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Flipped  Lesson  Plan  Form  

Teacher:  Kaila  Stassi    
School:  Colorado  State  University  



Grade  Level:  9th    

Title:  Transition  to  High  School  and  Getting  to  know  YOU  


Date:  11/28/2016  





Lesson  #:  1  of  1      


Content  Area:  Relationships  


Content  Standard(s)  addressed  by  this  flipped/video  infused  lesson:  


RELA.01.01.a  Analyze  processes  for  building  and  maintain  interpersonal  relationships  
RELA.01.01.d  Analyze  factors  that  contribute  to  healthy  and  unhealthy  relationships  
RELA.01.02.a  Analyze  the  effects  of  personal  characteristics  on  relationships    
RELA.01.03.a  Analyze  communication  styles  and  their  effects  on  relationships  
RELA.01.03.c  Demonstrate  effective  listening  and  feedback  techniques  
Flip/Infused  Video  
What  content  do  students  need  to  know  before  or  during  class  to  successfully  engage  in  the  in-­‐class  

Students  must  have  an  understanding  of  what  a  positive  teacher  student  relationship  looks  like.  
Students  must  have  an  understanding  of  what  positive  and  negative  relationships  looks  like,  
both  with  people  close  to  them  and  people  who  are  not  so  close  to  them.  
Students  must  have  a  slight  understanding  of  what  high  school  is  like,  and  be  prepared  for  the  
transition  into  high  school  

What  method  will  you  use  to  deliver  your  video?    
Power  Point  with  my  voice  recorded.  I  will  introduce  myself,  their  new  teacher,  and  discuss  new  
relationships  they  will  be  building  within  the  first  week  of  school.    
Flipped-­‐Set  up  the  class  environment:  

Power  Point  with  voice  over  
Advocate  for  teacher  student  relationships.  I  want  to  get  to  know  my  students  as  best  as  I  can,  
so  I  will  do  that  prior  to  class  beginning.    
Students  will  know  in  my  class  I  have  expectations,  but  they  run  the  classroom.  I  believe  in  
students  centered  learning,  where  I  am  their  guide.  I  must  start  my  class  in  a  manner  that  sets  
up  the  classroom  environment.  Showing  students  that  I  want  to  know  them,  how  they  learn,  
what  their  abilities  are,  so  I  can  create  the  safest,  inclusive,  and  comfortable  environment  for  

Colorado  State  University      College  of  Health  and  Human  Sciences  

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Flipped  Lesson  Plan  Form  
Infused-­‐Explain  the  class  environment:  

The  classroom  is  inclusive,  safe,  and  comfortable  for  all  students.    
I  will  begin  to  create  the  in  class  environment  prior  to  class  beginning.    
I  will  get  to  know  students  and  students  will  get  to  know  me  before  transitioning  to  high  school,  
encouraging  comfort  for  them  their  1st  day.  

Evidence  Outcomes:    (Lesson  Objectives:  1-­‐5)  
All  students  will  be  able  to:    
1. Students  will  be  able  to  recognize  a  positive  student/teacher  relationship.  
2. Students  will  know  and  be  able  to  abide  by  classroom  expectations.  
3. Students  will  be  bale  to  formulate  questions  about  their  teacher  that  they  feel  necessary  to  
know  in  order  to  be  successful  in  the  classroom.  
4. Students  will  be  well  prepared  for  the  transition  into  high  school  with  an  understanding  of  what  
to  expect  the  first  week  
How  will  you  check  for  understanding:  
What  questions/methods  will  you  use  to  check  for  understanding  following  the  video?    

Who  is  one  teacher  from  your  past  who  has  made  a  positive  impact  on  your  life?  Explain  this  
relationship  and  why  it  was  positive.  
What  are  expectations  you  wish  to  see  in  the  classroom?  
What  are  2  things  you  wish  to  know  about  me  that  will  help  you  be  successful  in  the  classroom?  

Colorado  State  University      College  of  Health  and  Human  Sciences  

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