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helion prime

Into the Alien Terrain
The Drake Equation
Staring out into the stars
Pondering this world of ours
So many questions
Wondered by us all
We sit and contemplate
No answers seem to circulate
Where did we come from
And which way should we go
We journey out into the space
Such quiet dark surrounds this place
Our search for earth-like worlds
May hold the key
I can t believe that we re
The only ones existing here
This universe hides
More than we can see
Shatter your uncertainties
Assemble all the quantities
Calculate and break the limits
Of technology
Are we alone, are we the only ones out
Searching for the answers
In this ever-growing, always changing
Space and time
Are we alone, is there another world
Expanding for tomorrow
Look to the equation and you ll see
The probability
What will we find, what will we see
Will they be friends or enemies
Will they see us equal or a
Disease they don t need
With time we ll know
Someday the truth will show
The answer to
Are we alone
Extend the computation
Include all variables that you see
Describe and multiply
What knowledge it can bring
With time we ll know
The truth will show
Are we alone
Assemble the equation
Life Finds a Way


From far beyond familiar skies

life finds a way Worlds fall to pieces. of land.The stars were forming puzzle pieces inside The ashes scattered 'cross the great divide And fueled the fire of the Terra divine Beings of the oceans materialized Primordial entities began to arise Titans of water. Into the Black Hole 05:05 Flying through an endless black ocean of Starlight is a powerful force blazing on Into infinity Bright lights. come slaughter The right to existence has been won Come falling star or scorching flame Worlds will survive. the sun will rise Upon a breaking dawn of life Endeavoring all. the earth will thrive Life will find a way Ascending from the darkness Comes the great anomaly Here to demonstrate the universe Majesty Behold the grandeur of this Evanescent mortal frame As it rises from the vastness Of eternity 4. giant celestial bodies Surrounding our own solar system spin round And it yet remains unseen If you journey out through the cosmos Into the center of our Milky Way galaxy The titan is revealed Approaching the event horizon Time warps and its energy draws you in And a prisoner you ll be forever And as the light fades You know there s no hope for escape We will ride the astral waves Held fast by gravity Forge our way through space unbound Faster than the speed of sound And in our time . turn to ice Great spheres of fire reign down from the sky Ravaged by mighty hurricanes This dicey asteroid is circling the drain Jurassic reptiles turn to stone Left burning leaving only ashes and bone Creatures destroy each other's lives Resort to violence and genocide And through it all. and sky Nature selecting those to live and to die Come winter.

the living silent In memory of eyes that never cry That never lie. pledge your undying Loyalty now till Underverse come To rectify all Convert or fall Pain we instill Keep what you kill .If we stay the course. Defying dimensions These ruthless creatures will steal your soul Breaking away from the chains of mortality They won't be taken down Bow now to the holy half dead The master to death mongers calls Ask now to be purified. they never stood here. gazing out into space Once full of wonder I feel its vastness More than ever before A cold emptiness fills the walls Of this place I thought I knew The absence of your soul has thrown My heart into despair 05:51 Hide lyrics What happened to this place I knew I feel my heart has torn in two What is this place I thought I knew A faded distant memory The air is heavy. hold present speed Never breaking orbit Then we ll never have to fear a fall Into the black hole Breaking all known laws of physics This frightening phenomena stretches you limb from limb What secrets hide within the great void? And as the darkness gains You know there s no hope for escape 5. assure that All will be alright And though the needs of the many Outweigh the needs of the few The heart of one is breaking Just thinking of you And here I remain Still crying out his name I stand alone At the dawn of a new horizon Boldly daring to go Where none have gone before Your sacrifice Inspires the will to carry on 6. A Place I Thought I Knew Alone. You Keep What You Kill 04:26 Hide lyrics All those poets on all those worlds who spoke of war as such an unsightl y thing.

