Lace capeLet

by Nicole Smith

Every girl has a standard cardigan in her closet that goes with everything. But when you are looking to make a statement, you need something that is a step up. This elegant Lace Capelet is functional, fashionable and, best of all, easy to make. All you need is some lace, ribbon and 20 minutes in front of your machine.

• 1⅛ yard of lace fabric • 1½"-wide satin ribbon


1. Cutting your material Draw a half circle with a 3½" radius. Draw another half circle 14½" larger than the smaller one. Cut the capelet pattern from lace fabric.

2. Center the ribbon (lengthwise and widthwise) along the half circle’s inside circle edge with the ribbon’s wrong side facing the lace. Sew it in place along the ribbon’s edge as shown. Make sure the lace stays centered on the ribbon.

3. Press the ribbon in half along the lace seam, aligning the long edges using a press cloth.


4. Sew the ribbon again along the ribbon’s edge, hiding the lace’s edge.

5. Try on the capelet and pin the side seams to fit through the front and back along your torso. Make sure to leave enough for your arm and torso to move. Take off the capelet and mark the side seams with chalk.

6. Sew each side seam along your chalk line.


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