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TWELFTH SUNDAY OF THE Virgin Mother of Good Counsel St. Monica St. Augustine St.

Martin of Tours
2, Lower Blackhouse Hill, HYTHE, CT21 5LS 01303-266430 Chapel Road 135 Queens Rd. 124 High St.
YEAR Fax: 01303-264773 email Dymchurch,TN29 0TD Littlestone, TN28 8NA Lydd, TN29 9BA
20TH JUNE 2010 Catholic Parish served by: The Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity (S.O.L.T.) Parish Priest: Fr. Frederick W. Alexander
Assistant Priest: Fr. Paul Johnston Deacon: Rev. Raymond Partridge (01303-873835)
Confessions: Saturday 11.00-11:45, 6-6:30pm
St. Augustines RC Primary School: St. Johns Road, Hythe, CT21 4BE (Tel: 01303-266578) Headteacher: Mrs. P. Parnell
SUNDAY M ASS INTENTIONS - HYTHE St. Edmunds Catholic Secondary School: Old Charlton Road, Dover, CT16 2QB Tel: 01304-201551; Head of School: Mr A. Reed
Sat 6.30pm (Vigil) Margaret Allen
8.00 am Margaret Allen Next Sundays second collection Do you have a sleeping bag to lend? Invocation 2010
9.30 am Nora Cummins Fr Mark Byrne asks if there is anyone A national Vocations Discernment Weekend
For Peters Pence
11.15 am (sung) Birthday blessings - Sandra Ward who could kindly lend him a lightweight St Marys College, Oscott from 2nd-4th July.
7.00 pm Leslie Armstrong sleeping bag for two weeks. He needs it Speakers include Archbishop Vincent Nichols,
SUNDAY M ASS INTENTIONS - THE MARSH HYTHE COFFEE SUNDAY for Wednesday 23rd June please.. Abbot Christopher Jamison & Sr Gabriel Davison.
Coffee & refreshments will be served Open to all aged 16-35 considering a vocation to
Dym 8.30 Alan Brown
next Sunday after the 9.30am Mass ***This Week & Diary Dates*** priesthood and religious life. For more info. see
Lstone 10.00
by Ellen & Caroline or contact the Southwark
Lydd 11.30 All Parishioners
Traidcraft this Weekend Vocations Office:
P ARISH D AILY M ASS 10.00 AM 19th/20th June after all Masses
Mon Joyce DAlessandro ROSARY In St. Martin of Tours Church, Knights of St Columba
Tue Alan Brown Lydd or opposite at 8, The Green on Following a very successful information evening on
Wednesdays at 11.30am. Also after CONFIRMATIONS 2010
Wed Intention of charismatic prayer group Monday 10th May, Fr Fred has given his full blessing
weekday Masses in Hythe. Classes to be held on Tuesdays, 7pm in
Thu Thanksgiving the Fr Daly Hall. and support to this venture. It has been decided to
Fri Eleanor Whiston continue with monthly meetings, the first of which
Sat 12 noon Private intention will be held after the 12noon Mass on Saturday 3rd
Covenant of Love Marriage Group July , in the Hall. This is open to all men over the
HYTHE LECTORS for next week:
SAT 6.30 pm Cecilia Page Friday 25th June, 7-9pm age of 16 to attend and find out more about our Order
SUN 8.00 am Cecily Partridge If you would like to socialise with other and the work we do in the Province. We hope to
Sat (vigil) married couples from the parish and at the
9.30 am Richard Furlong re-open the Hythe Council, but we need your support.
Mon Joe Vidler Anna Fisher same time enrich your marriage through the We look forward to seeing you at this meeting.
Tue Private Intention (C) 11.15 am Anne Taylor Churchs teachings please join us.
Wed Maureen Harvey - operation 7.00 pm You will be warmly welcomed.
Thu Bridie Smullen Associates of St Augustines Catholic School
Fri Private Intention (C) First Holy Communion Class Anyone over the age of 18 with connections to St
____________________ Meeting Saturday 26th June Augustines as past parents, pupils, relatives, friends
Repository 9.45-10.45am in the Fr Daly Hall, & parishioners are warmly invited to visit the school
FEASTS /M EMORIALS on Friday July 9th from 6.30pm. It will provide
Now in stock - come and see
Tue SS. John Fisher, bishop & Thomas More an opportunity to see the new school on St Johns
Our range of First Communion Beginning Experience Weekend: Eden Hall, Road and meet up with old friends and classmates.
Wed St. Eheldreda, abbess gifts & cards Edenbridge, Kent 8th-10th October 2010. Further details from Paulinus Tinmey on
Thu Birth of St John the Baptist All proceeds to the missions Ministry to the widowed, separated & divorced. 07788 488 045 or by email:
Further details: Ruth 02086797157. Closing date You Can Make It Happen!

for applications 30th June.
Please pray for the sick & those in hospital:
In Hythe Mon - Wed after Mass till 11.30am Louisa Allwright, Hannah Forse, Dolores Jennings,
THE SOULS OF THOSE WHOSE ANNIVERSARIES OCCUR AT THIS TIME: : Deborah Sims, Mary McArdell, Mary Plumbly, Eileen Russell, Klare
Joseph Vidler, Jim Brind, Frank Lockett, Ann Young, Dennis Sisk, Thomas Seager, Margaret Schooling, Eberhard Stickler, Catherine Riddell,
Fegan, Ruby Jenner, Sr. Maurice Bourke, Veronica Philips, Ton Acket, Thomas Lucas, Mary Griffiths, Theodora Jones, Christene Burket,
LAST SUNDAYS COLLECTION: 771.12 - THANK YOU Jim Emerson, Mahin Daneshvar, Peter Power-
Barbara Mooring, Ellen McAllister, Mary Baldwin, George Haines, Reginald Liddiard, Mary
SECOND COLLECTION: 157.24 - Thank You Corrigan, Mary Lallemont and Lavinia Cardy. RIP Court, Bro. Duran SOLT, Gerry McSorley, Nick
Mansfield, Elizabeth Conrath, Sr Mary of the Trinity
SOLT, Sandra Ward and Sheila Phelan.