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Electric Engines Compared to combustible engines


A. Thesis: The advantages of driving a Hybrid or EV versus a
Combustible Engine, the reason you should drive a Hybrid or EV versus a
Combustible Engine Is for the simple fact that it is better on the Environment,


more fuel efficient and overall a safer vehicle.

History of the Electric Engine
A. The Electric car is at least as old as the Combustion engine and
was just as popular.
B. The man credited with creating the very first EV was Thomas
Davenport in 1834, it became popular and was followed by a two door.
C. The electric engine was leading the markets at 33% until the turn
of the century but was eventually killed off by Gasoline Engines by the 1920s it
was completely killed off and wasn't brought back until 1960s


History of the gasoline engine

A. Many engineers worked with the engine, but the man who was
credited with creating the first practical engine was a man by the name of JeanJoseph- ttiene Lenoir, Somewhere in the time frame of 1822-1900
B. The first engine ran on Methane gas or (CH4) Made from slow
burning coal, it was a two stroke one cylinder engine.
C. When the Gasoline engine first started being used in the United
States only 22% of the United States automobiles were fuel powered engines,

A. Why I think EVs should be the new Everyday Vehicle.
1. These cars give almost ZERO emissions and has no
effect on the environment, whereas gasoline powered engines simply emit
Very high amounts of Carbon Dioxide or (Co2) and destroy the

2. Its no secret that gas powered engines are outdated

and we are running out of resources to run them, so we need an alternative
source of power, i think the answer to that is EVs
3. You would save so much money, it's just a fact that
Big Corporations own the oil business and can basically charge us
whatever the want with no consequences, we need to start from scratch.


Stop letting these businessmen bully us out of our hard earned money.
The issues With gas powered Engines
A. Greenhouse gasses
B. Limited Resources
C. Economic issues


I think EVs are a better for the eco system, safer, and more fuel efficient. I think it's time we start
thinking about more than just us. We need to start thinking about are legacy. How do we want to
be remembered? It's time to make a change and the change starts here it starts with us, we are the
future of our own destiny.

Electric Engines Compared to combustible engines

By: Christian Maltry

For a long time Consumers were told that Gas powered engines were the only option. But
that's not the case anymore, Hybrids and Electric vehicles are slowly taking the markets by
storm. Consumers are realizing they would save money And live in a healthier environment. The
advantages of driving a Hybrid or Electric vehicle versus a Combustible Engine, the reason why
Consumers should drive a Hybrid or Electric vehicle versus a Combustible Engine Is for the
simple fact that it is better on the Environment, more fuel efficient and overall a safer vehicle.
In fact the Electric vehicle alone have been around for as long as the Gas powered
engines, Thomas Davenport was credited with Creating The first EV or Electric Vehicle In
1834. It became popular and was followed by the first two door Electric vehicle. A Electric
Vehicle has the same idea as the Gas powered engine The difference is the motors an Electric

Vehicle's wheels are turned by an Electric motor Rather than a Gasoline powered drive-train
(Electric vehicles).
Electric vehicle were leading the markets by 33% before Gas powered Engines Killed
them off completely by the 1920s. Gas powered engines Bought out Electric companies in order
to Monopolize the industry. They were brought back under The presidency of JFK, during the
space program. Everyone started looking for alternate sources when the idea of our Fossil Fuels
running out came to be (Electric Vehicles).
The Gasoline engine had many engineers working on it, but the man who was given
credit for creating the first usable gas engine was Jean-Joseph `E ttiene Lenoir (1822-1900). The
gas powered engine is a complex machine The key turns, The starter turns the Flywheel then it
turns the Crankshaft the pistons connect to the Crankshaft. When the pistons go down it pulls the
O2 into the Cylinder while the fuel injector is spraying fuel in at the same time. Then the spark
plug ignites the fuel. And causes an explosion that pushes your piston down. That causes the
crankshaft to turn, the crankshaft is connected to the drivetrain and the drivetrain is connected to
the wheels. (John Melrose Interview)
The first Engine did not run on the gas we have today. It had the same process just on a
much smaller scale it ran on A fuel made from slow burning coal, called methane it was only a
two stroke one cylinder engine. The difference in today's and the first was the number of
cylinders and the fuel we use. Today's cars run on gasoline and can have as low as four cylinders
up to sixteen cylinders, The more cylinders you have is the more oxygen and fuel The engine can
take in at one time. The more fuel is the power and essentially the faster the car will go
(Combustion Engine).

When the gas powered engine was first on the markets it only had 22% of the United
States markets. It didn't pick up until the turn of the century, after the oil companies started
buying out Electric companies to Monopolize the industry. It worked, Combustion engines took
over the markets. In fact it worked so well it actually killed Electric cars off completely until the
1960s. These engines are the best resource we've had for a long time, but that's just not the case
anymore. Electric vehicles have slowly came back and are starting to capture the Consumer's
Electric vehicles should be the everyday vehicle because these cars give almost zero
emissions. Whereas gas powered engines emit very high amount of Carbon Dioxide they simply
destroy the ozone, which is the leading cause of Global Warming. The reason these cars are so
bad for the environment is the fact that they emit Carbon Dioxide or (Co2) this is a Greenhouse
gas what these gasses do is, they put holes in our ozone. The ozone is a protective layer that
keeps UV rays from reaching us. When we put holes on our ozone it allows the UV rays to come
in and create a heating effect that heats the world, the problem with this is it changes the world
climate. The polar caps start melting and we begin to have droughts and more consequences
come with this. This wouldn't be a problem if we had say a thousand cars in the world, but the
fact of the matter is we have millions of cars and the more cars the more pollutants we give off,
essentially we are killing our environment.
It's no secret that Gas powered engines are outdated. We do not have the resources to run
the any longer, we've been looking for our alternate source of power. If we run out of Fossil fuels
and we haven't found another source of power it will be a disaster, cars wont go, lights wont turn
on. Darkness is what we face if we don't change our ways and start using other sources.

It's a fact that big corporations own the oil business. They can charge us whatever they
want with basically no consequences. We have to have a restart a chance for everyone to share in
the wealth, that way we can put better regulations on the industry. The way it sits right now, the
Oil industry are bullying us out of our money cause oil is a need we have to have it so they are
charging us ridiculous amounts of money and we can't fight it because we need it to survive.