the pharaoh of old Take credit for Shakespeare and all that he wrote 2000 times faster than Apollo Though time we ll fly Break down the walls Into the 4th dimension Through time we ll fly The ocean of time 8. guiding you on till Underverse come 7. Necropolis waits Join the armada's ranks Rise now. no weakness. into the wormhole Break down the walls Through the space-time continuum we must ride Let the winds of the universe be our guide Take my hand. to the comet on high Time to ascend. no fear The Lord Marshal leading you. ascend above life.Planetary genocide forces Dynasties to their knees Brutal displays of damnation and darkness Corrupts your religion and faith Come now. and hold on for the ride of your life And what wonders we ll see on the ocean of time Set sail with Vikings. just don't lose your head Or jump on the back of a T-rex instead Enter a world that time has forgotten Into the 4th dimension Gain audience with Ramses. the Threshold awaits We crusade across systems of stars Spontaneous outbreaks of breeders dethroned Glorious war and honor before us Journeying on to a verse of our own Come now to the city of death Your gods and your idols have gone Rise now. follow its lead Relative time slowing as we gain speed Quickly we go now. not knowing the fate for all his kind Stand taller Moonwatcher. Moon-Watcher 04:51 Hide lyrics Star gazing. your greatness soon will shine Eons away from when the towering lizards roamed Creatures mammalian were born and arose . The Ocean of Time 05:41 Hide lyrics What would you do if your story could change If time didn't limit your life to one age What would you visit if you held the key Imagine the greatness of all you would see Traveling in time isn't out of our reach A metal goliath is all that we need Powered by light.

your greatness soon will shine They re watching and guiding you from inside You You You You re re re re getting closer now learning. began to sculpt his DNA 9. though you re not sure how understanding now growing.Crude forms and simple minds of simian design Shadowing the blueprints for humankind Shining at a distance in the Moonwatcher's eyes Is the spark that lit the wildfire within our minds Fighting just to stay alive in the only world he knows Barely taking notice of a strange crystal stone Star gazing. let us show you how Monolithic forms arrive from far across the sky Searching for that missing link to propagate new life Seeing the potential in this primitive frame They shaped the mold. still staring up at the sky Stand taller Moonwatcher. Apollo (The Eagle Has Landed) 06:01 The dawn of a new day is breaking An age of discovery is taking Humans to the open skies Pushing us to climb new heights In the wake of Vostok An urgency emerged that shook our curiosity And breathed inspiration Into our hearts And in the year of 69 We again made history in the blink of an eye One small step for man And a giant leap for mankind Words that will forever echo on Through all that lies ahead And just like Apollo Into the great unknown we'll follow To launch the tale That never ends Always strive to raise the bar Join Viking 1 on Mars So much awaits for us to see Far beyond our galaxy Time to launch the shuttle now Hold your breath as we count down Blast off into outer space Unsure of what well face An interstellar tour awaits Towards Voyager well race Onward we roam through the stars (The eagle has landed) Hear them calling . not knowing the fate for all his kind Not caring.

carbon fueled the flame Set the stage and wrote the rules for all who played the game And in these winter days we ll see and know what it means To live and die on this day As we mortals journey on Lest we endure to stake our claim on our right to stay Go now. live for the day Don't waste time.(Into the unknown) So inviting. carry on By words we shall not be deterred We'll stand triumphant As we claim our place in the universe 10.5 billion years Molding the perfect domain Yet in the cosmic timeline A few months the earth has remained Seconds ago we arose as a race What can we know of our destiny Ancient giants of old Last only days in the chain Held on for millions of years Still somehow they faded away The truth that is staring us all in the face Is knowledge that someday we too will die Hide lyrics Elements arose within a January storm Spiraled in the spring time towards an avaricious hole Solid rock and rubble battled gravity's control Through these eyes. Live and Die on This Day 07:08 4. so hold on till the dawn . we will see and know what it means To live and die on this day As a fleeting memory So as we journey through the fray. our lives won't last the night Your days though numbered are precious And worth the fight. though the fear remains Open your mind Look to the skies Question this life And rage towards the dying of the light Summer solar systems merged and life began to frame Autumn married light and water. though frightening How far can we go? (Though just a small step for man) We will know (A giant leap for mankind) When we travel further out. ever on On and on we persevere Farther through the last frontier For the next discovery Unveil another mystery And though the skeptics say we'll falter To doubt we never will surrender Push on.

Within December days began the supersonic climb Advance the mortal game and pass the grueling test of time The final minutes of the year will catch us in our prime What will the stroke of midnight bring Does our fate remain To live and die on this day Evolutions failed design So once more into the grey We must fight to stay Live and die on this day Open your mind .