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Ensure that you have a star screwdriver (to be used on site)

Install the Node B LMT on your laptop from I:\USERS\P&O\Budget FY2012\3G UTRAN\WBBP
Upgrades\LMT DBS3900 WCDMA V200R011C00SPC200 VER
Copy the Node B upgrade software onto your laptop from I:\USERS\P&O\Budget FY2012\3G
UTRAN\WBBP Upgrades\Publish
Ensure that you have the proper board for the upgrade (in case some boards are to be
recovered from certain sites, you can plan to re-use them elsewhere): WBBPb2 (128 CEs UL, 128
CEs DL), WBBPb3 (256 CEs UL, 256 CEs DL), WBBPb4 (384 CEs UL, 384 CEs DL). 512 CEs can be
achieved by combining two WBBPb3s, or a WBBPb2 and WBBPb4.
Tools: Laptop, Ethernet cable and a star screwdriver.

1) Drive to the site to be upgraded, remember to follow the intrusion procedure.
2) Change laptop Ethernet IP address to any IP address in the subnet (e.g,
remember the Node B default IP address is
3) Connect Ethernet cable to laptop Ethernet port and to WMPT ETH port on the Node B
4) Run Node B LMT application, connect to, username: admin, password: NodeB

BBU Device panel WBBP can be installed in slots 0, 1, 2 and 3

Display NodeB Abnormal Status: DSP ABNORMAL


Display Board Status DSP BRD

5) Start by displaying any abnormal status on the Node B via MML command DSP ABNORMAL
6) Confirm slot positions of WBBP boards by running DSP BRD (subrack no for BBU is 0, and the slot
number will be the actual slot as you see it physically on the BBU).
7) For illustration we shall be adding a WBBP board in slot 1 od subrack 0 (BBU) use command
8) Add this board physically into the BBU, use the screwdriver to remove the dummy and carefully
insert the board into the appropriate slot (do not touch the motherboard as static could damage
the board), then screw it into position.

9) In case errors of configuration privilege not found crop up, request CM control by running
command REQ CMCTRL
10) With the board now added, the next step is to modify the resource sharing such that the new
boards resources are added to the CE pool.
11) You can start by listing the UL/DL BB resource groups through commands LST ULGROUP and LST
DLGROUP respectively


12) Then run MOD ULGROUP and MOD DLGROUP, specifying the slot number of the new WBBP
board and this will add its resources to the pool

13) In case boards are being removed (could be due to downgrade or re-arrangement of boards)
then the associated commands RMV BRD and RMV ULGROUP, RMV DLGROUP should also be
run in, taking care of the slot numbers.
14) Once the upgrade is complete the board should initialize normally (green status active normal
in topology view). However in some cases it doesnt and you may have to reset it (right click in
topology view and click on Reset Board, or run MML command RST BRD).
15) DSP ABNORMAL to check for any abnormal status again
16) Browse alarms (bell-shaped icon beneath the Fault Management menu item)
17) In case alarms related to software incompatibility appear and the board has failed to initialize, a
Node B software upgrade should be initiated, as in the steps that follow
18) Go to the Maintenance tab (bottom left corner of LMT), then Software Management, click on
Software Update, select Upgrade Node B Software, then click next
19) Uncheck all other items apart from Download Node B Software Package, Download by
Configuration and Activate Node B Software. Navigate to the Publish folder on your laptop.
20) Click on Next, the software shall be downloaded, activated and all boards shall be re-initialized
check that everything is normal.