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Engine Brakes

Parts Manual
Model T425A Engine Brakes

For Cummins
855 Series Engines

P.O. Box 27822
Houston, Texas 77227

TB924917.TB940001 REF. LITERATURE HOUSING ASSEMBLY CONTROL GROUP ATTACHING PARTS GROUP TJ012260 TB900002 FOOT SWITCH (OPTIONAL) FEELER GAUGE (0. OPTIONAL FOOT SWITCH: A foot switch may be used in place of the clutch switch. JAM ADJUSTING SCREW (BLUE) SLAVE PISTON ASSEMBLY SPRING. color coded “green”) are included in the Attaching Parts Group (Part Number TB940003). COLOR CODE TB924916 TB924917 TB924918 TB924919 TJ009916 2 2 2 2 2 BLUE GREEN YELLOW RED NONE RECESS DEPTH 0. VALVE. 86NT MVT. ADJUSTING SCREW SELECTION: The engine CPL number and type of turbocharger installed determine which adjusting screws are required. TB960001 TB940000 TB940001 TB940002 TB940003 BRAKE KIT. MODEL T425A HOUSING ASSEMBLY Part No.105" 0. RETAINER MASTER PISTON SPRING. The clutch switch is included in the brake kit. This configuration is the most common and is correct for most engines with twin entry type turbochargers. PLAIN TERMINAL ASSEMBLY 1 1 1 1 1 4 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 1 . INNER SPRING. QTY. PART NO. 960001) has adjusting screws (Part No. These screws are not included in the kit and must be ordered separately. CTRL. OPTIONAL ADJUSTING SCREWS: Other adjusting screws are available for less common engine configurations.115" 0. LOWER CAP SCREW COVER.TecBrake Engine Brake Model T425A For Cummins 855 Series Engines ENGINE BRAKE KIT CONTENTS AND OPTIONAL PARTS PART NO. COMPLETE KIT. Although the T425A engine brake kit will fit on all 855 series engines (except the 88/ 89NT) it should only be installed on engines whose CPL numbers are included in the Application Guide. ENGINE IDENTIFICATION: Obtain the engine’s CPL number and determine whether the engine has a single or twin entry type turbocharger. It is important that the proper adjusting screws be selected and installed. It can not be installed on the Cummins 86NT STC. TB924916. CONTROL VALVE SPRING. DESCRIPTION 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 TJ014619 TJ016440 TJ001081 TJ001082 TJ001083 TJ001492 TJ004136 TJ007500 TJ001519 TJ011283 TJ009353 TB924916 TB924864 TJ014867 TJ014849 TJ001023 TJ016634 TJ011841 TJ001030 TJ002299 QTY/HSG. MIDDLE SEAL RING.000” ADJUSTING SCREWS INCLUDED IN KIT: The T425A engine brake kit (Part No./ENG. HARNESS. These adjusting screws are required for most single entry turbo applications and may be installed in place of the “blue” adjusting screws.022" 0. DESCRIPTION The TecBrake T425A engine brake may be installed on popular versions of the Cummins 855 series engine. CTRL. ADJUSTING SCREWS SCREW PART NO. VALVE. SOLENOID SOLENOID VALVE (12 VOLT) SEAL RING. or 89NT model engines. SPRING RING. The foot switch is not included and must be ordered separately. UPPER SEAL RING. QTY/ HSG.009" 0. Refer to the TecBrake Application Guide which lists all Cummins engines on which the T425A engine brake may be installed. 88NT. SLAVE PISTON RETAINER. 1 3 1 1 1 Indented part numbers are included in parts under which they are indented. OUTER CONTROL VALVE NUT.018") IMPORTANT: Information required to order engine brake kits. color coded “blue”) already installed in the brake housings. The two adjusting screw part numbers included in the engine brake kit cover the most popular engine configurations. Six additional adjusting screw (Part No. FLAT WASHER. Use the TecBrake Application Guide to identify these part numbers. Use of the wrong screws or an incorrect lash adjustment may cause improper brake operation and engine damage.

Refer to Application Guide for proper screw. PART NO. BEARING 18 GASKET. BRAKE 3 SEAL RING 3 SCREW. OIL SUPPLY 3 SCREW INJECTOR ADJ. (7/16") 6 CROSSHEAD ASSEMBLY 6 GASKET. DESCRIPTION 1 2 3 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 * TJ001094 TJ001234 TJ001199 TJ001232 TJ002514 TJ013294 TJ010180 TJ002969 TJ003678 TJ017548 TJ013756 TB924917 QTY/ENG.ATTACHING PARTS GROUP Part No. TB940003 REF. VALVE COVER 3 ADJUSTING SCREW (GREEN) 6 * Alternate adjusting screw. NUT 18 SPACER 6 STUD (7") 12 STUD (8 1/8") 6 WASHER. ATTACHING PARTS HOUSSING ASSEMBLY .

VALVE COVER GASKET. TJ001030 TJ001081 TJ001082 TJ001083 TJ001492 TJ001519 TJ007500 TJ017657 TJ014619 TJ011841 TJ010180 TJ011283 TJ013294 TJ013756 TJ014646 TJ014647 DESCRIPTION QTY. BRAKE GASKET. TB940002 REF. MAJOR TUNE-UP KIT Part No.OVER 3 3 3 1 Cummins® and Celect® are registered trademarks of Cummins Engine Co. BRAKE 3 GASKET./KIT SEAL RING GASKET. SOLENOID 3 SPRING. OUTER 6 SPRING. * For lighted dash switches only.. TJ010180 TJ013294 TJ013756 TJ014646 DESCRIPTION QTY. PART NO. CTRL./KIT WASHER. PLAIN 6 SEAL RING UPPER 3 SEAL RING. DESCRIPTION 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 NI * TJ012261 TB901216 TJ001304 TJ001305 TJ003278 TJ001219 TJ018188 TJ001534 TJ001179 TJ001181 TJ001182 TJ014196 TJ015759 TJ006833 TB900001 QTY.O. FUEL PUMP 1 SWITCH (BARE. DASH 2 PLATE. TOGGLE. TJ017688 PART No. TB990102A 11/23/98 . CLUTCH 1 SWITCH (BARE. NI. Box 27822 Houston. INNER 6 TERMINAL ASSY.CONTROL GROUP Part No. LOWER 3 CAP SCREW 12 SPRING..Not Illustrated. P. CABLE 10 HARNESS. VALVE./ENG. GROUND 1 Indented part numbers are included in parts under which they are indented. CROSS. FOR TJ012261) 1 SWITCH. FUSE HOLDER 1 TIE. VALVE. 3 HARNESS. Tec Brake Inc. FOR TJ001219) 1 DIODE 1 ARM. MIDDLE 3 SEAL RING. CTRL. TB940022 PART No. ACTUATOR 1 NUT. Inc. 3/8" 1 HARNESS CAB/ENGINE 1 HARNESS. SWITCH ASSEMBLY. CROSS-OVER (NONE) 1 TJ012260 FOOT SWITCH (OPTIONAL) GASKET KIT Part No. CROSS-OVER 1 GASKET. VALVE COVER 3 GASKET. Texas 77227 ©1998 Tec Brake Bulletin No. FLAT 6 SEAL RING 3 CONTROL VALVE 6 GASKET. ON-OFF 2 TERMINAL (FAST ON) 6 SWITCH ASSY. 3/8" 1 SCREW.