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We are going to be some busy working bees in our hive this year. To
keep our hive strong and functioning to our fullest abilities we will stay
connected. Our goal is to make as much honey and we are setting the
bar high! We will set a class goal and reach for it. We will monitor our
progress along the
way, each semester we
will collect our data
on how many jars of
honey we have filled.
If we have reached
our goal the reward
will be SWEET! The
goals we are reaching
for include
outstanding behavior,
high grades, and
continuing progress. I
have included ways to
stay connected so we
can help our worker
bees and I reach our set goals.

Welcome to 2nd
Grade where
learning is

Contact Me:
Stephanie Whited

I have listed below technology, sites, and apps that will be used in and
outside our hive this year. Please join us on our sweet journey by using
these wonderful resources at home.

This website participates in a way
to take class attendance and
monitor behavior. The teacher
can give points for appropriate
behavior and take away points
when the behavior is in
appropriate. This is a great way
for parents to keep track of their
child’s behavior throughout the
day. This is great tool for parents
to use to stay on top of how their

child’s behavior is throughout the
day and not just overall. This is
also great for the teacher because
if the teacher can pinpoint a time
that the child is acting out or is
doing a good job the child can
respond to help or reward the
child’s behavior.

Website Link:

“Kind Words Are Like Honey Sweet To The Soul & Healthy For The Body”
Proverbs 16:24

This site serves as a social media site that allows
parents, students, and the teacher to communicate back
and forth. Teachers can post assignments, helpful links,
and grades throughout the site. There is an app
available to download so parents, teachers, and student
can have direct access at all times to the site.

Website Link:


Imagination is more important than Knowledge –Albert Einstein

This is a fun site that we will as a class explore together. Canva
allows you to create backgrounds for presentations, cards, and
invitations. I will help and teach the class about what it is and have
them create artwork and backgrounds for presentations and for
classroom decoration. My goal is to make every student familiar
with the computer and help my students explore what it has to
offer. Technology is changing every day and we need to have our
children ready to adapt to its forever changing devices.

Website Link:


Is a site that allows you to review
material and makes it fun. The
design of the study guide acts as
flashcards for a quick review.
On our website I will have
Quizlet for students to review
for upcoming test and quizzes.
You may also make an account
and create your own
flashcards to help your child
review. There is an available
app that can be downloaded to
your phone for quick access. This
app is great for car rides with your
child to review throughout his or
her time with parents.

Website Link:

This is our school
website. You may find our
classroom site here. The
site will be updated
every two weeks on new
material that we will be
covering. There you may
find any upcoming test,
information you may
need, activities we have
coming up, and study
guides for students. We
have a wonderful site full
of useful information and
resources. I encourage
everyone to take a look at

Website Link:


Direct Link to our Site:

This is an awesome site that is free to
use, it is similar to power point but
has updated features bringing your
report to life. We will use this in the
classroom for students to create
presentations and for myself to
present information. I will post all of
my Prezi presentations online on
our website page for my student’s and
parents to review and study.

Website Link:

This is a safe way to
view YouTube videos.
Parent’s can create a
list of videos to watch
at home for their
child. I will post
videos for parent’s and
student’s to watch
throughout the year.
The videos may be
found on our website.
These videos will be
related to the lesson
and will be a helpful
tool for parents to use.
WatchKin can be used
as tool to remind the
parents of material
they have not completed recently.
It also may be used for extra help
for anything student’s are having
a hard time comprehending.

Website Link:


You must site all of your work if you do not when borrowing
someone else’s work there is consequences. Our School has a
ZERO TOLERANCE for Plagiarism. Please read the school
handbook on ways to avoid plagiarism and what it is. A copy
will be sent home with each student and parent to read over and
sign it.


Bullying can occur in many ways our student’s
could be a victim of physical, emotional, or
Cyberbullying please monitor your child’s mobile
devices and lets work together to make school a
safe and enjoyable place for all of our students.
Our School and Classroom is a
ZERO TOLERANCE for bullying. Each student
and parent will read over our NO Bullies form and
sign it.

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