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Weird App News

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AI & A with Boxed In Dennis Mengelt

By Doug Kale

IPhone Tips and Tricks

By Doug Kale

Telephone Manners

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The iPad Report

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Droid Phone Accessories

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Phone Apps

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Weird A



Smart andnot-so-smart stories about apps and smartphones

Apps are wonderful things. You can use them to entertain yourself. to inform yourself, to increase your productivity, to treat your wounds after being caught in a devastating earthquake ...

With hundreds of thousands of apps and millions of people having smartphones, it only makes sense that people would find all sorts of crazy applications (ahem) for their phones and their apps. We've tracked down some of the zaniest news stories about the use and misuse of phones and apps, Some are clever and inventive and push the limits of human ingenuity and creativity. Others are just plain weird. One thing's for sure, though, Smartphones have chanqed the way we live. Whether that's good or bad is still up for debate ...

After a 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti in January 2010, film producer Dan Woolley found himself stuck in an elevator shaft and in considerable pain. After writing a final letter to his loved ones, he sprang into action and diagnosed his broken foot using a first-aid app on his iPhone. "I was able to look up treatment of excessive bleeding and compound fracture: he later explained from his hospital bed. He used the I.ight from his IPhone to help him diagnose his injuries set his alarm to go off every 20 minutes to prevent him from falling asleep - a tip about shock he got from his

app. Nearly three days later, he was rescued and is currently recovering back home in Colorado (Twitter: @webguydanl.

In January 2010, Santa Fe resident Arther Firstenberg sued his neighbor to the tune of $530,000. The neighbors transgression? Firstenberg claims that the electromagnetic waves sent out by the neighbor's iPhone {and laptop computer) charging overnight were causing him some rather peculiar symptoms. In his court filing, Firstenberg, a member of the Cellular Phone Task Force,

e! aim ed to suffer fro m "nau sea, ve rt igo, d ia rrhea, ring i ng in the ears, severe headaches and body aches, crippling joint pains, insomnia, impaired vision, impaired muscular control" and so on. Maybe he could use Dan Woolley's medical app - then again, mayberot.

One of the most controversial apps to come down the pipeline was Sikalosoft's Baby Shaker, which was available for a short time in April. 2009. In the "game," players would shake their iPhone to make the baby stop crying. "See how long you can endure his or her adorable cries before you just have to find a way

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to quiet the baby down!" the spp's information screen touted.

Naturally, this didn't sit well with - well, just about everyone, including the nonprofit group Stop Baby Shaking Syndrome, whose founder was herself violently shaken as a newborn. The app was removed from the App Store shortly thereafter.

Some smartphene carrying cases, like those produced by Nutshell Corporation, serve effectively as armor for your phone. But a phone acting as

armor for you? That's what happened to an Ohio woman. According to ABC 30 Fresno, while sitting in a restaurant in February 2010, her boyfriend was "playing with his handgun." When he attempted to put it away in a coat pocket, it discharged. The round struck the woman in the leg, but her BlackBerry was there, stuffed in her pocket. and took the bullet. Now she's looking for a new pair of pants, a new phone, and, if she has any sense, a new boyfriend.


If you're planning to speed in Australia, don't do it in Tasmania.

In December, the Tasmanian Police Department starting, using its ownapp to speedily assist them in acquiring information about stopped drivers. Officers can photograph license plates and pass the images on to a database of unregistered vehicles and unlicensed or disqualified drivers. The first use of the app, just 10 minutes after its inception, resulted in the stopping of an unregistered car being driven by an unlicensed driver who also had drugs in the vehicle. That's one devilishly useful app!

Sure, you can pla,y games, set reminders, get directions, and listen to music on your phone, but what if you need to look up the proteomes from yeast strains? Ves, there is an app for that! Binofo's iProto Yeast ($4.99) lets you: "search or browse the pro" teomes, visualize the secondary structure or domains, perform blast search or mu'ltiple sequence al'ignments:' How cool is that? So, the next time you're in a bar and someone orders a ,lager, you can tell them everything they need to know about saccharomyces pastorianus, the yeast used in lager production, and be the life of the party I

~eird App News

Remember PAD.Ds? Those little hand-held devices on Stor Trek that looked eeriely like iPhones?ln theory, one could pilot the Enterprise using one. iPhones may not quite be on the same level as PADDs, and there am no starshlps floating around, but the fellows at Waterloo Labs have figured out a way to drive your car with an iPhone. You can watch their video at cor-1549064, but you'll need a specialized app (and more technical know-how than most people possess) before you can cruise around town with your touch screen. And you'Ll probably want something cooler than a 1988 Oldsmobi:le.

Want your iPhone to quack like a duck? Sadly, there isn't an app for that, but it's not for

I ac k of trying. Developer Nick Bonatsakis of Atlantia Software created DuckPhone,

which - you guessed it - makes your phone quack like a duck. You won't be buying it any time soon, though, because Apple rejectad'

it for purchase in the App Store, citing its "minimal user functionality." Seems to me that if "user functionalltv" were a prerequisite, the App Store would have about half the population it does today.

But that apparently doesn't include the incredibly useful Fart lighter - Pull My Finger, Pro Edition app by Air"O-Matic, which, as you might surmise, lets you I.ight your virtual tarts and - well, that's about ft. It comes with 18 different sounds, and you can hold the app up next to any sound source to make it "explode" This app actually was rejected by the App Store and then re-instated, proof that even high-quality apps such as this one {"Among flatulence apps, our artwork makes us the classier choice') must face the same rigors of approval that every app must go through.

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Uses AA batteries

• Power

• Protect

• Sync {For /Phone. iPhOne 3G IJlJd /Phone 3GS} • .t Appl •• com end other online retalle,.

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Beckett Guide 10 Phone Apps

Why do you think people find Boxed In so addicting?

How did you get involved with iPhone game apps?

Dennis: I'd like to think people find it addicting because of the amount of effort I put into finding the right balance of fun and difficulty for each puzzle. Many games use randomly generated content for their puzzles and it shows. I worked as hard as I could making each level difficult but fun. I wanted people to struqglea bit with each level and then finally have that "Ah-ha!" moment when they figured it out.

Dennis: I love my [Phone and I've always enjoyed making games. The iPhone platform was a great way to combine the two. The App Store was the first opportu n i ty I found that gave me the abil ity to create something and easily put it in the hands of many people.

Becken Guide [0 Phone AD ps

you need to create phone apps?

Dennis: If you have any programming experience and basic problem-solving skills you should be good to go. iPhone development was new to me when I started Boxed In, but it wasn't very difficult to pick up, with my previous programming experience ..

Becken Guide !O Phone Apps


Do you work with a team or do you do all of the coding, graphics, and sounds yourself?

Dennis: I do all of the coding myself In the interest of saving time, I'll occasionally ask my brother (H i, Markl) or friend (Hi, Roryl) to take a look at something with me if I get hung up too long on a technical problem. I've done some of the graphics myself, but I mainly rely on freelance artists and music composers I find online. is an excellent source for sounds and music.

What game do you find challenging or enjoyable?

Dennis: My genre of choice would typically be role-playing games but I find those difficult to play on my phone. I enjoy games I can pick up and play for a few minutes at a time. I really enjoyed my brother's game, Relix. I think we both make the type of games we enjoy playing, I also really enjoy the iDrop Dead physics games.

So your brother is also an iPhone app developer. How did two brothers end up in the same field?

