫فكم ل ةمن تدبير أةمر طوته عن المشاهدة الغيوب‬

The way He makes everything around
is beyond our imagination,
it is mysterious to us because it is fate
to be so .
‫وكم في الغيب ةمن تيسير عسر وةمن تفريج نائبة تنوب‬

It is God who eases things for us , but
how He does so is beyond our
‫وةمن كرم وةمن لطف خفي وةمن فرج تزول به الكروب‬

He eases hard tragedy on us from

‫وةمن لي غير باب ال باب ول ةمول سواه ول حبيب‬ I Have no one to ask but God . ‫كريم ةمنعم بر لطيف جميل الستر للداعي ةمجيب‬ My heart is full of love . He is my only Lord and the only one . keep those who envy away . ‫وأةمرضني الهوى لهوان حظي ولكن ليس غيرك لي طبيب‬ My mistakes and sins sicken me more everyday but you are the only doctor who can make me feel fine . forgive me . for He is generous . ‫حليم ل يعاجل بالخطايا رحيم غيث رحمته يصوب‬ He is patient . He always puts forgiveness before punishment. my sins distanced me from you . ‫فيا ةملك الملوك أقل عثاري فإني عنك أنأتني الذنوب‬ Oh .generosity and hidden kindness as well as relief to hardships we face . ‫فآةمن روعتي واكبت حسودا فإن النائبات لها نيوب‬ Oh God . blessed . kind and answers the prayers of his servants . Lord of all lords . He is so merciful that His mercy includes all beings .

who I believe in and ask for help . I ask for forgiveness . Is there a relief soon ? ‫فيا ديان يوم الدين فرج هموةما في الفؤاد لها دبيب‬ . ‫إلهي أنت تعلم كيف حالي فهل يا سيدي فرج قريب‬ Oh God . ‫ولي شجن بأطفال صغار أكاد إذا ذكرتهم أذوب‬ I feel really sad about those young kids . you know how I am doing . ‫هو الرحمن حولي واعتصاةمي به وإليه ةمبتهل أتيب‬ He is the most merciful . who is the wisest in managing everything in this world . whenever I recall them I almost burst into tears .from me and make me feel safe . From Him . Disasters do indeed hurt . ‫وآنسني بأولدي وأهلي فقد يستوحش الرجل الغريب‬ Bless me with the company of my children and family because it is easy for anyone to feel lonely . ‫ولكني نبذت زةمام أةمري لمن تدبيره فينا عجيب‬ But i leave let go of my own matters to God .

‫وألهمني لذكرك طول عمري فإن بذكرك الدنيا تطيب‬ Inspire me to mention and praise you all my life since everything in my life becomes sweet when i worship you .Oh . Lord of the day of justice . . We all share the mercy we were blessed with from the lord . ‫وراع حمايت وتول نصري وشد عراي إن عرت الخطوب‬ Protect me and make me prevail Give me strength when my powers faint . ‫وصل حبلي بحبل رضاك وانظر إلي وتب علي عسى أتوب‬ Show me what makes you content . look at me and please make me give up sins . ‫فظني فيك يا سندي جميل وةمرعى ذود آةمالي جميل‬ My biliefs and thoughts of you . but for all those who believe in God . make those aches in the heart go away . Sir . not just for me . ‫وقل عبد الرحيم وةمن يليه لهم في ريف رأفتنا نصيب‬ I ask for all these blessings .

I gain my strength and my hopes from the richness of worshipping you .are beautiful . ‫وصل على النبي وآله ةما ترنم في الراك العندليب‬ God . pray upon the prophet and his family . .