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FCS 462 Lesson Plan

Name: _Maleea Burden_ Date: October 3, 2016

Lead Teacher/Mentor: Michelle Hansen

Organization: Family resource and Youth Service Center Grade/Age Level: 5th grade Length of Lesson: 45 min
Title of Lesson: Healthy and responsible choices: How they connect with each other.

1. Describe characteristics of students/learners who will require differentiated instruction to meet their diverse needs
impacting instructional planning in this lesson of the unit.
2. Identify Essential Questions
and/or Unit Objectives Addressed
in this Lesson:
 What is a healthy choice?

Why are responsible choices
How do healthy and
responsible choices relate to
one another?

5. Lesson Objectives/targets:
Include Bloom’s levels addressed
(cognitive, affective, and
Objective # 1:
 Students will be able to list
the six steps in the decision
making process model with
100% accuracy.

3. Connect to Appropriate

4. Pre-Assessment of Prior

13.4.3 Apply the roles of

decision making and
problem solving in reducing
and managing conflict.
13.6.3 Apply critical
thinking and ethical
standards when making
judgments and taking

Class discussion on who our
role models are and why. The
discussion will lead into why
their role models are their role
models (because of the
choices their role models

6. Assessment of Lesson Objectives:
In the space below, describe your
assessment procedures. Include copies of
all assessment tools after the lesson plan.

7. Instructional Strategies: In the
space below, describe what you, the
teacher, will do to ensure student

Assessment description:
 For this assessment I will have
a quiz for the students to list
the six steps in the correct
order going from step one to
step six. I will then grade it
giving them a score out of 12
points so that each step is
worth two points.

Strategy/Activity: I will hand out a
quiz on the six steps of the decision
making process and students will
complete and turn back into me.
Activity Adaptations:
Media/Technology/Resources: I will
make copies of the quiz for the
students and also make an extra
copy and a key for myself.

Objective # 2:

Students will be able to
explain how responsible and
healthy choices relate with
100% accuracy.

Assessment description:

I will write the prompt “Explain
how healthy choices and
responsible choices are related”
on the board and have the
students get out a sheet of paper
and write their answer in
paragraph form. I will then

grade their responses
compared to what we
discussed in class.

Objective # 3:

Strategy/Activity: Students will write
their thoughts on why healthy and
responsible choices are related.
Activity Adaptations: I will help
students engage in their thinking by
asking them questions of why their
role model is their role model and
why they think they make the
decisions that they do.
Media/Technology/Resources: I will
use the smart board to display the
question that the students will be
writing on.

Assessment description:


Assessment accommodations:

Activity Adaptations:

8. Teacher Procedures: Describe the sequence of strategies and activities you will use to engage students and accomplish
your objectives. Within this sequence, describe how the differentiated strategies will meet individual student needs and diverse
learners in your plan. (Use this section to outline the who, what, when, and where of the instructional strategies and activities.)


1. I will open with the discussion of who my students view as their role models and the characteristics that support why that
person is their role model.
2. I will then relate their role models characteristics to making healthy choices as well as responsible choices.
3. I will then briefly go over the steps to the “Six step decision making process model” and hand out the worksheet that
4. I will explain how to do the worksheet and have them work in small groups (2-3 people) in order to complete the
5. The last section of the paper I will have them complete on their own since it relates to their personal life and those will be
shared if the students wish to share those with the entire class.
6. Once discussion has ceased I will hand out the quiz to the students on the six steps of the decision making process and
have them complete it individually then turn it in when they have completed it.
7. Once the quiz is completed we will move onto the next activity.
8. I will introduce the activity and then assign student into groups of four.
9. I will model the Venn diagram on the board and then give the students time to complete the assigned task.
10. Once the task is complete then we will have a brief discussion---tell students they will presenting their Venn diagrams in
class the next day.
11. After presentations in class the next day I will have an in class assessment in the form of an open ended prompt.
12. I will display the prompt on the screen and have the students get out a piece of paper.
13. Students will then answer the prompt individually.
14. When complete the students will hand in their prompts to be graded.