Dennis: I don't know why he's in the field, but I know .1 wouldn't be where lim at right now without his influence. My brother got me interested in programming back in the QBasic days. When he moved on to Pascal, I moved to Pascal. When he moved on to C, I moved on again. When the iPhone SDK came out, we both started talking about different game ideas and I knew right away I wanted to make Boxed In.


<III 17 ... '


'Hlgh Score: 65


o o


By Shaun Campbell

Fans of the online MMO World of WafCraft can rejoice - the game now has its very own iPhone application. Developed by Blizzard, The World 01 Warcralt Mobile Armory app for iPhone and iPod Touch gives you mobile access to the WoW Armory database. You can use the, app to search for ite ms, ch aracte rs, guild s and a rena learns. as well as view detailed profiles for each.

Keep in mind you that in order to use the WoW Mobile Armory, you do need to have a World of Warcraft account. It doesn't, however, need to be currently active. Once you've logged in, the. home. screen displays the World oj Warcraft Mabile Armory's main features:

My C hara eters - View yo u r character p rofi les an d i nf 0 rm ati on i ncl udin g st at s an d gear, talents, achievements, calendar. arena teams and guild info.

Guild - View guild members and guild information, Ca len dar - Kee p track of GU rrent and upco mi ng ing a me events su chas the Darkmoon Fa ire, Brewfest, Harvest Festival,. Hallow's End, Feast 01 Winter Veil, weekly Stranglethorn Fishing extravaganza, etc,

Leaderboards - Displays a ranked list oj your tracked characts rs based on thei r cu rrent achieve' msnt score.

Browse Items - All of the different types of items lound in World of Warcraft are listed here: dun· geons and raids, item collections, weapons, armor,

o OBll

gems, glyphs, containers, consumables, trade goods, miscellaneous and companions. Each item ca leg.ory is broken d own I urlhe r i nt 0 ite m classes ~ as an example, weapons has one-handed axes, two- handed a_tes, bows, guns, etc. The menus are all ve.ry easy to navigate and the items are listed by descending item level, You can also sort by name or quality.

Talent CalCIJlator - Allows you to view all of the different talent options and create talent builds for each of the game's 10 playable classes: Death Knight, Druid, Hunter, Mage, Paladin, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock and Warrior.

News - Realm firsts and general news.

The armory features are all linked to your active character, which can be changed in the My Characters pane of the characters screen. You can return to the home screen at any time by simply tap pin 9 the ho me i co n ,I oealed in the lower n avi· galion bar at the bottom of the screen.

Boltom Line: All the fea tu res 01 Ih e a nli ne World of Warcralt Armory in the palm of your hand. A n essential ap p for la ns of the game. Easy to use. easy 0 n the eye and made from the g rQU n d up with Ihe mobile user in mind.

20 Heck811 Guide [0 Pho~e AD ps

The World of Warcrafl Mobile .Armory requires iPhone OS 2.2 or higher and is compatible with both t'he iPhone & iPod Touch.

WizardlOI A

By Stephanie Morrow

It was bound to happen sooner of later, and I'm happy to announce it's sooner! Earlier today, Kingslsle Entertainment announced that it has just released the company's first phone app/game titled WizardBlox' WizardBlox is like the mini-game you play in Wizordl0l called Sorcery Stones but with a twist - in WizardBlox, you can earn codes for gold, potions, or other surprises to use with your Wizardl0l character!

Here's how you play - touch and slide a

bloc k to move it ho ri zonta Ily left or right. Create matches of 3 or more blocks of a single color. Don't let the blocks reach the top of the screen or the game will be over!

In addition to normal. blocks, various special blocks can appear in the playfield. Pinwheels match any other block. Bombs count as a block of that color and make a huge explosion when they go off! Jewels match any blocks, like pinwheels, and also destroy all the blocks of that color when you make a match. Reinforced blocks must be matched once to destroy their reinforcement. Frozen blocks cannot be swapped around.

Requirements: iPhone or iPod Touch Minimum 3_0 OS

Internet connectivity to receive codes WizardBlox

Price; FREE; Kingslsle Entertainment Inc. Rating; 4 out of 5 stars

Be~kell Guide to Phone Apps 21

SilYtI $2_00 Eddill's Soup ~~ pw:r1IV

~ So ~

Salle S1.00 PastryMan

n 11((]o~ I .Ili11f",",

'P.IIi.i!fllU "1k:fflol"l~'Ir,~Qft

5115 Sled Lenlnll_

'Firw>dllIDlsU1~1 I EmInroiI!dero 51_

6145P11 7;OOPM 7:15PM

A walerlroni .Restauranllnd ClI'e Rn~ 'Illsltlel I Embarcadero '&:0_

6:3(lPIol 7:00PM' 7:30PM


11'1" £111

l..",U ill "!II r "11'1'1I;",\UiLj


A pineapple is ripe If one of il The candles most IIkelv to cause to .•. )

Apples are more efficient Ulan caHe )

CoHee drink.ers have sex more Ireq >

Did you know there are 8 Insect leg )

The smaller the chilli pepper the hot. .. ) There are 340 minion M&M's produc ..• ) Cblna uses 4S billion chopsticks p .•• )

My Planted Seeds: 4

My Last Update: 2131/2009

Total Pock:et Garden Users: 10

Genus: Transvaal Daisy FUlIIy: Aster· utI I

I Remove


PrIce Quote

A reverse now 01 water Of other liquids Into lhs water ••.

Formula Definition

Dr,'n IIlId venl lines. MOSI olda, Dr.ln·W •• la.Vantlng ...







11M .". butlOt'I, betOYf 10 cIwIg,e your unit 0'111 .. 1l1l1I_1 d'llOUgnDul lhlJ "PPDc..lIon lOr "I I;IlcuW_

Hanging a celling fan Is nOI ~ mechan1cally dilflcult, and mostlans comewllh good installation Instructions;

M()10reyde 1$ In greal s.nape, very dIIan, ,QfIIY 13000 mll!!s Never beat on. lV3Yer

,OK 3 -Grassy Key I Mlulllh


bauli:k f,cmlgsl "l,011!

88 cbI' f3 &QO __ n (II tred.e. 1998 C8R F3 600 for sale._



Aillalia 605

I' r 6:30 PM •• rleB 8:2.0 AM ."

+- Madrid to New York Iberia Alrhnes 6251

pc r 1:55 PM "N 4,:OS PM ,.....,

+- Rome 10 Madrid



Clothes (",17)



W Ighl(lbc)



SIZlI 1M W .. C In .ncnes)

lltw & Oro,r

.The Ii>pl-Q"9" 1.1S...,dlh.e Ioogal """tlng o.go II 11t &!I> .... _I>oI...t_

~ oIu: 37'h ~3
@ BeaIS
·3 Q/IJ: 371', -a
Ravens @ Cnargers
o/u; "Olt -3
@ Cowboys
o/u.4I3'r.. ·3
@ Dolphins , . .

