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Hope Brightman

I believe this is my thesis:
As the mayors of three great global cities- New York, Paris, ad
London- we urge the world leaders assembling at the United Nations to take
decisive action to provide relief and safe haven to refugees fleeing conflict
and migrants fleeing economic hardship, and to support those who are
already doing this work. Line # 35-42
I found three things from the article that, in my opinion, back up my
Our cities are also on the front lines helping those fleeing violence or
persecution connect to critical, often life saving,services. Line # 100-105
investigating in the interrogation of refugees and immigrants is not
only the right thing to do, it is the smart thing to do. Line # 80-85
We will do our part, too. Our cities pledge to continue to stand for
inclusivity and that is why are cities support services and programs that help
all residents, including our diverse immigrant communities , feel welcome, so
that every resident feels apart of our great cities. Line # 44-50

Marginalize : to put or keep (someone) in A powerless or unimportant position within A society or group.
Parisians: A native or inhabitant of Paris.
Militant definition: combative and aggressive in support of a political or social cause, and typically
favoring extreme, violent, or confrontational methods.
Stakeholder: A person or an institution with an interest or concern in something.

Municipality: A city or town that has corporate status and local government.
Inclusivity: An intention or policy of including people who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized,
such as those who are handicapped or learning-disabled, or racial and sexual minorities.

My first argument with line number is:

Everyone deserves to live a life full of love and safety, people who are
young (children) need to be saved especially because they are the future and
are also so young and haven't lived quite a life yet. These cities will help
children who are seeking asylum, find safety and love and hope all together,
and they will live the lifestyle they should have been living there whole life.
New York has placed city representatives in immigration court to
connect the thousand of unaccompanied children from central america,
seeking asylum to critical health, education and other social services line #

My second argument with line number is:

Cities that have been attacked are joining together to not fight against
these attacks but help the people who may be affected by the attackers.They
are making municipal ID programs so that these immigrants and refugees
coming in, have a thing they can call theirs. They have something that can
help them go on and live their lives with a legal ID card proving they are
apart of that city/country. IDs are very important to immigrants because it
allows them to use a bank or call on police for help.

In New York and Paris for example, municipal ID programs have

achieved great success in increasing a sense of belonging among immigrants
and allowing for greater access to services like bank accounts and veterans
benefits and city resources like libraries and cultural institutions. Line # 5157

My third argument with line number is:

It is wrong to say that all immigrant and refugee groups or people are
here for nefarious reasons, or that they are associated with people like Isis,
because some people just need a better life and are sadly put into the group
categorized as immigrants and refugees.
But it is wrong to characterize immigrant and refugee committees as
radical and dangerous;in or experience, militant violence is vanishingly rare.
Line #24-26

I agree with what the article is saying because what they are saying is
how they want to help people and make their lives safer and better, along
with experiencing new and popular cities without having to wait 5 years to
be a legal citizen. Their points were really good and really made you think
about how and why we aren't are helping these people. I thought that the
argument was very strong because it had great words and the points they
brought up did not discuss everything but it discussed the things that
needed to be said. There are always more things they could have said but

the way they fitted it and made it work and sound was amazing and it truly
made you think and believe their points. They had a lot of evidence. For
example, they talked about the bombing in the chelsea neighborhood in new
york and how that affected not only new york but the outlook on what the
refugees and immigrants had to face and live through at that time as well.

Something I have definitely learned is how countries can have bad

things happen to them and still come back and rise up, stronger, bigger,
better, and more together than ever. These things really just helped me to be
more selfless and help people even if they may have not exactly helped me.
Everyone goes through things, but it takes one community, one group, one
friend, one person, one earth, to make it all rise and heal. That taught me
how strong our world/countries are, to get back up on our/their feet. Most
importantly I learned about how many people there are that need everyone's