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11/9/16 10:49:00 AM

Grade: 4th Grade

Type of Lesson:
Social Studies- Here Comes the Iron Horse
30 minute time allowance
Smart Board
Pencils (23)
Exit tickets (23)
Utah common core standards:
Standard 2
Students will understand how Utah's history has been shaped by
many diverse people, events, and ideas.
o Objective 1
Describe the historical and current impact of various cultural
groups on Utah.
Wyoming common core standards:
WY.4. Content Standard: Time, Continuity and Change
Students demonstrate an understanding of the people, events,
problems, ideas, and cultures that were significant in the history of
our community, state, nation and world.
o 4.3. Benchmark:
Students describe the chronology of exploration, immigration
and settlement of Wyoming.
Essential Question:
How did the Transcontinental Railroad shape the Wyoming
What was it like to be an immigrant working on the railroad in the
Personal Objective:
Have students gain more understanding of the harsh conditions
workers were in when building the transcontinental railroad.
Pre-Assessment: 4 minutes

Have students recall some of the key points they learned about
from the Prezi we went over as a class.
Phase I: 8 minutes
Have students sit at the carpet and face the teacher.
Explain we are going to be learning more about the Railroad coming
to Wyoming and read clips from the Ten Mile Day by Mary Ann
o Start the Prezi with children just thinking about the
information and not sharing.
Transition to Phase II: 0 minutes
Prepare to stop and ask students in various spots in the book to
understand how they are thinking about the topic.
Phase II: 6 minutes
Next or throughout the Prezi, the teacher will ask questions and
make students think about:
o What are the workers going through?
o Would you be able to work as hard as they did?
o Would you miss your family?
o Was Crocker Crazy to want to build 10 miles of track in a
More questions to be talked about during lesson.
Transition to Phase III: 2 minutes
Have students go to their seats and get out a pencil
After they are all seated, pass out exit ticket papers.
Phase III: 10 minutes
Students will complete the exit ticket on their own based on the
information they learned from the book.
o Students must write in complete sentences, have proper
punctuation, and common words spelled correctly.
Once they are done, they should silent read until time is up or the
other students have finished the exit ticket.
Accommodations for students with special needs
Help those with wording questions, or reading questions allowed to
Provide visual aids for those who need help to see the paper.
Scribe for students who are struggling writing their explanations.

Accommodations for students of ELL

Explain questions in different wording in order for students to
understand what they need to do.
Scribe for students who are struggling writing their explanations.
DAP Principles
The guide begins with a n assessment of prior knowledge
New Understandings are built on prior knowledge.
Group work and visual aids to help students.
Assessment drives the design, its on going.
Whats Next
Use the exit tickets to see what students are retaining information
wise, and make sure they are ready for the project at the end of
the unit which is the next day.

11/9/16 10:49:00 AM
Exit Ticket Questions:
1 How would you feel if you were working the Ten Mile Day in the story? Use
details and examples to support your answer.

11/9/16 10:49:00 AM
Students should be proficient, basic, or below basic with the information
covered in the Prezi in the classroom today.
The question will be worth 3 points each. For this response questions, I will
be looking mainly on content and complete sentences. I will look at the
information and be able to see if students payed attention during the Prezi
and see if they could relate the story to how they would feel or react to
being the characters.
Data will be reviewed from this unit to see how the class did as a
whole, and how children did separately.

The exit ticket will have a total of 3 points

To be proficient (3)
Will only be able to miss 0 points
Fall between 80-100%
To be basic (2)
Will only be able to miss 1 points
Fall between 60-75%
To be below basic (1)
Will only be able to miss 2 points
Fall between 5-55%
Getting a 0 is impossible, unless the student did not fill out the exit ticket at
Fall under a 0%