.. 1 EEl ,1 -r ... 1 .. ~

• ~ ~ 3 ~ 4 ~ ~ ~ ~ 1-

Z 3 :a,:%

MIIIT'ott~PrOIlO Holel " ConI 101 W 100 N

Provo. lIT

0.1 ml

Ono·Of·A.klnd OppcrtunJlyl U-Shllped Resort. S1yIe F~ Plan W1AmazlI19 Courtyard Offcf"li All Tho 8Q,i\ Indoor/OutIIoof L.IY1ng VauHcd C<ullnglt.Sunrvom & Soporuto WIng For Toonago CIIildnmlGuolit!i. Prof. Landscapmg & CIrCUlar Driy Wily For exira Or-una'

Prh;e (S) 599 .. 99
sales Tax Ie LOW (%) 14.5
! Cllcul.,. Au.'
Weekly $52.85
Bi-weekly 5114.50
Seml-montl1ly 5114.50 .~Ia.H.' ~ ~.?j} pr", 0 rn- ~

~iIOn1l'i' Resulls ",1It~:~

Seallle, WA (ll!D

1,If.1 'IJ $--\50000 I 'S.Irq;18 r.aPTll"'t~""Ii;W'lE!"Ii

Hi John, call me when you get this e-mail. I'm running a little bit late. 1

Send to Mall

Send to Txt MS"g

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~ H. ;j<


I • L

Shipped Monday Jusl In Ime 'or ... e partv. - Tho Earth loughs Tn I_ersl



Dele·Time: 2010.02.24 14:49:40 TranSaaJOn; SAlE

MIn. COd£i: TAS741

Total Charge: 522.60

TIp Ami: 50.00 Tax Amt; $1.48

Acc:ounl I: 401200···· .. 0026 VISA

29,11 ~I*o..
s:l88.11 Cos> .... ".~
Total ...... 78$.0 ~1l<1!!p"'F.L-.
TOIllIa.-. 210," M'''''l''''"fl~
T1IIIl1 FlIUp, 2i5 """,,,.'0..,
TDQ! iltYlI 61 I,I .. ""S Be~kell Guide to Phone Apps

I'm Only Me When I'mWlth You

Picture to Bum

Words With Friends

Price; $2.99; Newtoy, Inc. Rating; 3.5 out of 5 stars

If you were confused about why everyone is yelling, 'Triple word score, suck on that!" then look no further. It may look like Scrabble, feel like Scrabble, and even make you think it is Scrabble, but in reality, Words With Friends is a new way to play an old game. With online game play, you and your friends can play each other from across the school, across the nation, or just across the room. If you're not looking to shell out the $2.99, there is an ad-supported free version.

Becken Guide !O Phone Apps

Tap Tap Revenge 3

Price; FREE; Tapulos Rating; 4 out of 5 stars

Called the Guitar Hero for your fingers, the third installment of Tap Tap Revenge is lighting up the App Store once again. With songs from artists ranging from Lady Gaga to Nine Inch Nails, there is sure to be music for everyone While not all songs are free, there are quite a few available, with new ones added every week. Missing the old interfaces? Get them now for the low price of $0.99.

_'~7 ~-ni've---I s


Price; FREE; Facebook Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Rather than getting annoying Facebook mobile messages buzzing your phone constantly, why not join thousands of people messaging, commenting, and posting photos from around the world? And, just like real, Facebook, it's free, tool


Price; FREE; Hampton Catlin Rating; 3.5 out of S stars

It's English class. You're asked for a definition. Who carries a 10-pound dictionary? Lucky for you, your iPhone happens to have one of the largest built-in dictionaries. For the low, low price of $0.00, why wait'? Get this handy app today.


Price; FREE; John Haney Software Rating; 3 out of 5 stars

Why use your phone for a light when you could use an app?

This great tool gfves you a variety of different colors, effects, and even a strobe light for an in-home rave with your friends. It's entertaining, useful, and free.

The Weather Channel

Price; FREE; The Weather Channel Interactive Rating; 3 .. 5 out of S stars

Don't you hate when you leave the house on a sunny day and it starts to rain unexpectedly? The days without an umbrella are over. The Weather Channel's exclusive app gives you 24-hour updates on the weather for your hometown. For all the information your television gives you, the MAX version is just $3.99, with great up-to-date radar and video. Looking for something more wallet-friendly? An ad-supported free version is available.

Alarm Clock Pro

Price: $0.99; iHandySoft Inc. Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Hate waking up to the same old boring

alarm clock with the same annoying noises? Then look no further. Alarm Clock Pro wi II have you waking up to the music on your iPhone each and every morning. Want to save the extra buck? A lite version is available as well.

Sale Plrice

'Price: Sl.99; Maglevit.y labs Rating: 4 out of S stars

What's 40% of $3997 How much are these shoes? For the shopaholic in you, this application is there to help you. figure out just how good your sale is. A free version is also available.

iGlowSlick Pro

Price: $0.99; Spielwerk Rating; 4 out of 5 stars

No need for an explanation: it's a glow stick, and your own personal one, at that Perfect for concerts, parties, or just chilling with some friends at home. Great animations and a Wide variety of colors brings youriPhone to life. The Pro version is just $0.99, but there is a lite version with fewer glow sticks to choose from.

'Price: $0.99; DistinctDev Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Think you're smart? Well, think again. The Moron Test, as its name states. is a "test" of your wits and patience that can entertain you for hours. For only $0.99, you would be a moron not to try this app out

Always wonder what game everyone is hyped up about? Wondering what apps you·re going to need on a daily basis? If you're a teen like me, here are just a few of the apps your iPhone should nat go without.

