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Artifact 3: Asian American Perspectives- Weebly Website

TE 836
Standards: 1, 3, 5
Goals: 1, 2
Within this artifact, I created a website which focused on Asian American
perspectives within childrens literature. The main purpose of this website was to provide
viewers with a history of Asian American immigration to the United States, bring light to
the oppression and main issues that this minority group has struggled to overcome, and to
share quality literature and resources that educators can use in order to ensure that Asian
American perspectives are adequately and accurately represented within their classrooms.
Traditionally, minority groups within the United States have faced oppression and
stereotypes that are harmful to their identity and do not allow for their voices to be heard.
While much progress has been made in recent years, there is still a huge shortage of
Asian American literature that is available for student use within the classroom.
Furthermore, out of the limited quantity of books, many contain inaccuracies and, despite
good intentions, often end up further perpetuating stereotypes. Through my coursework
in TE 836 and the research that went into this artifact, I gathered accurate information
and background knowledge about the Asian American community and their history, then
searched out quality childrens books that centered around Asian American perspectives.
From there, I worked to create lesson plans that incorporated these books and other
resources in order for my students to gain insight and understanding.
I chose to include this project as an artifact because it is a thorough representation
of the thought and care that must go into lesson planning, and places a strong value on
diversity. This artifact utilizes research and data in order to shed light on the struggles
faced by minority groups within the United States and the need for quality literature and
educational resources in order to provide students with this insight. I strongly value
diversity and believe that as a teacher, I must critically analyze curriculum, literature, and
resources in order to provide my students with a wide range of valuable and accurate
knowledge of minority groups and their perspectives. My overall goal for this artifact was
to allow my students to gain insight into the Asian American culture and history, while
also creating meaningful personal connections. This artifact also reflects one of my
overall teaching goals, as well; I strongly believe that in order to instill the value of
diversity within my students, I must help them to understand and celebrate the differences
of others, while also being able to recognize similarities and connections that inherently
unite us all.