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Matt Damon | Vedic Astrology Horoscope

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Matt Damon, the famous American actor,

screenwriter and noted philanthropist, was born on 8 October 1970 in Boston, USA. Matt Damon
is born to Kent Damon and Nancy Carlsson Paige. His parents were divorced during his
childhood in 1973. His birth name is Matthew Paige Damon. Matt Damon dropped out of
university education to follow his career in acting. But, the initial stages of his career were not
much bright; and alike many others, Matt Damon had also encountered obstructions and
difficulties in making career in acting. It was with Good Will Hunting that Matt Damon
succeeded to have a remarkable breakthrough in his acting career. The script of the movie,
Good Will Hunting was written by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. They sold the script for over
one million dollars as well as succeeded to get the key roles in the movie. At last the fortune
smiled; and the movie, Good Will Hunting became a huge success and nominated for 9
Academy Awards. Matt Damon won for Best Original Screenplay along with Ben Affleck.

Vedic Astrology Horoscope of Matt Damon

is special as such it provides a very precise opportunity to understand and learn vedic astrology.
Matt Damon horoscope reading indicate that he is born in Capricorn Ascendant, and lord of
Ascendant Saturn is debilitated in fourth house of his natal birth chart. Saturn is retrograde and
having mutual aspect relationship with Venus + Jupiter placed in tenth house. The placement of
Venus in its own zodiac sign in vedic astrology horoscope of Matt Damon generates Malavya
Yoga; however, the involvement of Jupiter is not much desirable and spoils the positive attributes
of Malavya Yoga. The lord of fourth and eleventh houses i.e. Mars is also badly placed in eighth
house and conjunct with Ketu (South Node). In addition to this, the Moon has gone to twelfth
house. As per traditional astrology, the placement of Moon in Matt Damon Horoscope is
generating Kemadruma Yoga, which is considered very inauspicious for fortune and financial
prospects. The lord of ninth house Mercury is exalted in ninth house; however, the same is also
combust and united with the eight lord Sun. In Navamsha Division of Matt Damon vedic astrology
horoscope, Mercury has become debilitated. Thus, the curiosity arises as to how with such weak
and disturbed planetary placement, Matt Damon is able to enjoy great success in professional,
social and financial front. Chapter 25 of Brihat Parashara Hora Shashtra provides very clear
insights about the role of twelfth house and its lord in respect to financial prospects of a vedic
astrology horoscope. It says that if in a vedic astrology horoscope, the lord of twelfth house is
well placed and united with auspicious planets; and the twelfth house is also occupied by a
benefic planets, the following results will be there:

There will be good financial gains.

The expenses of the native will be made on good accounts.

The native will enjoy beautiful houses, gifted with riches.

The native will be learned and will attain final emancipation.

The native will enjoy full marital happiness.

And, if we peep into the life of Matt Damon, all the above factors have proved to be correct.
Astrological reading of vedic horoscope of Matt Damon clearly indicates:

Jupiter, the lord of twelfth house, is well placed in tenth house.

Yogakaraka Venus is conjunct with Jupiter, thus Jupiter is under benefic influence.

Lagna lord Saturn is debilitated, but retrograde and hold some strength. The aspect of
Saturn over Jupiter is also auspicious and supportive for Jupiter (as lord of twelfth house).

Auspicious planet Moon is placed in twelfth house.

Therefore, all the required conditions for expecting positive results of twelfth house are met
in vedic astrology horoscope of Matt Damon; which resulted into his significant rise from rags to
riches as well as his very philanthropist nature. Matt Damon has been involved in many social
activities and humanitarian works. He was the founder of H2O Africa Foundation and supports
the ONE Campaign, aimed at fighting AIDS and poverty. Matt Damon is also a spokesperson
for Feeding America. And, in near future the Oscar winning pair of Matt Damon and Ben
Affleck are reported to be joining hands as hosts of a political fundraiser.
Career in Acting: As per vedic astrology predictions for career in acting, it is the mutual
relationship between third, seventh and twelfth houses; and the involvement of Saturn, Venus
and the Moon, which is to be accounted for. In vedic astrology horoscope of Matt Damon, the
third and twelfth house lord is Jupiter; and the same is well conjunct with Venus in tenth house.
Ascendant lord Saturn is also having mutual aspect relationship with both Jupiter and Venus; and
the seventh lord Moon has gone to twelfth house.

Therefore, the vedic birth chart of Matt

Damon appropriately meets the required conditions.

The third and fifth houses, in vedic astrology horoscope of Matt Damon, are ruled by Jupiter and
Venus respectively; and their union in tenth house also blessed Matt Damon with good writing
abilities. It was during Rahu/Jupiter period, when he wrote the script for Good Will Hunting,
which resulted into a landmark for his success.
Matt Damon started his career in 1988, when he was passing through Mars Mahadasa.
Therefore, during initial phase, Matt Damon had to struggle till completion of main period of Mars,
which was over in mid 1992. It was during Rahu/Jupiter Dasa, when Matt Damon had the
luckiest breakthrough in 1997 via Good Will Hunting. During Rahu/Mercury period, Matt Damon
suffered significant financial loss, when he became victim of bogus investments. In vedic
astrology horoscope of Matt Damon, the Mercury rules over sixth and ninth houses and is
combust in ninth house. Though, Mercury is placed in its exalted zodiac sign but it also suffers
from combustion as well as inauspicious influence of eighth lord Sun. In Navamsha Division of
Matt Damon, Mercury has become debilitated, therefore during sub-period of weak Mercury,
there were inauspicous results of financial losses. During Rahu/Venus period, Matt Damon
married to Luciana Barroso in Dec 2005. Badly placed Mars (having aspect on Rahu placed in
second house denoting family), weakness on the part of ninth lord Mercury and placement of
Jupiter (malefic lord of third and twelfth houses) in tenth house resulted into separation of parents
during early childhood. It was during Sun/Mercury period, when his parents divorced. The

horoscope of Matt Damon is a very good example of understanding vedic astrology; and how
lord of an inauspicious house can produce favorable results when such planet is well placed and
under auspicious planetary influences.