Becken Guide 10 Phone Ap ps

LPlants VS. lomb·es


, ,
;i-. ~;
,fO a .j , -~!
~~~ P 4'~! •
_.; ..-. '111)\
~~ . .r
"l ~:- -- , --
u._m:IJ popeap Games~ maker of some of the

world's most popular video games, recently released Plants vs. Zombies for the iPhone and iPOO touch. Faithful to the game design of the PC and Mac blockbuster, but adapted specifically for the iPhone and Pod touch - including exclusive features and content - Plants vs. Zombies is available for '$2.99 from Apple's App Store on iPhone and iPod touch, or at www.itunes.comiappstore.

"Plants VB. Zombies for iPhone and iPod Touch marks the first adaptation of our wildly popular 'flower defense' game to a new platform, and we're excited at how well it has translated to the iPhone and iPod Touch," stated Andmw Stein, director of mobile platforms at PopCap Garnes. "We've stayed true to the original computer version with the fuf-featured gameplay of Adventure mode and have optimized this adaptation around a seamless touch interface. Plus, we've added great content, including the new Quick Play Arena, which allows easy replay of any level after completing the Adventure mode, and more than a dozen achievements to reward successful completion of in -game challenges"

'Game Fealures

The game features non-stop comedic action throughout 50 infinitely rep.layable levels and challenges you to defend your house from encroaching zombies striving to reach your front door to eat your brains. You can choose from an ever-increasing assortment of specialized, zombie-battling plants to slow down, confuse, weaken, and ultimately destrov the vegetation-munching undead before they can traverse your yard a nd reach your front doer.

Game Play

If you use the right selection of plants, resources, and clever planting placements you can overcome more than two dozen different kinds of zornbies. each with its own combination of 'skfls" and behaviors. Additional obstades and challenges in laterlevels include the setting of the sun (complete with a set of defensive mushrooms, which are only usable at night), a creeping fog, and even a swimming pool where the aquatic zombies make their approach'

52 Heck811 Guide 10 Pho~e AD ps


Other features of Plants V$. Zombies fot the iPhone (Ina IPod Touch include:

The Quick Play Arena, which allows easy replay of any lsvelafter complstinq the 50 levels in Adventure mode

More than 8, dozen achievements to reward successful completion of in-game challenges More than four dozen plants, from cherry bombs and peashooters to melon-putts, wallnuts and sunflowers

Dozens of different zombie types, induding back-from-the-dead miners, businessmen, football players, and even 8 zombie bobsled team

Suburban almanac that tracks your progress and provides vital stats on plant and zombie types

Crazy Dave's trunk-o-the-car shop, where you can purchase new plarrts, power-ups, and other zombie-exterminating tools

New fluid animation technology, which creates even more visually appealing plants and zippier zombies

11 original musical pieces that mirror the increasing intensity of the gameplay

• Since its release lost year, Plants VS. Zombies for the PG and Moc has become one of the most sue cesslul fr ancbis es in casual·ga mi n ~ hi stu ry, sell iog. last er th a n a ~v previ 0 us Po pea p In I e and garnering dozens of PC and casual "Game 01 the Year' accelades.


Winner IIf Dver 20 Came of the Year Awards

Get It naw far I,hane·lnd .Pad taue.-

LLear Math


( By Jason Winter )

One Moxie Ventures ~

Math Flash Cards is one of many flesh-cerd-based educetiona I apps available for the iPhone. So what makes this one stand out? The answer is its ease of use and loads of options, allowing you to customize your decks for kids (and even adults] of all ages.

Math Flash Cards come pre-programmed with four simple decks of cards. each using the numbers from zero to 12 and one of the four operations {addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division). Students view the cards one at a time, selecting the correct answer from a list of four choices. When finished, the app displays the time taken and the number of correct answers. The best times and ratings are recorded for each deck. giving students new goals to shoot for each time they go through a deck.

That's only the beginning, though, as Math Flash Cards allows you to set up custom decks with numbers up to 24 and deck sizes of 25, 50. or 100 cards, or all possible combinations of numbers (625 for full decks of 0-24). Several advanced options are available, too, including the ability to have negat.ive answers or for the multiple choice option to be disabled. forcing students to enter the answers directly using a number keypad. On some of the toughest settings, even experienced math buffs will find a challenge. How quickly can you type in the answer for 23 x 17?

A few more options would have made the app perfect.

Deck size choices are limited to four options, as noted above; the ability to have a custom deck size would have appeared natural. And the deck setup screen has a Back button but nothing like a Create button. You'd think Back would take you back to the main screen without creating the deck. but that's not how it works, and you' have to delete the deck you've created if you decide to go back. A little more in-app docurnentat ion or instruction would come in handy.

These minor quibbles aside, Math Flash Cards is a simple, utilitarian app that parents and teachers will find a great supplement to their children's math education. Perfect for home" schoolers or frequent travelers, Math Flash Cards is a bargain at just :1;0.99, and it sure beats lugging around a physical set of flash cards. (By the way, 23 x 17 ~ 391.)

Math F!ash Cards

Price: :1;0.99; One Moxie Ventures Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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Allow Nogal"'" ~"'" ShllfIlIIcardt

MullpJe ChoIco

Redo t.bHd CBn:Is

11)' UNii CQrre¢!

Nunm-ol CBrd.


Sta.r Player series

Price: iO .. 99 each (i1. 99 for Star Player Deluxe)

.Rating: 3 to 4 out of 5 stars

Keep track of your chi ld's stats or record his or her entire team's progress with the Star Player series of apps. Lacrosse Star Player, Soccer Star Player, Hockey Star PI·ayer, and Basketball Star Player are perfect for parents and coaches, and include several categories of stats for their sports. Review previous games' stats, compile stats across multiple games or the whole season, or view a digital trading card of your budding' sports star Got a multi-sport athlete in the family? Try Star Player Deluxe. which combines the other four apps.

Whee! of Doom

Price: $0.99

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Can't decide on a fitting punishment for your normally well-behaved child? let the Wheel of Doom decide for you! With results ranging from Earl.y Bedtime to Sit Ups to the very lucky Free space, where no punishment is levied, this app removes the hassle and guilt from having. to dole out punishment. Also includes the Wheel of Choice, for help in making family decisions.

Life. Organized.

Create your own database solutions to track what your

but your" can't remember




By Doug Kale

Here are some secrets to tryon your iPhone

Start Your Car with the iPhone

You now have the power to unlock and start your car right from your iPhone.l.fyou join Zip car and download their app, you'll be abl'e to find your car in a parking 'lot, start it up, and honk the hom,

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Home Screen Jump

If you've downloaded over a hundred apps and you're between eight or nine screens, there's quick trick to getting back to the Home screen. All you need to do it click the round Home button at the bottom and it automatically jump right to your first page of apps [s.k.a, the Home screen).

If you're searching web· sites on your Google appand want to enter a web address with a .net, .org, or .edu instead of .com, there's a quick way to do it. Simply hold down on the .com button on your ke,yboard. Within two seconds a box wfll pop up with additional web extensions.l,fyou want to use .net simply drag your flnger up to the little .net icon and that extension will show up in your web address bar.

L Tips and tricks

This is a clever app, Ringtone Maker app allows you to record sound 'or speech with your iPhone and quickly turn it into an iPhone ringtone., The app costs :l0.99.

Hidden Symbols oniPhone

JUst like the web-extension secrets there are other symbols hidden on the iPhone keyboard. Hold down the question mark you you'll get access to an upsidedown question mark. Hold down on the exclamation point and yourll find an upside-down one as welk Hold down on the period and you get the option to use an ellipsis (three dots). If you do a little searching on your keyboard. you'll discover even more unusual symbols.

Did you know that youI' lPhone has a built-in sclentifle calculator? Yesl It's true! Simply go to your home screen and locate your calculator. Click it on and then turn your phone' sideways. Your calculator automati-


