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Assessing Graduate Teacher Training Programs: Can a Teaching Seminar Reduce Anxiety and

Increase Confidence?
September 13, 2013
Julie A. Pelton, PhD
Almost two decades ago, sociology graduate programs offered little training and hardly
required students to actually complete the training program. Today, almost 40% of sociology
PhD programs sponsor training programs for teaching. Improving student learning could result in
improving teaching mechanisms. For graduate students to receive the proper training, they would
need to teach their own courses, rather than just sitting in a classroom observing a teacher, along
with completing seminars. Studies have shown that graduate students who completing the
training seminars had less anxiety about their first experiences teaching, which resulted in higher
Teacher training programs progress with course evaluations to understand the
effectiveness of improving teaching skills. Teacher preparedness is created with a primary goal
of reducing anxiety with teacher training. Many graduate teaching assistants have focused on
training programs specifically to measure different teaching attitudes and scenarios to improve
the upcoming generation of teachers. Self-efficacy is a common idea that is paired with teacher
training programs. Future teachers want to be self-efficient before stepping into the classroom for
the first time simply for the sake of their confidence levels while teaching. Being comfortable
while teaching is a huge part of being a successful teacher.
Extra Credit
Social Media: Marketing Public Relations New Best Friend
Ioanna Papsolomou and Yioula Melanthio
July 2012
With the rapid growth of media presence in the world today, social media has become a
significant aspect to public relations and advertising professionals. Whether it is a website, media
outlet such as Facebook, or blogs, social media is becoming more and more prevalent to
businesses. Various media outlets allow participants to interact with one another by sharing their
opinions, creating an online word-of-mouth. Social media helps companies form customer
relationships which in return forms a strong brand relationship. Because companies are
constantly growing and improving, social media allows PR professionals to relay messages quick
and efficiently.

Many people have smartphones, tablets, or computers that they dont part without, so its
easy for them to stay up to date with a company or brand by checking out their social media
platforms rather than waiting around for a print ad. The world of social media offers endless
opportunities for brands and building relationships. Internet makes information more accessible
for consumers to keep up with new events and products because of the many media channels
available to them. Advertisers and marketers can form a direct relationship with their customers
by using social media, which also creates a brand preference. Many aspects go into building a
social media platform but it is highly important to keep the customer interested in the product so
that they stay connected with the company.