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CLASS 12 th

Q. 1) (A) Choose the correct alternative:1} Babay in the Bashkhir tongue means : (a) A girl child (b) grandfather
(c) grandmother (d) neighbor
2} velans father sleeped him for.
(a) stealing (b)bringing late meal
( c)not obeying (d) telling lies
3} Damodar pal was:(a) father of nital (b) mother of nital
(c ) grandson of jagannath (d) brother of gokulchandra
4} The American scientist who was able to stamp out yellow fever was ..
(a) sir patric manson (b) Dr. Laveran
( c) William Crawford gorges (d) John Masefield
5} What is the name of the town is the lesson THE AXE.
(a) Malgudi (b) devgudi
( c) siligudi (d) daitygudi
Q.1 (B) Math the following correctly :(a) Behrman (a) A trip made for pleasure
(b) sapling (