.,;:j'I -r-~~ ~ "', ~ -;rw
~ ~ ~-v:- ~ 'i_ ~ ~
r.i' ..,. ~~ 6 9 ~
sin .oM r.=- ~ 5 6 ~
SInh oOsh _, ~ 2 3 I:
'FI,lCl -::-- ~ na" 0 cally turns into a scientific calculator! Amazing!

Retur'n to tetters

Create Web Clip Icons

When you're using the iPhone to send e-mails and you're using numbers in your sentences, there's a quick way to return to the letters, Simply presson the Space Sal' once and it will automatically take you back to the letters ..

You can create your own icon for your favorite web site link on your iPhone. First click on your Safari icon. Then go to you favorite websit.e. When the homepage is up, press the + (plus. sign) on the bottom of your screen. A bar will pop up that savs Add Bookmark, Add to Home Screen .. and Mail

Link to this Page. Click on Add to Home Screen. Another screen will tell you that an icon will be added to your home screen, so 'You can quickly access the web site. Click on Add and you're done!

Sl.Ib/ect Re: SlOtI': Adojic!ed To 1M IPhcne

QIW)t;IRIT JVJUJ! jOlP III,A 'SOIFG)H)J K ''-1 'LT.i . I KJC VJ Dj_tI N K:i _ -- lillliill

Be~kell Guide to Phone Apps 57

Pssscoae i OFF I


Bo!llO>dWa"', t"~_iII'D.LMlI'lI:I.Gtll.

YOlii .-0 ",Cl!lnl!d lID bI _..,.""1......,...... """.~rl~_,..,r ..... o bbtUd "tour pUMlneu ClII' _ .... 0I1Atao d 1Il;0l1 II>

... " ..t_. boIbIlIy, ond 111_ .... _ .. "_ .... ,,, ..

IifIOdI ID» tliIII' than IrV ID CI:ICIIHIrMl! « ___ .. _..-._ •• on.


w.nn-u.; •

In_"_ I

L .... · •

I;n.tIbllkia:_ 1:rI.'1I11I1I..",:

Cl'llllJvny~ 1'1 .....

Jlf Pu,,,'" Ilu!;ler ~eruiidoW, UGIL

Bsekerr Guide to Pho~e Apps


and save yOU" composltlollS, over,

Ii... , .. _ if

.... .."

Wnettier you are just leaml

. ... . ..

apps for; true music fanatlcsl


LPhone Man






Courtesy of

Te ephone


Good manners are good for business, while great manners can set you apart. If you're under stress or in a hurry, it's easy to let your guard down and fail to observe the basics. But if you take a deep breath before you call. good manners can actually get you the results you want - faster. Here's a rundown of some quick tips to brush up on your phone manners and phone style.

Phone strategy

• Treat the call as if it were a meeting - have a purpose and an agenda.

• Decide what you'll do if someone answers other than the person you're calling. Would you prefer to leave a message, go to Voice mail or call back later?

• I f you're on a scheduled call, be at your desk at the appointed time.

• Learn the names of the people who answer the phones at the numbers you call most frequently. Speak pleasantly to them, and if you talk to them very frequently, send them a card or gift on their birthday or over the holidays.

Dos and don ~ts

• Don't type or shuffle papers while you're on the phone - it suggests that you're not listening to the caller.

• If you have to put the phone down, do it gently to spare your caller's ear.

• Rid your mouth of food, gum, cough drops, or candy before talking on the phone - the receiver amplifies your noshing.

• If you have to sneeze or cough, tum your head and cover your mouth - and the receiver.

• Speak directly into the receiver - don't bury it in your shoulder or neck.

• If you dial the wrong number, explain yourself and verify the phone number so you don't repeat the call. Don't hang up: that's just rude.

• Cut down on the background noise when taking or making a call'. Radios, televisions, and even computer bings and bleeps can be distracting over the phone.

akin,g messages

• Record the time and date the call came in.

• Verify the caller's name, company name, and phone number,

• Initialize the message, so if the person who received the message has allY questions. he or she can contact you.

• Get a short statement about the callers intent.

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SaFPWR for iPhone

SaFPWR {pronounced "safe power'1 technology allows you to use your device to its full potential without the battery runtime worries. Forget the cords at home, in the car, at work, and at play because you can use your device as you desire. The adaptive battery-charging technology {ABC) housed within the SaFPWR smart cases offers more than just auxiliary power for today's mobile needs. The integrated chip monitors the case's battery cells and the internal battery of the device serves for a host of assurances in safety, extended runtime, and extended internal battery life for your device.

SaFPWR adaptive battery charger cases come in a variety of power ratings, styles, color combinations, vertical or horizontal orientations and are available with or without belt clips.

You'll experience 200% more run time with the battery-life-extending capabilities of the SaFPWR iPhone Battery case. This is a great product for all iPhone users.

Becken Gu ide to Phone AD ps

App-Enhanced AlarID Clock Speak SystelD

This socially networked device will be able to get you out of bed and keep you informed on what's happening with your friend's llvas through Fa~ebook or TWitter. This dock is designed to work with the free ll-lorne + Sleep app, so you can get a good night's sleep without missing a beat on your soclal channels. Retail price is ~99 ..

Features include:

Wor.ks with free iHome·+ Sleep iPhonec and iPod Touch app

Provides modern-day social-network mom' ingpaper

Wake up to info on current weather conditions in your area

Track sleep patterns and sleep stats

Wake and sleep to your iPod!iPhone movies or music

Plays and charges your dockediPod/iPhone

Portable Rechargeable AlarID Clock

iHome has just released the iP49 Portable RechargeablE! Audio System with Alarm Clock & FM Radio for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

The iP49 is equipped with the patented Bongiovi Acoustics DPS technology, which was developed by a team of audio engineers with years of experience in the music, television, and motion picture recording industry. It's a complex, chip-based alqorithm, custom-tuned to each and every product to maximize performance and provide studio quality scund the way the artist intended it to be heard. The processor active, meaning it constantly scans the program material in real time and effectively improves transients and harmonics, resulting in amazing highs, lows, and clarity across all frequencies and volume levels. Retail price is $179.

Features include:

Digital Power Station processing EQ (bass, treble.and 3·D effect) for optimum sound Plays and charges iPhone and dockingiPod


Internal rechargeable lithium Ion battery Wake and sleep to youriPod and iPhone Folding design for easy portability

Be~kell Guide to Phone Apps

Clear Protection for iPad

NLU Products has launched the strongest clear protection available for Apple's sleek new iPad, incorporating its standard-setting BodyGuardz and ScreenGuardz brands

BodyGuardz scratch-proof transparent skins are designed to custom-fit each particular device, for unrivaled full body and screen protection. BodyGuardz will add a layer of scratch-proof fi 1m to the back and sides that will allow the device to be placed on harsh surfaces without a single worry about a scratch. Using a static-cling application for a less permanent alternative to protective skins with adhesives, ScreenGuardz for the iPad is designed to safeguard the screen from scratches, oils, makeup, and other potentially damaging agents.

The suggested retail price is $29.95 ($19.95 for screen-only protection).

Give Me SOlie Ski

Each skin from GH Skinz is full color, laminated, and printed on air-release removable vinyl for easy application. Air-release removable vinyl allows you to install the skins perfectly without any air bubbles and will not leave any sticky residue behind when removed. The skins are also designed to protect the surface of the iPhone from daily use and surface scratches. Each package includes skins for the front and back of the iPhone 3G/3GS and a bonus Ultra Clear Screen Protector. They're easy to install, protect from dirt, water, and surface conditions, and are precision cut, allowing easy access for buttons, controls, jacks, and connectors.

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Talk to Your Baby in the Womb Using an iPhone

Nuvo Group USA has released the Ritmo Advanced Pregnancy Sound System, which delivers unparalleled quality and safe sound to prenatal listeners.

Ritmo was created to provide a convenient, comfortable and safe way for families to share the sensory and emotional experience of bonding through sound and music with their developing baby. Ritmo can connect to most audio devices with a universal stereo plug, such as iPods, MP3 players, iPhones, and BlackBerries.

Here's how it works: The expectant mother wears a fashionable, I.ightweight belt around her pregnant belly. The belt has four speakers and a controller, which is the size ofa deck of cards and fits comfortably into a tiny pocket Your own audio player plugs into the controller, which utilizes Nu,vo's patented Safe & Sound Technology to regulate the output of sound to a safe level for a baby to hear in-utero, regardless of how loud the sound was recorded orthe volume at which it was played.

