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Managerial Accounting

Submitted to

Dr. Md. Mohiuddin

Associate Professor
Institute of Business Administration
University of Dhaka

Submitted by

Md. Abdullah al Mamun

MBA- 53D (Roll: ZR-25)

Submission Date: 19.12.2015

As a member of the Financial Theory and Practices group, I am quite benefitted from the
articles, links, news etc. that have been shared in the group. At first, I found this course full of
abstruse definitions and theories. But, the group articles and discussion enlightened me a lot
and academically was quite helpful.
Several links of helped to meticulously understand the abstruse definitions
and theories with appropriate examples. Apart from the book, in doing the first assignment,
these links helped me to have a clear insight about how the technical and fundamental
analysis, comparables, DDM used to calculate the market price of a particular stock. Later on,
for the second assignment, I learned about CAPM, Beta calculation, WACC, Capital Pricing
etc. Moreover, I have also learned about Capital Budgeting, CAPM vs. DDM, relationship
between accounting and finance, bonds, shares, YTM etc.
In the context of Bangladesh, several articles and links were shared. These articles covered
very crucial areas like comparison of Banking institutions and NBFI through some
measurements (DER, ROE, ROA, EPS), determinants of capital structure for a few
companies, growing e-commerce market, current situation of bond industry, how the
recession in US and Europe have adversely affected FY09 GDP, statistical measures to
understand the trend of capital market, effect of relevant variables of foreign and money
market in fluctuation of exchange rate etc. One of the link I shared, described the
infrastructure development, especially in transport and energy sector have played a role in
increase of FDI of 16.7% during the first quarter of the current fiscal year (2015-16).
In the global context, one article was shared regarding Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the most prominent
innovation in the digital currency world. Because of its volatility, it has already risen sharply
in price (equivalent to 448 USD). Moreover, the worlds most discussed news were also
shared like, the crash in chinas share market, how India is leading the South-east Asia in
economic sector, Greecs economy, effect of oil price fluctuation etc.
Apart from these, MM capital structure irrelevancy theory was also discussed which states
that, the capital structure is irrelevant to the capital structure if a company.
Articles and links shared in the group helped me to elaborate my knowledge in finance.
In a nutshell, the group discussion was quite relevant, informative and served the academic
purpose appropriately.