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Victoria Treiber
Public Relations Specialist
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The target audience for this press kit is employed college students. In order for a student
to be categorized in this manner, the student must be taking a minimum of 12 credit hours per
semester and the student must be employed.
The chosen nickname for this audience is Students Who Will Work for Grades. This
nickname specifies the target audience and matches their demographics and psychographics.
The target audience is enrolled college students in the 32246 ZIP code who are also employed.
According to Demographics Now, there were about 25,407 females and 26,007 males in the
chosen ZIP code. The population of 20-24 year-olds was estimated at 4,294 in 2015.
Because Jacksonville is not a college town, the ZIP code chosen encompasses The University
of North Florida, Florida State College at Jacksonville and Jacksonville University. This will
allow data to be used from all three schools in the area.
In regards to the educational level of the people in that ZIP, Demographics Now states that 9,326
people received a high school diploma in 2015. 2,240 people were also estimated to have
received a graduates degree in that same year.
The average household income, which I found to be unreflective of my target audience, was
estimated at $62,328 in 2015. Going back to my previous statement that Jacksonville is not a
college town this number appears too large for college students to be making. Demographics
Now stated that in 2015 2,578 people in that ZIP code had an estimated income of $0-$15,000

and 2,054 people had an estimated income of $15,00-$24,999. These numbers appear to be more
reflective of the estimated income of working college students.
Demographics Now provides a Mosaic USA that essentially categorizes the many different
American households into 71 classifications. The category that most represents the target
audience is the Striving Single Scene.
According to the Mosaic Striving Single Scene households are, self-described early adopters,
they enjoy trying out the latest health food or smartphone. That doesnt leave a lot of money for
savings, and these households dont often acquire investments. Many are more concerned with
paying down their student and car loans than thinking about saving for retirement.
Striving Single Scene consumers do not turn to traditional media outlets to gain knowledge about
the world around them. According to Demographics now, With their out-and-about lifestyle,
Striving Single Scene are only moderate fans of media. Theyve given up on traditional
newspapers and magazines, though they do keep up with current affairs and pop culture by
visiting various news Websites. They put in their ear buds to listen to radio stations on the way to
work, and many support public radio. When theyre not going out at night, they watch primetime
TV shows on cable networks like VH1, TBS, Bravo and Showtime - they turn to the Internet to
download music, stream videos or keep up their Facebook conversations with friends.
In regards to psychographics that correlate with my target audience, working college students
mainly look for convenience and anything that will either save them time or money while still
propelling their professional and social life forward.
According to the Mosaic, Striving Single Scene are an ambitious bunch who spend a lot of time
at work and want to advance as quickly as possible.

Balancing a busy schedule while still staying up-to-date on fashion trends, social media fads and
political arguments is very important to my target audience. They find education to be very
important and pride themselves on being involved in conversations centered around political and
social changes, particularly on the internet.
Advertising for the client via newspaper or print media is not the best way to reach this target
audience based on the previous statement. Creating social media buzz is something I would
suggest in order to engage young college students working through school.
The target audience desires short, concise bits of information that get to the point while still
leaving room for them to form their own opinions that they can share via social media. Single
Striving Scene tends to use the information they gather to promote their ideas and ultimately
advance their social and financial standings.
According to the Mosaic, people that fall into this category are, Self-described workaholics,
they want their work to be meaningful - not just a job, but a career. Their big concerns are getting
ahead in their careers and achieving financial security.
Based on the demographic, psychographic and representational information collected, my target
audience finds bargain prices, education, ambition, convenience, and creativity to be some of the
most important traits needed in order to keep up with their out-and-about lifestyle.
The psychographics and demographics discussed support the idea that college students need
quick, easy-to read information. Students often times find themselves going to class for hours a
day, heading straight to work at night and then staying up late in order to finish assignments. This
type of lifestyle is what consumes many eligible voters within my target audience. It can be
concluded that that working college students need concise information in order to make

decisions regarding political changes and the voter registration process, based on demographic
and psychographic research.
Based off of information from the Mosaic and Demographics Now, Striving Single Scene
members have abandoned print media and primarily rely on the internet to provide them with the
information they need. They use media for entertainment purposes majority of the time, however,
these Internet-savvy consumers now get the news and even some of their favorite TV shows
online, states the Mosaic.
The internet is the most important and accessed informational network that my target audience
uses on a daily basis.