Research shows that reactive listening begins at 17 weeks' gestation. Often referred to as the Mozart Effect, numerous studies show that music contributes positively to human fetal development, bonding, and stress reduction. With Ritmo, the type of sound that can be delivered in-utero has expanded way beyond music. Using Ritmo, a baby in the womb can hear a recording of:

• Dad reading his favorite book

• Sibl.ings talking or singing

• Grandparents singing a lullaby

• The family dog: barking

And, ye.s, even someone talking to him or her ona phone from miles away_

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Takings ,closer leek at the features in Apple-'s newest creation

Obamll 01;ders !nIIJfU\'ements 1Il SCL'Urity Policie~

Pn "'III~II*-t~ ..

~I,ll !1'i ... \~.,...JY.

W.'''~'~l 10 wn

.. ~II-I:-lI....,. ••


,,~ ... ""'''~IIII1.~

F" ~ II" .. CiI~~\:1


lIfO ...... """"' ~~

"'n __ Ow'...n 1I,,;,;.o~ ~\~II~nq

...".,.._.......~.~ ,

F_P _\. s...lo.; Slriclrr ~.~ .. !lUI'" f • Poilu"'''''' ~

''''In,,Slnog I"""~",,,

7 0 Beckett Guide to Phone Apps

liPad Report

Apple has loaded the iPad with all sorts of

Some may say it"s just a larger version of the iPhone. while others will ather claim it's a device tha.t can revolutionize the way we read books and magazines, videos, or surf the web. Whichever side you're on. yau have to admit. the iPad is a beautiful piece of technology.

Here·s a ist of features from Apple:

Surf the Web Using Safari

• View whole web pages in portrait or landscape on the large Multi-Touch screen,

• When you rotate iPad to landscape, the page you're viewing rotates and expands to fit the display.

• Scroll through a page just by fl icking up or down on the screen.

• Double-tap a section on a page to enlarge or shrink it and pinch to zoom in or out.

o When you touch and hold a link, Safari shows you the URl 50 you know before you go.

• A handy thumbnail view that shows all your open pages in a grid, so you can quickly move from one page to the next, E-Mail is Made Easler

• The iPad keyboard switches between landscape and portrait orientation with a tum.

• Hold iPad in landscape for a split-screen view showing both an opened e-mail and the messages in your inbox, each with a two-line preview of its contents

Becken Guide 10 Phone Ap ps 71

• When you're ready to compose a new message, a single tap reveals a I'arge onscreen keyboard with keys that are practically the same size as a notebook's.

• The keyboard accelerates your typing by tracking what you type and suggesting words, correcting spelling, and inserting punctuation automatically.

Search Photos

• Your photo albums appear as tidy little stacks you can pinch to preview.

• When you rotate iPad, your picture rotates, too, so you can show it off any way you want.

• Flip IPad over to share a snapshot with the person across from you, then flip it back to share with someone sitting next to you,

• You can create and play your own slldeshows. complete with music and animated transitions.

• When you want to share photos from afar, e-mail them or publish them to the web using MobileMe wirth just a tap or two. Watchi'n.g Videos

•. The 9.7 -inch high·resolution display makes iPad perfect for watching HO movies, TV shows, podcasts, and music videos.

• You can keep watching for up to 10 hours, thanks to the lithium-polymer battery in iPad.

• Tap the iTunes icon and yodll find thousands of movies - including HD moviesready and waIting.

72 Becken Guide !O Pholle ADPS

• The hiqh-resolution screen makes YouTube videos look amazing, especially those in HD. • Use your fingers to play, pause, and a video. Turn iPad sideways and it plays in widescreen.

Music and More

• The NowPJaying screen appears, displaying the album art for the song you're playing. • Use your flnqer to pause, shuffle, change the track, and adjust the volume.

• For private listening, connect wired or Bluetooth wireless headphones,

• iPad comes with a musical Genius that automatically creates multiple mixes based on the music you love.

• Genius finds other songs on your iPad that sound great together and makes a Genius playlist for you.

• Tap iTunes to browse millions of songs in the iTunes Store and download new music directly to your i Pad,

App.s For the iPa.d

• Get instant access to 150,000 apps on the App Store in every possible category . • The App Store features new apps designed speciflcallv for iPad.

• Tap the Genius icon to get recommendations for apps that you might like, based on apps you and others have downloaded. Using Maps

'. Tap to view locations from above with highresolution satellite imagery and up close with street view.

l iPad Report

o iPad with Wi-Fi finds your location using known Wi-Fi hotspots.

o Maps gives you directions and a route from where you are.

o Find the best route to your bouse and email it to a friend.

Your Digital Notepad

o The iP,.,d can also turn into a digital notepad with one quick tap.

o The iPad is so thin and light, you can take it to a meeting, a lecture. or the grocery store. o The iPad keyboard accelerates your typing by tracking what you write and suggesting words, correcting spelling, and inserting punctuation for you automatically.

Handy Ca.lenda.r

• The Calendar on IPad keeps your busy llfe beautifully organized.

o In portrait view, you can see an entire month or the details of a single day.

• Hotate IPad to landscape, and you11 find a list of the day's activities on one side and your detailed schedule on the other.

o Each calendar appears in a different color, so ft's easy to manage them all,

Books and Magazines

• Download the iBooks app free from the App Store and you can browse and shop for booksanv time.

• View what's featured on the iBQokstore, the New York Times best-seller lists, and more.

• When you find a book you like, tap it to see more details, peruse reviews, or even read a serrple.

• You hold your iPadlike a book and flip the pages like a book.

• The high~resolution, LED-backJit screen displa,ys. every page beautifully, with crisp, sharp text that makes reading ajoy.

o You can adjust the backlight brightness to read in low light. Tap the center of the page to hide lBooks controls, so It's Just you and the book.

o Whel'! you're finished reading, iBooks bookmarks where you left off .

Other Key Features

• Turn your iPad into a Keynote presentation. Create stunning spreadsheets and charts very quickly.

For more details on the iPad, go to

Becken Guide 10 Phone Ap ps 73



By Sheila lewis

S oclel networking and casual gaming have merged to create an industry to be reckoned with, and Facebook is - at the forefront of this new gaming revolution With new games being released on Facebook on a regular basis, how do you decide which titles are worth your time?

Texas Hold ·Em Poker

This little gem is primar'ily for poker players, but if you've always wanted to learn the game, there is a tutorial at your disposal. The best thing about Texas Hold 'Ern Poker is that you won't have to take out a second mortgage if you lose, because all that is really at stake is a spot on the high score chart. Every poker day starts with daily lottery winnings, which will help you to rsplenish your funds if you've been on a losing streak. Tables support up to nine players and are sorted by several levels of difficulty to help you find the right table to suit your skill level. In addition to the regular poker tables, you can also work your way up to the VIP tables and participate in regular tcornernents. Zynga also has a line of iPhone apps for its popular poker game. Whether you just enjoy the thrill of poker or want to hone up on your skills, it doesn't get any closer to the real thing than Zynga:s Texas Hold 'Ern Poksr.

74 Heckell Guide [0 Pho~e AD ps

l Top 10 Facebook Games

Island Paradise

Island Paradise by Meteor Games has a bit of everything for social gamers to enjoy. As master of your own island, you can grow exotic crops, keep animals, catch fish, cook, and design your perfect island getaway. Visit friends on neighboring islands, and if you're feeling a little naughty, you can even borrow (or stealll some of their island-grown produce. Remember, though, what goes around comes around! As wi,th most Facebook games, there is a leveling system which enables you to purchase new items and add island upgrades as you rise the ranks. Island Paradise tends to be a little more laid back than a lot of the other farming and building simulations available. It's is the perfect game for those just starting out on Facebook and for players looking for something with a truly casual pace. nttp://appafacebook...c:am/myownls I IInd/ nttp://www.matRDt"


.... --+:::-::I-=+---,'! :;:: ::!

IpIii Iii! .w.'

....... "'!:':-:~~~--" =~--=,..


If you enjoy word games, then Scramble is where the action is. Search for words on a board of scrambled tiles. Play solo, play against friends, challenge others, or play live against numerous opponents at the same time. The player rooms also double as chat rooms so you can talk to your friends or opponents as you play. Scramble is as challenging as it is fun, and it's guaranteed to give your brain a workout. There is also a free iPhone version of Scramble available, allowing you to do all of the same things as the Facebook version of the game, but on the gol Mtp:IJ __ zyng •. camf httpd/appdacebook.comlscramblegameJ


Bejeweled Blitz

When PopCap's popular puzzler Bejeweled found its way to Facebook. players made a mad dash for the game in an attempt to top their friends for the coveted Bejeweled Blitz high score. With a one-minute trner licking, Bejeweled Blitz requires players to match gems in an attempt to form horizontal and vertical rows of three or more. Chains of more than three gems result in combos, cascades, and hypercubes for bigger points and a bevy of gem fireworks and explosions. To make it even easier to become a Blitz fan, PopCap has integrated iPhone support Now you. can play Blitz from your i Phone and have your scores published directly to Facebook. If you're the competitive sort, PopCap even holds regular prize tournaments for the game. Bejeweled Blitz is quite likely the most fun you can have on Facebook in the course of a minutei httpJ/

Be~kell Guide 10 Phone Apps 75


A colorful fish tank simulation providing lots of fishy fun, but none of the fishy smell! Zynga's FishVilie offers you the opportunity to stock and maintain fish tanks that look every bit as pretty as the real thing. Personalize your tank with a number of environments, plants, and decorations. Stock your tank with colorful fish, feed them, clean them, and watch them grow. As your fish age. their value increases. You decide when to sell them off and re-stock With each level earned. new fish and decorations become available. While you're waitlnq for your fish to grow, you can complete assigned objectives to win awards or trade special collection pieces with your FishVille neighbors. Visit other player's fish tanks to see what they're stocking, and feed their fish while earning coins and experience points. Be sure to feed your fish regularly. or, just as in real life, you may come back to find them bsllv-upl "ttttp://_.zyngB.eoml http://apps.facebook.eom/ftslwilla

76 Heckell Guide [0 Pho~e AD ps

Treasure Madness

zSlide's casual game Treasure Madness is a fun and relaxing game that does not rely on the need for neighbors. Become a treasure hunter by using your virtual coins to purchase maps to explore. The objective is simple: Click the tiles on your maps to see if anything is hidden under them.. While exploring your maps, you will uncover hidden money, collectable treasures, increased health, and the opportunity to play one of several available mini-games. With so many mini-games to choose from, Treasure Madness is really several qames in one. Eam extra coins by participating in the daily "Gold Rush:' Fill out your wish list and trade collactab~es with friends. This little game packs a punch aod will keep you coming back for more. Treasure Madness is what casual games are all about; play at your own pace wrthout feeling that nagging responsibility to constantly check that your crops aren't spoiling. Knowledge of purate lingo not required! kttp:J/ I1ttp:/lapp&


Perhaps you didn't grow up with a dream of joining the mob. but Zynga's Mafia Wars lets you do just that.. Mafia Wars provides players With all of the action and drama that one might expect from Mafia life, without the worry that you may find yourself sleeping with the fishes one day' Travel between New York, Bangkok, Cuba, and Moscow; perform jobs for the mob as you work your way up from street thug to hitman; battle against mob bosses. purchase properties, run businesses, and battle other players. The more players in your Mafia the better, but if you don't have a lot of friends playing the game, you can just purchase new Mafia members with the points you earn along the way. Build your character by increasing your personal statistics, which you gain with each level. Do you want to be the brains of the operation or the brawn? It's entirely up to you - after all, you're the boss.


1rttp:1I omrrntharnafiaf

10 Facebook Games

Cafe World

While Playfish's Restaurant City is a dose runner-up, Zyngs's Cafe World has taken the crown as reigning rssteurant simulation on the Facebook block. Learn new recipes as you gain levels, hire your friends to work in your cafe, and earn medals for being such a fantastic chef! Set your favorite appetizers, entrees and desserts to cook, then come back later to serve your customers. As you earn virtual coin, you can increase the size of your cafe and customize it to make it your own. Cafe World makes decorating fun. In addition to the top-notch graphics, Cafe World is continually being updated with new furnishings and themes. If you've ever wanted to run your own Tiki Bar, Prehistoric Pub, '50s Diner or even a Space Lounge, then Cafe World has the tools to make that happen. Bon appetite!;tlfBWOl"Id/


PetVille is likely one of the cutest games that you, will come across on Facebook.ln Zynga's PetVille, you start by customizinq your pet's physical appeerancs. After cornpletinq your pet makeover, little Fido moves into a one-room

apil rtmen t. He re you're responsi b I e lor pick i ng up after your pet, cleaning your pet and feeding yo 1.1 r pet, Love po i nts are awarded for all of you r in-game acticns and As you, collect love, you level up, which unlocks new rooms in your house, new purchase-s, new pet foods, and much more. As if that's not enough to keep you and yo ur pet busy. yo u can also vi sit neighboring pets, where you can do more bBthing, cleaning, and feeding, all in the name of love [points)l Weekly challenges are available, which will also earn you some added love points and coins. But what to do with all of those coins you've been raking in? Shop! Clothing and costumes are available for your shopping pleasure, as are fur" niture and hardware for your home. With new content added regularly, your pet's home can be whatever your imaqinaticn can conjure up. Don't forget to feed your pet, or you'll have to pay to get it released from the poundl



Zynga's FarmVille is a social gaming sensation and the most-played game on Facebook. This top farm simulator allows players to decorate a plot of land to their heart's content, maintain crops, and care for a wide assortment of farm animals. FarmVille features an incredible amount of content for farmers of all levels, and Zynga adds new toys to tinker with on a regular basis. FarmVille fans with some added time on their soiled hands can also work on goaloriented tasks, such as finding collection pieces and meeting assigned objectives to earn ribbons. With the recent addition of new building types, such as schools and shops, YOIJ can even create your very own little farming town Bringing in over BO million players a month, FarmVille truly is the cream of the crop! http://appll.facabook.ctlm/onthef.nn/

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Tour dates Favorite songs Movie debut


........................... ~ ••••• !lP

Interview with Vittoria Justice

1Io ...... • .. •• .. • .. •••• ..... ••• ... ••f

Have you ever wondered what your favorite 8pOrts 8tar or singer was doing?

Have you been looking ror a good way to keep all YOur friends in the loop about major events In your life or waJltfNI to know how thor WB/'B


Have you wanted to share pictures with friends and relatIVes all over

the country or wo.rld?


• A tWtter

directory of some of the

biggest names in sports, m.ovies, tv, polttlcs, literature and more.

• Coverage or all the newest, Jt-r::!'OTIEISl online "flash" games (including reviews, tips and more).

• lips for parents on how to let your kids safely play, chat and network with friends online.

• Ideas for membership uses of social network or twitter, including picture sharing, job hunting and more.

• The Do's and Don'ts of for any social network site or group.

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Beckert Guide to Phone ADPS

By Michael Lucas

Covering the latest and greatest in iPhone apps

Welcome back, techies! I've got a nice little array of apps forthis month's reviews - one that many of us can use in this economic downturn, one to kill free time with, and one that's a nice cross between work and play. Are they worth the price they command in trne appstore? Let's find out!

Chore Hero

Price: $2.99: Playforge Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Taking after Chore Wars or after its betterknown name, World of Chorecraft, Chore Hero is an app that seeks to make chores fun and competitive around the house. The app lets you schedule and view chores, assigning them to specific people in your household or at random. Each chore can be assigned a certain number of points, which can be "cashed out" within the program for a reward. It lets everyone see at a glance who's doing the most work around the house and ranks everyone accordingly - younger kids will want to "level up," and you'll actually get them working around the house as a result-It would be nice to be able to assign the same chore more than once a day, or assign them less often (some chores don't need to be done more than once every two weeks or once a month). But overall, it's a good app that can keep the household duties organized and possibly get younger kids to be a bit more eager to do

thei r fair share.

Hire Me!

Price: $0.99: Shawn Burns Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Need a confidence booster before yOUT next bigjob interview? Hire Me! is a great app to help with that. The app randomly generates questions you'll be asked in a typical job interview from a pool of over 300, allowing you to record your answers and play them back to finetune your responses. Whether it be entry-level or upper management, there's something here for everyone. For those who may be getting into the white-collar world forthe first time, Hire Me! includes instructions on multiple methods of tying ties, and for the last minutes before the interview, streaming radio to help you relax. If you're looking for that little extra boost to possibly give you an edge over the competition and nail that new job, this app's definitely worth the buck.

Bejeweled 2

Price: $2.99: PopCap Games Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Most people have played Bejeweled. or some variant of it, on their PC or game console. I figured, ''Why not see if the iPhone version

works just as wellr - and it ""'!"JI!I!I"'"--- __

does. The gameplay works exactly as it should, with swapping of gems done smoothly on the touch screen. One nice little bonus that PopGap added to the iPhone was Bejeweled Blitz, a one-minute version that was made famous on FaceBook. Not only can iPhone players post their scores to the Facebook leaderboards, but

they're also eligible for the same contests and

prizes. Your $3 app purchase may very well pay

for itself and then some if you've got fast fin-

gers.! I've seen some really bad iPhone games

out there, and some incredible ones. This game

more than warrants its purchase price.

Plants vs. Zombies

Price: $2_99; Pop Cap Games Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Yes, I had to cover another popeap game. As much as I try to avoid rehashing where I can. this is one a friend suggested I try - thankfully, I wasn't disappointed. It's a basic, but very entertaining, "tower defense"-type game .. Your plants stop approaching zombies from reaching your home and eating the brains of those inside. Different plants have different 1[';::;::===

abilities, as do various enemy zombies; certain plants work best at day or night, some shoot projectiles while others turn the zombies against one another. It's far more involved than it looks at first glance and will keep players entertained for hours. Looking into the game a bit deeper, I found out that it broke some iPhone App store records, grossing a million dollars in less than 10 days. I guess the PC garners who also have iPhones were loya! in following it to the new platform!


Price: $0.99; Fossil Software Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Appzilla gives you quite the bang for your

buck. I could write an entire, full-page article on everything this program does. Its functions range"from basic Ita lIy tra cker, ru ler, dice roller) to very useful (dictionary, tip calculator, and language translator) to the completely inane (Homehmd Security threat level and a voodoo doli). Even if you only actively use five or 10 of the apps contained within Appzilla, you're still getting your

donar's worth; I'm sure a few of these 50 pro-

grams are sold elsewhere as stand'alone pro'

grams for a dollar or more in the app store. Pick

this up and you1! save yourself a lot of money

over other apps and possibly make your life a

bit easier.

Thars it for this month

be sure to check back for more r views on

what's new and exciting In the world DF iPhDne appal

Monopoly Here and Now:

Price: $4.99; Electronic Arts Rating: 1.5 out of 5 st.srs

Just about everyone's played Monopoly at one point or another. This iPhone app covers the most recent release, where the amounts are in millions and the locations aren't on a single street, but all over the world. There have been a few minor gameplay changes (Income Tax is fixed instead of giving the 10% option and Luxury Tax went up a bit,); Monopoly purists might scoff at these, but I fin d that a small point to nitpick. However, one thing that's definitely worth grip· ing about would be what appear to be non-random dice rolls. My experience with the iPhone version of the game falls in line with that of other angry reviewers; on the higher difficulty levels, the computer player's dice rolls are blatantly rigged, allowing them to effortlessly dodge your monopolies while you seem to land on theirs every trip around the board. This would be a greet way to kill time if it weren't for false difficulty through fixed dice.

Beckett Guide to Phone App 5

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88 Becken Guide to Ph[)~e Ap ps


One of the most popular things to do at Twitter.corn is follow the celebrities. However, there are many different Twitter accounts that have popped up for each celeb. So, how do you know you're reading the correct one? Look no fur" ther: we've done all ofthe legwork for you Here's our list of some of the more popular celebs:

Becken Guide to Phone Apps 89

90 Becken Guide [0 Phone Apps

Mus·c Celebs

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LApps We' d Like to See



Here are a few smart phone app ideas that could be helpful in every day life .. Maybe.

By Doug Kale and Jason Winter


So let's say you're at a sporting event or a rock concert and the entire arena is packed to the walls. Wouldn't you I ike to know how many people are in that particular venue?

Just whip out your smart phone. press the iCounted app and then scan the arena using your camera. iCounted will take a picture of everyone and count the amount of heads. Poof! You now know that there are 36,4 71 people watching Green Day perform. And if they post a contest on the screen asking you to guess how many people are there with you, you'll already have t.he answer!

iDea Body

Tired of that unsightly beer gut, guys? Can't fit into those old jeans any more, ladies? The iPhone can't shed those pounds for you, but it can at least let you know how you'd look if you did! Take a picture of yourself and input your desired weight, body fat 0/0, and muscle tone to get an image of the perfect voul Dress your avatar up in swimsuits, athletic wear, or nothing at all (do not share with friends!) to see how your fabulous new body stacks up. Use the time lapse feature and watch the pounds malt awayl


Smart phones give us the ability to capture and download pictures and videos. We cherish our phones with those abilities. However, what if someone took it to the next level? iProjector

will take all of your photos or videos and transmit the images onto a nearby wall. Then you can set up parties with a group of friends and watch some funny You Tube videos or a slide show of your recent trip to Las Vegas (be careful of what you show.) This could provide houns of fun! We need iProjector!

Google GI axy

Sure, you can get a street map of where you live, where you work, and where you stop for your morning coffee, and that's all wel.1 and good for now, but the iPhone is nothing if not a forward-thinking device. Enter Google Galaxy, perfect for the interplanetary land interstellar} traveler! Need to find the quickest route from Gliese 581 d to Mu Arae c? ("Turn right; Continue for 62.7 light years:1 No problem! Also alerts you to navigation hazards, such as supernovae, asteroid fields, black holes, and space station constru cti 0 n zon es.


What if you love to go fishing and you always wanted to find a better way to lure in the big catches? Download iSait to your phone and it will emit high pitched signals that will lure the fish closer to your fishing line. Ooohh! I've got a big one on the line! You pulled up a 20 pounder. Nice! The iBait also turns into a fish finder and shows you a scan of the lake, pond or ocean water within 40 feet. It will show you how deep the fish are swimming and what sizes you could catch. Hmmm.. it's fish for dinner!

96 Heck811 Guide 10 Pho~e AD ps



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~'Collect·ng cards

enllances the game."

The Kobe Interview

NOTES; ~\lJ.k~er b..,

"socrAL SL66Pr NCf"

Sleep just became more social with the new IHome+Sleep app. Post updates to your social networks

in the morning and at bedtime, and even wake to a summary

of what your friends did while you were sleeping. Our free app also lets you check weather, track sleep habits,and sleep & wake to your i Pod tu nes. One-th ird of your life just got a lot more fun.

Learn more and download atwww.ihomeaudio.cQ,m/apps

Apple Online Store,,


I_f I! H~c:l!rfIllr.d"1Hrt oIltM !MIn~"I"" In~ II'od K. ""rl<!im,rt cf krplo.lnt.. ''9'1,<011 In 1.I1.U.!>' ond lit", rnll!1rfa 11'110" h 'Ir.ldem,d M I!lpr.lnc lJIol;"rrnotr!;w, md ... ,rI'nf1n'~"!pf!Ti .. ,,,,,,,r..




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